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      Sunday, October 01, 2017

06:23 AM - 10/01/2017

The topic: Ronnie!

Well, Ronnie spent a lot of the day in bed yesterday. I finally picked him up and took him outside.

And it was all good.

He didn't sleep all day, he moved to different places in the yard and watched was going on around him. Last night when I put out the cat food, he stood behind Spot and watched him eat. I don't think Ronnie ate at that point.

But when I took him into the bedroom, he wanted down. I set him on the floor and I followed him as he walked out to the sofa and jumped up on the pillows were I usually put my head. He did a little kneading and purring. He was there until at least four this morning. Then he wasn't. I figured he was outside someplace. There are clouds so it's not as cool as it usually is.

When I went outside around five thirty to see how everyone was doing, Ronnie was on the patio, eating kibble!

So, I think Ronnie will be okay!  Great way to start the month.

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06:30 AM - 10/01/2017

The topic: What would you have done?

I've mentioned in the past my Imagepac Stampmaker.   One of the things it needs are dark negatives. Well, my Epson isn't being cooperative. Since the sun hits it in the afternoon, something wanky is going on with the ink. I've figured out a fix, but when Brian wants new stamps, it's just not practical to spend all day trying to get the R1900 to work properly.

So, I ordered another printer.  An Epson Expression ET-2650. (Son of a BITCH, the price dropped $20 since I ordered it Thursday. Son of a BITCH!!!!) We'll be moving out the old, big copier and replacing that with this (son of a bitch, they dropped the price! Damn it, I wonder how long that will be rolling around in my head.) I figure this will work for my negatives and it will be pretty easy for Brian to use. Instead of me having to get the R1900 running, he can just print off whatever he needs. Like the occasional color picture he sends to customers explaining what he suggests needs to be done. There are no ink cartridges, it has it's own built in continuous ink system. And the reviews are really good.

And as I mentioned a couple of days ago, I ordered a new cat carrier, one that opens in the front and on the top. That was supposed to be here yesterday.

As well as a package of goodies I got in the recent Meh off to wrap and take to the vet's office for Christmas. And some vitamin supplements for Brian. And a package of embellishments from Joann's where I took advantage of the craft sale (half off!) and a coupon for 20% off of my entire order.

Well, the carrier and the printer didn't get here. I was out waiting for him when I heard the mail truck coming up the road. He said "it isn't here". I came inside, printed out one of the sheets saying it was out for delivery. "It isn't here" he tells me. He keeps calling me "maam". I want to put the hose full strength on him. He tells me to call the post office and drives off. I came inside to do just that and golly, gee, whiz, the post office closed at noon. It's now 2:15. That little shit. Not really funny. At all. So, I faxed them.

Well, when I realized there were two packages (at first I only remembered the printer because that was the priority) I thought "well, maybe there's another truck, sometimes they do that" and just let it go.

Until around five o'clock when I heard something out front. It was the little shit mail kid, dropping off my packages. In front of our gate. I walk outside.

"Oh, yeah, I found these when I got back to the office. I forgot I'd left them there because my truck was too full to bring them. Sorry about that."

If looks could kill, his family would be preparing his funeral right now.

But everything is in the house now. Today I will set up the new printer. And try to get the orange spray unclogged on the old one. And if I can't? I found my new printer already. And the new CISS I'll need.....poor Brian...

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      Thursday, October 05, 2017

06:39 AM - 10/05/2017

The topic: We said goodbye to Mystie yesterday

She's had an ongoing loose poo problem for a while. Probiotics helped somewhat, but not one hundred percent. We just dealt with it. She was bathed about twice a week to keep her cleaned up, in the morning when we first got up, lights were turned on and floors examined and cleaned before anything she'd left was stepped in.

It's just what we did. Our morning ritual.

Last weekend, her belly got really big. She looked pregnant. She had some sort of nasty stuff leaking out of her butt. Her fur was all yellow around her genital area. I tried my best to keep it cleaned off, I was concerned with urine scald, like on babies in diapers. And her back legs were extremely bowlegged and much weaker than they'd been. The gas she passed was most foul.  She couldn't jump up on stuff.

