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      Sunday, September 03, 2017

06:50 AM - 09/03/2017

The topic: This heat


Just stop. Just, please, stop.

It was 90° last night at 9:50. I got up at 3:30, it was 85°.  I watched the news at 11:00 and the weather caster said that the temperature was 15° higher last night than the previous night. This is just nuts.

I got up because I couldn't find Sammy. He went outside last night, we have a flea problem here (Advantage will be put on all cats today, I'm a month late). Some of the cats are getting hit harder than others. Sammy is one of them. I think he likes the coolness of the damp clover on his belly. And I couldn't find him. I didn't sleep. I couldn't sleep. So, I was outside with a flashlight looking for him. We think Sammy has lost his hearing. What you don't do when you're looking for a deaf cat at 3:30 in the morning is call him. It won't work and would probably annoy the neighbors. He finally showed up around five, I don't know where he'd been, but I picked him up, brought him in and took him into the bedroom. And put him on the bed next to Brian. Between the two of us, Sammy got over an hour of one on one attention.

It's almost seven and he's still in bed, face pushed into my pillow.

I checked my Advantage and only had two packets so I checked Amazon. Yay, I can get it delivered today for free! (Being a Prime member comes in handy.)

At one point when I came in the house when I was looking for the big, fluffy white cat, Brian asked if everything was okay. I told him I couldn't find Sammy. And I told him how miserable it was outside. He got up and walked outside. I don't know if he looked for Sammy, I was around the side of the house shining the flashlight into the catnip and when I walked back to the backside, Sammy was next to the shop. I figure he had been under the pool pump.

Brian said in his entire life, he doesn't remember it being that warm at that time of the day. He said that it's usually cooler at dawn. Not today.

We might get some precipitation today. Remnants of Hurricane Lidia.  Up from Mexico. And it's supposed to be cooler. Cooler would be nice. And windy. Wind would be nice. And lightning and thunder, maybe. Calling for temperatures in the 80s this week. Much better than the mid 100s, for sure.

The air conditioner has been running 24/7. I dread the electric bill. I already made a partial payment, for some reason it doesn't bother me as much to make two payments instead of one big one. I don't know why.

Let this heat be gone. And take the humidity with it.



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