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      Sunday, September 10, 2017

mrs. crankypants
09:23 AM - 09/10/2017

The topic: Ow, that hurts.


Brian and I were having a little disagreement last night. I had a credit at Petco for that raw food I bought for DaNiece about two months ago, not one cat liked it. They have a sixty day return policy. We had ten days left.

So, we took it back and picked out some other soft food for cats who don't want to eat. Right now, that's Skippy. He's our FIV cat and is having some respiratory problems. Cool mist humidifier is set up in the bathroom and he's spending some time in there. I also started him on l-lysine paste Friday.

The food we got was not Fancy Feast, but other brands, with different flavors, not the common turkey/chicken/fish/beef stuff. Yeah, I got some of those flavors, but I also got some Instinct rabbit and Instinct lamb.Not your normal every day flavors.

Anyway, Skip loved the lamb, the first one I opened for him. So far, he's eaten three different varieties in the past eighteen hours. This is a good sign.

So, I'm looking online for a cheaper price. Amazon wasn't cheaper, Chewy.com was. I was telling Brian a case of 3 oz cans is less than $40. I'm pretty sure Petco was more than that.  "Oh, no", he says.  "Petco was around $1.69."  No, it wasn't. But he keeps saying it was, he was sure of it. I was sure he was wrong. The receipt was out in the car. I went outside and got it.

For the longest time, Brian has cement berms in front of the vehicles. I guess so we don't drive into the garage. I don't know why he thought we'd drive into the garage, they've been an annoyance at times, but no big deal.

Last night, they became a big deal. I hit one with my big toe stepping over it and lost my balance. I was going sideways, not straight and ended up hitting the garage door with the right top part of my head. Then I went down. I hurt both knees, my right wrist/hand and my neck. And my head. I started yelling for Brian, he came out and helped me up. He got ice for my head. You know how a blister feels? Soft and squishy? I had a place on my head (under my hairline) about two inches in diameter, soft and squishy (it's gone down some). For some reason, the left side of my head hurts as well, above my ear. Maybe my glasses did that. I don't know.

My right arm is the worst, below my shoulder. It just aches and it's hard to raise or move. Luckily, I had my hair in a ponytail/bun on top of my head so when I took it out (took forever, lifting my arm to take out the band) and it combed out easily this morning. There was a chunk of hair that came out as well, I'm still trying to figure that one out.

I'm moving pretty slowly this morning. And last night I was pissed at Brian. Because why couldn't he just believe me? Why does he have to question everything I say?  At least that's what it seems like at times.

The cost of the food was $1.99 for the three ounce can.

Cheaper at Chewy.com. I was right. And I hurt.

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