I gave her milk thistle and digestive enzymes on the advice of a friend. I gave her 60CC of fluids twice a day, but she couldn't stay hydrated. She couldn't eat. She wanted to, but she had a hard time with it. Baby food worked for her. I put it in a shallow dish (actually the top of an old Tupperware bowl) and kept the other cats away while she lapped at the medicated baby food.

Yesterday morning, her belly had actually gone down some. That was a positive sign, I told myself.  But I also knew, she needed medical intervention. If she were to get better. Whatever was going on with her was out of my league. I called and made an appointment for her and said that it was quite possible she wouldn't be coming home with us.

She ate three jars of baby food yesterday, actually coming into the office and getting my attention to feed her. But her belly got bigger. I gave her fluids and she was able to make her way into the cat trees in the living room and she spent most of the day there. A little before five, we left for the vet's office.

The tech got a background of what was going on and the vet came in and looked her over and palpated her tummy. He felt a large tumor by her liver. Which would explain everything. The loose, stinky stool, the fact that she couldn't get hydrated, her weakened back legs. And we knew the kindest thing to do was let her go. She went quickly and peacefully.

It's been a tough year.  Losing Potter and Skip was a shock. Mystie really wasn't. She was seventeen and had ongoing health problems. But she was always there with us at night. On the sofa, on the loveseat. In the kitchen wanting food.

She's going to be missed.

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08:43 AM - 10/05/2017

The topic: So, last weekend we got the new printer

And Sunday I set it up. It took a while, I was setting it up wirelessly and for some reason, my computer wouldn't see it. The laptop would, Brian's did, but this machine did not.

After a couple of hours of uninstalling and re-installing the software, using the printer's set up capability and the USB option, I finally got it working. Then I started cleaning stuff up.

Since the catcam hasn't been up for a couple of years, people just weren't watching it anymore, I got around to pulling down all of the blankets and sheets around the chair that kept the light from shining from the office in the dark. The light hasn't been on in a while now. I pulled down the PVC pipe that Brian put up to keep the blankets up.

By now, the room had really opened up. A lot more airy and a lot more light. I had planned on getting the chair out of here, but figured maybe I'd just put one of the clean covers on it. I did and Mystie spent some time in it. I'm going to leave it there.

I know I've complained about having to do the maintenance cleaning on the Epson R1900 so often. Well, one of the problems is the sun hitting the ink in the afternoon. I realized I could move the printer stands back about six inches and the sun would no longer hit the ink bottles on the side of the printer, they'd be in shade. I was quite proud of myself when Brian, ever Mister Negative, shares his concerns. When the R1900 is on, the paper feed sticks up in front of the cabinet.

Him: Won't that interfere with opening the drawers?

Me: What?

Him: How will you be able to open the drawers with the printer there?

Me: It only affects the top drawer and that's only when the printer is on and the paper guide is in the up position. Pretty simple to just slide it back down. Not a problem.

(The top drawer has the ink for the printers.)

He thinks he's made his point. He does that making fun of me stumbling over my words thing that people like to do that makes you want to punch them in the throat. And I wasn't stumbling. I was making my point.

Me: When was the last time you opened that top drawer?


Me: (doing that annoying thing of making fun of him stumbling over his words...backatcha, honey)

Him: Um, never? I was just looking out for you...

Yeah, thanks. I've got it under control.

Anyway, last week I had the hardest time getting the R1900 to clean and the nozzle check sheet never came out perfect. I ordered a kit to clean the nozzles. Then I did some research (gotta love Google). Turns out cleaning more than three times in a row can make things worse (really? I never noticed...) And to let the machine rest for six hours after you've cleaned it three times and it still doesn't print right. So, I did that over the weekend and it gradually got better. Then I got pre-occupied with Mystie and only did the nozzle check once a day.

And guess what? Without any cleaning, each day it's a little bit better. It's almost the way it should be. That's a good thing.

So, enough about the printer.

I'm actually all caught up with paperwork at this point. All new customers set up, shipments invoiced and bank account reconciled.

