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      Monday, September 25, 2017

11:57 AM - 09/25/2017

The topic: There is good news


Rocky had his one month appointment for the crypto. The lump on his back is half the size, the owie on is foot is smaller and is soft, not hard. Which means it's breaking down the fungus.

The vet told me not to stop meds when I mentioned the dark urine Rocky had earlier this weekend (he peed in Brian's shower). He said "always call first".  Dark yellow is nothing to be concerned with. Orange is. Okay. Point taken.

So, Rocky's meds have been reduced to once a day (which means he only missed one dose when I decided to stop them) and will be on a monthly recheck.

I did let the vet know how much Rocket hates taking the meds, so once a day will be good. And I said "yeah, Brian lays on the couch, when he "helps" me, he'll say 'but he's under the tractor' and I told him, then do what I do, get on your knees and go after him. But no, he'd rather lay back on the couch and listen to me bitch."

And we weren't charged for anything with Skip this morning (well, the cremation, but that's through a third party company). The woman checking us out was like "shhhh! shhhh! don't say anything, you've been here so much lately and he was on his way out, there wasn't much they could really do. Why should you pay $155.00 for that?" 

Okay, you twisted my arm. It made Brian uncomfortable, but he didn't want to get her into trouble. Oh, and I brought Skip's blood pressure meds in for them in case they have a future client who needs them. I was told that sometimes elderly folks come in on fixed incomes and this helps them. The vet's office just relabels them and gives them to the client.  I'm also bringing back the doxycyline that we just got last week. I hadn't used any of it.

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09:15 AM - 09/25/2017

The topic: Just heartbroken


We said goodbye to Skippy this morning. Last night, he started peeing where he lay. I changed his blanket twice during the night. He turned his nose up at all food.

This morning, he walked down the hall, cried, peed, and laid down, his tail in the urine.

He could barely stand.

His stomach wasn't right. It's hard to explain, but when DaNiece was so skinny, when she lay down, you could see how skinny she was. No belly at all. Skip had a belly. And it wasn't hard like the other cats, it was mushy.

His urine didn't get any lighter off of the doxycycline, but that may be something that would have taken time to resolve. He didn't have that time.

I called the vet right when they opened. We were there when the vet got to work. Skippy had been taken into the back and had a catheter placed in his leg. We were called into an examining room.

The nurse told us that Skip was pretty cold and that he had done this retching thing. He was on a towel and covered with a thicker towel, to keep him warm. While we waited, I had my face against his on the table, when he started to seize. Brian held him down, and one of the nurses quickly got the doctor.

The doctor came in with the goodbye meds and it was over in no time.

I'm just heartbroken. If we could have gotten him over this hump, I'd have done it with no second thought. But there were no second chances. It was done. It was over. He's moved on.

I spent this weekend outside with him. Like Brian said this morning, all of our cats have done one last time around the yard when they're ready to go. Even though Skip couldn't see, he was relaxed yesterday. I had hope.

It wasn't meant to be.


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