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      Wednesday, September 20, 2017

08:44 AM - 09/20/2017

The topic: I had the best night’s sleep in weeks


No drugs or anything. Nice.

The swelling in Skip's face had not gone down yesterday morning. As a matter of fact, it looked a little worse. I kind of thought the shot would be a miracle thing and in a few hours he'd be back to normal.  It's not the Big Bang Theory (thinks of Wolowitz).

Yesterday afternoon, I saw my first wasp of the season and just out of curiosity, I Googled to see how long swelling from a wasp sting can take to go down. It can get worse for three days.  Hmmm...

I went out and wiped his nose every couple of hours yesterday. He didn't like it, but I think it may have helped. I'd bring him in and sit with him in the bathroom while he ate soft food. Then I'd let him out of the room and he'd go back outside. For my peace of mind, I brought him in last night around eight and he spent the night in the bathroom. I'd given him another can of food and the plate was empty this morning.

I let him out around 4:30 this morning and went back to bed. After the sun was fully up, I brought him back inside.

He got his fluids, his meds and the l_Lysine (yeah, some studies show it doesn't work, but the anecdotal stories speak a different outcome - I figure if it's not hurting him, and may be helping, he'll keep getting it).

And now, it looks like the swelling is going down, I noticed he's actually following me with his eyes when I'm outside. Before, he just kept looking ahead or down. Not much head turning. I think we may be making progress.

I have to call the vet today and get Rocky, DaNiece and Skip's meds refilled.  I don't know if I have enough to give them tonight.

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