It's kind of nice.


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      Monday, October 09, 2017

08:31 AM - 10/09/2017

The topic: Well, that was fun.

No, it really wasn't. Thursday night I felt it coming on. That bowel thing I've been getting off and on since my twenties. It feels like someone stuck an airhose up my butt and inflated my colon to the point of bursting. Lots of painful gas. Not quite sure what brought it on, but it started the day after I had my first and only apple crisp from Arby's. I guess this old system just had a hard time processing it. No more for me.

Painful. It was painful. The pain started going away Saturday and things look to be almost back to normal today. I hate these types of things because they are such a waste of time.

Last week I got the new negatives made for the stamps Brian needed. And yesterday, I made the stamps. After not having made them for a year, everything went smoothy. No problems. I like that. He's happy. He's going to use them today!

I also made some for myself, for my new indexing system. I hope to start working on changing that over soon.

DaNiece is having a hard time walking. I think it's her hips. Brian reminded me of the stuff I used for Miss Elizabeth that helped her so much. Joint Max, it's called. I still have some brand new bottles (I made a mistake when I bought it, got six instead of one) and there's no expiry date. It has glucosamine, MSM, taurine, and some other healthy ingredients. I started her on it last night. I hope it helps her.

She's also getting fluids on a daily basis again. After we lost Mystie, I backed off the chicken, but I started that back up when I realized she was having a hard time with dry food. That thing on her throat I think bothers her when she swallows. The chicken goes down quite easily. And she's actually eating it, so I know she's hungry.

And she still gets her egg each morning.

I'm actually keeping up with paperwork (so far).

And that's about it for now.,

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      Thursday, October 12, 2017

08:49 AM - 10/12/2017
The current weather is cool! it's nice and cool! I have on long sleeves!

The topic: Doctor appointments

Always such fun. I had mine on the 2nd. Brian had his on the 10th. Kinda sorta a meet and greet of our new doctor. His would have been sooner, but Kaiser lets new patients just sit in the waiting room until they can fit them in, I guess. Even with an appointment. Brian would have had to wait a couple of hours beyond his appointment time. So, he made a new appointment.

We both needed to get blood work done.  The doctor told me he wanted me to get an EKG. He didn't say that to Brian, but it was on Brian's paperwork that he brought home. He had checked and the lab opens at seven. We were there. I was the second one in and the tech said she had to take the appointments first so there would be a little wait for Brian to get his. (You can make appointments?)

He got his done, he comes out, we start to leave then figure we'll ask about the EKGs. "Oh, we do it right here. If you'd had mentioned it, I'd have gotten that set up for you. But EKGs is a different section, so I didn't see it. Would you like to set it up?"

Sure. How about tomorrow. And where do I set up for a mammogram?

"I can do that for you as well. Would you like me to do that?"

Sure. So, tomorrow, we have our EKGs and I have a mammogram.

Then, provided everything comes back looking okay, we should be good to go for another year. Yay!

10:56 AM - 10/12/2017

The topic: Dear reader,

Have you ever noticed that the divider bar between entries changes each time you come here?

I did that a long time ago, it was one of the first modifications I made to this weblog. The lisaviolet on the line, the different kitties on the line...

Didn't know if anyone ever noticed.

      Saturday, October 14, 2017

07:28 AM - 10/14/2017

The topic: Oh, please, just STOP

Rory's sick.

She was throwing up yellow bile yesterday, not eating or drinking. Sitting hunched over.

I gave her a famotidine (Pepcid) and she didn't throw up for about five hours. Still hunched. I put some baby food in her mouth (not a lot) and she threw that up within fifteen minutes.

Early this morning (around three?) I syringed a little water into her mouth. It looks as if she kept that down. I gave her 3ml a little over an hour ago and she's kept that down.

The hydration pinch doesn't show that she's dehydrated which puzzles me.

If she's not doing better .... damn, she's outside puking again and her belly is just shaking.

I guess we're getting dressed and heading to emergency

09:10 AM - 10/14/2017

The topic: We’re home

Without Rory. We had to leave her there. For two days.

