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      Thursday, September 21, 2017

05:56 PM - 09/21/2017

The topic: Yeah, so at the vet’s this afternoon


We're home for the night, did some banking, picked up Skippy's meds, had a fast food sit down dinner; I let Skip out when we got home, he peed, he ate, he got his BP med, now he's back in the infirmary for the night, just needs his antibiotic.

When we were waiting to see the vet (we had to be squeezed in), the receptionist asked if Brian had punched me in the face. This puzzled me. and she said "you're eye is all bruised." Ah, yeah....here's the story.

Remember my earlier post about fighting for my spot in bed last night? Well, when I first got in, I was trying to pull the spread up and was moving my upper body. It just so happened this was at the same time Brian was getting situated and our heads met in the middle. Well, his forehead met my eye. I was headbutted.

He's headbutted me before. He kinda lost his balance and my head stopped his forward progress. I don't think I bruised that time. So, we figure I'll get one more headbutt from him in another thirty-two years. That should do it.

I had no idea I was bruised. Too wrapped up in Skip, I guess.


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04:03 PM - 09/21/2017

The topic: Skip is blind


This morning, he started doing this weird twitch with his head. It concerned me enough that I called the vet and they said I could drop him off or bring him in at 2:45. That time was over four hours away, but we will never do another drop off of a sick cat. We can't even imagine Potter's time there.

Well, I kept Skip in the bathroom. And around noon, I let him out. Out the door, he looked disoriented. He finally made it outside and over into the garden. He never goes into the garden. He peed a bunch, then he pooped. I watched him and he was walking all over the place, not with any destination in mind. Odd. And he's actually more alert and active than he's been in weeks.

Then it dawned on me. He couldn't see. He couldn't see a damned thing.  I called the vet at around two and I was told to bring him in.

More tests. They tested for hypertension and they tested his thyroid. His thyroid was good. Since he had blood tests last week, we knew his kidneys are okay. She did some research and although it's anecdotal, FIV may cause hypertension. The good news is that his congestion is much better. The antibiotics are working. One more week on those. And he still gets fluids.

So, she gave us a prescription for a drug for him, we have to go to a regular pharmacy for that. The vet said it's possible he'll get some of his eyesight back when we bring the blood pressure down. I hope so. But we're already planning a fenced off area in the yard for him so he doesn't fall into the pool.

When we got home, he went into the bathroom and stepped in the kibble, knocking the bowl over and kibble went flying. And he was all, hey, food! And started nomming. He nommed for at least ten minutes. He's fast asleep right now.

The only other cat we had was who went blind was Lisa Violet. And when she slept, she didn't close her eyes. They were open all of the time. I'm watching Skip on the stalker cam and he's asleep and his eyes are closed. I hope that's an optimistic sign.

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07:28 AM - 09/21/2017

The topic: Sleep wasn’t so good last night


And heres why:

The cat you see is Rory. The lump under the covers, to her left, is Mario.

Mario has decided, once again, that he wants to be under the covers. He can't jump well, so he climbs. This is my side of the bed. This is actually the side of the bed.

During the night, he will be there and she will be on the other side of my legs. Both as close as possible to me. I cannot move. I can't change position in bed.

If I move my legs, Mario will claw at them. It's a little easier to move Rory, but two seconds later she's back in position.

I spent an hour last night fighting with Mario. I kicked him off of the bed numerous times. I positioned myself at the very edge of the bed so he couldn't climb up. He walked around to the other side of the bed, walked up the steps and over to me. I'd put him up in the window where he sometimes ends up. He wouldn't stay. When he stayed by my feet on the bedspread, he'd make his way up to my side and start pulling at the covers.

Yeah, me and Mario, man, we had a fight last night.

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