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      Thursday, September 21, 2017

05:56 PM - 09/21/2017

The topic: Yeah, so at the vet’s this afternoon


We're home for the night, did some banking, picked up Skippy's meds, had a fast food sit down dinner; I let Skip out when we got home, he peed, he ate, he got his BP med, now he's back in the infirmary for the night, just needs his antibiotic.

When we were waiting to see the vet (we had to be squeezed in), the receptionist asked if Brian had punched me in the face. This puzzled me. and she said "you're eye is all bruised." Ah, yeah....here's the story.

Remember my earlier post about fighting for my spot in bed last night? Well, when I first got in, I was trying to pull the spread up and was moving my upper body. It just so happened this was at the same time Brian was getting situated and our heads met in the middle. Well, his forehead met my eye. I was headbutted.

He's headbutted me before. He kinda lost his balance and my head stopped his forward progress. I don't think I bruised that time. So, we figure I'll get one more headbutt from him in another thirty-two years. That should do it.

I had no idea I was bruised. Too wrapped up in Skip, I guess.


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