Lots of tests being run (bloodwork), x-rays (stomach and maybe chest), she'll be getting hydrated, medicine to help settle her stomach and pain meds as well. And flea treatment. Since she has fleas.

Possible problems mentioned were diabetes, kidney disease, pancreatitis and cancer (which there is no test for).

She's missing lots of teeth and what's left are in bad shape.

While we waited for the official estimate, Rory responded nicely to both of us. She even did the butt lift when I scratched her back. She rubbed against me and purred. She loved the attention she was getting from both Brian and me.  It was hard to leave her there, but she needs help that she can't get here at home.

Brian was nervous about the cost, but when I told him what the low/high estimates were ($1400/$2000) he didn't balk. We had to pay half of the low end in advance.

Which was really nice when the clerk gave us the senior discount. I'm a year short, but she went ahead and gave it to us anyway. 

Keep her in your good thoughts and prayers. She's really a nice cat. And she's only eleven years old.

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10:50 AM - 10/14/2017

The topic: Ponderance

Laying in bed this morning, knowing there was a definite problem with Rory, I started to think over the past six or so months, looking for some common denominator as to what's going on with the cats.

I can't find one.

DaNiece started it back in June. We almost lost her. Over the course of the weeks, she ended up on phenobarbital for the rest of her life. As well as those thyroid meds she'd been taking.

Then Sagwa got pretty sick. He lost a lot of weight.  I was able to pull him out of it with hand feeding and fluids.

Potter had kidney disease. His kidneys were toast, beyond help.

Skip most likely had cancer. The snotty nose on Wednesday. The expanding head the following Monday. The blindness that Thursday. Death the following Monday. Fast growing tumor would be my guess. It all fits.

Rocky with his crypto and daily meds, which he hates to take.

Opie, who was diagnosed with minor COPD this summer.

Then Ronnie. Who's almost back to normal, except a lot more affectionate. He's putting on weight, eating and drinking.

Mystie, who spent most of her time close to the house or in the house, had a tumor by her liver. Who knows how long it was growing before it got so bad that we finally realized there was a serious problem and had to say goodbye.

And now, Rory. 

I'm just not seeing a common thread.

Brian and I had blood work on Wednesday. My results were what I expected. His were not. Not getting into it, but he's going to need more tests to rule stuff out.

And then waking up each morning with a cloud over the country, wondering how much deeper Cheetohead has dug the hole with his ignorance since the day before...and will we even be around next year?

I thought I was weary...

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02:38 PM - 10/14/2017

The topic: We have a diagnosis

"Cholangitis is the medical term given for inflammation of the bile ducts and intrahepatic ducts -- the ducts that carry bile out of the liver. Bile, an essential component in the digestive process, begins in the liver and is then stored in the gallbladder until a meal is taken. The bitter fluid is then released into the cat's small intestine, where it emulsifies fats in the food to be used as energy by the rest of the body."

Rory wi'll be staying at the vet's until at least Monday. Hopefully, she'll be doing well enough by then to come home. There's a possibility they'll want to do an ultrasound if her progress isn't as good as they hope.

Antibiotics, fluids, pain meds, she's under supervision at this point and in good hands.


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      Monday, October 16, 2017

09:18 AM - 10/16/2017

The topic: Happy birthday to me.

I'm 64 years old today.

Spotty is having problems. He's peeing okay, but he's not moving too quickly. It's like (koff) his tummy hurts. I saw him poop and it was just a little drip. I scooped it onto a leaf and it was mucusy and just not normal.

I know that my vet is really busy now and it's hard to get in same day, but after Potter, we won't do drop off. I called and spoke with one of the techs and explained the situation. I guess the second vet doesn't work on Mondays, they've switched it to Fridays because they're busier right before the weekend. (They have hired another vet who starts next week.) The doc wasn't in yet, but the tech said he'd leave a note for the doctor and call me back. I also let him know we had another cat over at the emergency hospital.

Then the hospital where Rory is called. Another doctor talked to me and asked about doing the ultrasound and that Rory's heart was beating fast and, even though she didn't hear a murmur, that she felt an ultrasound of Rory's heart would be advisable. She asked about the dental and I told her that the doctor this weekend said she didn't think Rory was up to something like that at this point, because anesthesia. She agreed (then why bring it up? did she not look at Rory's chart?). She said that we could come visit Rory anytime between 8:00 this morning and 10:00 tonight. Then she told me she'd have someone call with a workup of a new estimate, for what they've done and for the additional work they're doing.

Both places had my cell number. Both places called my cell number.

The first was our regular vet. I was cooking breakfast, turned off the burner and picked up my phone. It didn't answer as easily as it did when I called myself and knew it was going to ring. I started tantruming, but I did get it answered before it went to voice mail.

Spot has an 11:30 appointment.

Then I went back to making breakfast and the cell rang again. I answered it. (Yay!)

The new estimate was $1,600.00. I said "okay".

So, trying to stay positive.

I woke up.

We went walking.

We're able to get Spot into his regular vet. Today.

I just called to clarify the new estimate. That $1,600 is on TOP of the $2,000. Anyone want to donate to her bill?  If you do, nuttybuddy @ catler.org. Remove the spaces. Use the "friends and family" option, so they don't take fees. Thanks.

Damn. Just damn. Not expecting that at all.

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02:02 PM - 10/16/2017

The topic: I wish I drank

Because I'd be drinking right now.

So, we take Spot in to our regular vet. I tell Shannon, the receptionist, about Rory and the charges. She said she didn't see why we couldn't bring Rory over to our regular vet. She put a long note on Spot's check in sheet.

So, we go in to the examining room, waiting for the doc. Spot is right at home, except he really would like to jump down from the table. The vet came in, asked about what was going on with him, suggested x-rays and blood work to rule anything out. And we start talking about Rory.

The x-rays didn't show anything, so then it was on to blood work. He said "you go get the other cat instead of waiting here and just bring her here".  Before we were out of the examining room, I'd called the other place and told them we were coming to pick her up and bring her to our regular vet.

For some reason, Brian thought the $$$$ vet said MRI and I said "no, ultrasound". Once again, he kept fighting me on it, but I know I was right. (One of these days, he'll learn to let it go.) We discussed what the situation was and he said "bring her over here. I'll do the ultrasound and run the tests".

So, we go to the emergency vet (they're also a clinic, take appointments and walk-ins). I tell them who we are and that we're here to get Rory. I tell them I want copies of all of her test results for my vet. And we wait.

A tech came out and told us that they hadn't done the ultrasound yet (I side eyed Brian), it should be just a while. I told him "don't do it, we're taking her to our vet and he'll do it". That kind of surprised him and he went back to speak with the doctor. Then she came out and asked what we were going to do and I told her "take Rory directly from here to our other vet".  Not bring her home at all. So, she got instructions ready and they brought Rory out and I settled up the bill

We got a refund of $395 dollars. So, her care since Saturday morning was $1205.00.  A lot better than $3600.00.

On the way back to our vet, Brian said the reason he thought they'd said MRI was he couldn't believe the ultrasounds would cost $1600.00. "How can pregnant women afford that?" Yeah, because they aren't getting ripped off.

So, Rory is definitely feeling better, she was much more alert, but she wasn't eating for them. We got to the doc's office, brought her in, as well as all of the paperwork for her treatment thus far. Brian told me "I'll be right back" and he walked outside. Shannon came over and got Rory and said "okay, you can go now" and I asked if she was kicking me out and she said yes.

I walked outside and Brian was gone! Car and all. I called him, he'd come home to get the other carrier. Well, we don't need it just yet, come get me.

It's hot out there.

And now we wait.

      Tuesday, October 17, 2017

09:11 AM - 10/17/2017
We found three pennies! on our walk this morning

The topic: Alright. Update on the cats

The vet has a tentative diagnosis. He sent blood out for testing to double check what he thinks it is. Bartonella. From flea bites.

So, right now Rory and Spot are both on steroids to mess with the bacteria or whatever it is and doxycycline to kill the infection.

And they sold me Vectra for dogs, with instructions on dosing the cats. This is NOT Vectra 3D, which would KILL the cats. It's just "Vectra". There is a Vectra for cats and like other flea killers, the ingredient ratios are exactly the same, it's just the dosing that's different.

Rory is very happy to be home. Spot is doing well, too. They both look a little ragged. Rory isn't eating with as much enthusiasm as I wish she was, but the vet said after a couple of days of meds, her appetite should pick up.

The money scare is over. (Don't send money! I appreciate this, but we're okay,  I'll just send it back.) We were ready to pay the two grand, but the thirty-six hundred was a shock. Our regular vet charged us just under five hundred bucks, for two cats (with an ultrasound and x-rays), which included  the Vectra and a couple of bags of fluids. So, it was under $1700.00. 

While we were waiting for the vet to call with results, we went down to the local Cricket Wireless and I upgraded my phone. I kind of hoped this new phone would be easier for me to answer. And wouldn't you know when were down there, my phone rang? The old one? It was the vet and I couldn't answer the damned thing, even though I was doing it right. I handed it to the young woman behind the counter and asked her to answer it, she did, then handed it back to me.

He told me that he had a really good idea what was going on with these cats (and reflecting on our conversation, it was a positive that he had the both of them there). He said Rory's ultrasound showed nothing out of the ordinary. All organs were right sized and nothing was there that shouldn't be. But the blood work. The blood work was weird.

He said what was weird was that the results for Rory and Spot were almost identical. Both showed anemia. And he came to the conclusion that it was probably bartonella, which is transmitted by fleas. And medication should help. And that it's early enough in the week to see if there is some progress for both of them.

I asked about the possibility of the other cats getting this and he said he'd put it at five percent. Okay, we can live with that.

Rory was so happy to be home. She went and laid on the lawn, then ended up on the pillow under the kitchen window. She did come in at bedtime and snuggled up against me. At some point, she went back outside. But she's just thrilled to be home. Last night when she walked on the pillow, she was pretty unsteady, but she was a lot better this morning.

And I've got about ten cats treated with the Vectra at this point, got a couple more to do.

I feel a lot better today than I have in months.


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      Friday, October 20, 2017

06:52 AM - 10/20/2017

The topic: So, an eventful week comes to a close

Thank God. I certainly hope this is the end of the bad streak.

Rory and Spot are both doing much better. I was a little surprised on Wednesday when the phone rang and it was the clinic we took Rory to last weekend. Calling to confirm her dental on Thursday. The dental that would cost between $800 and $1200. Nope. You can cancel that one. No way would we use that clinic for routine work. Emergencies only. 

When we were at our vet on Monday waiting to pick up Rory and Spot, Brian told Shannon (receptionist) that when that one tech kept asking me questions about Rory's care I said "we're done here".  He finally quit asking me things and got the doctor. Neither cat loves taking their medicine, but both are doing much better today than they were on Monday.

Brian got some not good results on a couple of his blood tests. He goes back in for one on Monday morning and he's getting a colonoscopy on the 30th. One of the problems with those tests where you poop on paper in the toilet and stick that little thing in it, if there's blood, they can't tell where it actually came from. In the colon or from a hemorrhoid. He's worried about both of them. He's not saying much, but watching his internet searches, I know he's worried about both of them.

These are part of the reason we started walking again on Monday. Keep him in your thoughts.

I had ordered some new covers for our printers earlier this month. The vinyl covers I had were custom made fifteen or more years ago and over the years, they got ripped up by the cats. I tried taping them back together and honestly? That was an exercise in futility. They were beyond saving. Anyway, the new ones got here yesterday and I have to admit, they look pretty sharp. It's nice to have a cover for the R1900 that covers the printer AND the ink.

I really like my new phone. I figured out how to make my own personalized message for incoming calls and I think it turned out nicely. I hope anyone who hears it gets a little smile.

And it takes really awesome photos.

I picked up a cold. Not fun. Yesterday I had the sore throat and headache and stuffy nose. Today, the nose is more drippy. Bleh. 

Glad this week is almost done.

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      Sunday, October 22, 2017

the morning walk
10:44 AM - 10/22/2017

The topic: We started walking again last Monday

Because of those lab results we got from our blood tests a couple of weeks ago. We didn't walk Friday, so we walked yesterday. We won't be walking tomorrow, so we walked this morning.

At the midway point of our current route, there is an elementary school. On a small, what used to be quiet, residential street. A couple of years ago they made that school a charter school and now there is all sorts of traffic in the morning and afternoon, from parents bringing their kids and picking up their kids.

Last year, some residents put up those "slow" signs because people are assholes and don't care about speed limits on residential streets. Too involved in their own lives to care about those around them. We used to have some major potholes on our street, a real pain, some were two feet deep, but after over a decade of potholes and complaints, they got taken care of after this charter school went in. Because the school traffic wouldn't use our street as a route because of the potholes and it caused a major bottleneck going the other way. And the traffic started coming up our street as well. Our nice, wide, quiet street. I miss those potholes.

Anyway, these little signs are made of corrugated plastic or something similar and one had been pulled from the street sign. It just hung there. Every day this past week, Brian would set it straight. And the next day, it would be just hanging again. I told him yesterday he should bring a zip tie. He said "I thought about doing that".

This morning, he brought the zip tie.

It will be interesting to see how it is on Tuesday.


11:25 AM - 10/22/2017

The topic: More energy!

I don't know where it came from, the walking or the mega vitamin D, or just because, but I have more energy.

I'm actually doing things, not just staring at the wall, wondering what I should be doing.

For instance, I did a load of pants this morning, jeans and sweatpants.

Then I hung them on the line! We're in for a couple of days of hot weather (talking 100° plus days) and the pants should dry quickly.

I ran Botti yesterday, stacked chairs and step stools away from his path.

I just feel like being more active. Not like training for a marathon active, but just more like doing something. It's kind of nice. I'd probably feel like doing even more if it wasn't for this stupid cold. Nose isn't as runny, but there's the cough....

I know when the heat hits, I won't feel like doing squat. lol

      Thursday, October 26, 2017

04:35 PM - 10/26/2017

The topic: Stupid commercials

The Toujeo commercial with the guy dancing.

Have you notice that in the office setting, when he gets up and walks around the desk carrying files, that his pants are stuffed in his butt crack?

Brian pointed that out to me a while ago and now, I can't look away. Did anyone else notice this?

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      Saturday, October 28, 2017

06:33 AM - 10/28/2017

The topic: I should have been more careful

Earlier this month, I ordered a pair of glasses from Zenni.com.  Just to see how I'd like them.

I have my prescription from last December, so it's good to go. I got a pair that was just for distance. For watching television, or movies. The glasses I got at CostCo annoy me. The lenses aren't really big, the glasses are progressives and there's not that much room for each strength of lens. I'm moving my head up and down, depending on what I'm looking at.

I figured if I liked these Zenni glasses (the frames were only ten bucks), I'd get another pair with everything.

I liked the Zennis. I really like the Zennis. And the frames are bigger than my CostCo glasses so there would be more room for the different lens strength.

So, I ordered them. I was looking forward to them, I was going to wear them always. I was excited for them to get here.

They got here.

I opened the bag. I pulled the glasses out of the case. I put them on. I tilted my head up and down to see how they worked.

What? I can't read! They aren't progressives! They're single strength. NOOOOOOO!!!!

I don't want these. These are not what I want. I checked the website. I screwed up. I copied the original order and changed the lens stuff (like these will darken in the daylight) and fancy stuff. But I didn't change the prescription to progressive. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it.

And their return policy?  You get a fifty percent store credit. Yeah, there were expletives. A spendy mistake, for sure.

I contacted them. And what a pleasant surprise, I'll get a one hundred percent store credit, minus the shipping. So, I sent these back yesterday and they'll let me know when they get them back and I can re-order the right ones.

The progressives are a little more money than the single lenses (which makes sense) and I'll check the interwebs for promo codes to hopefully offset the additional cost.

But it's really nice to not lose half the value of the glasses because of a bonehead mistake.


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