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      Wednesday, September 13, 2017

mrs. crankypants
04:07 PM - 09/13/2017

The topic: Insects


One of the things with Skippy this past week is it was difficult to get him to run over to me. Sometimes coaxing worked, other times it was Greenie city. Sunday, I sat in the cedar swing and he came over to me. I was in shorts and the sun was setting.

We sat there for quite a while, my Sklppy and me. He laid next to me, got up, turned around, scratched at the wood, and purred. And purred.

And the mosquitoes feasted on me. I never know that I've been bitten until hours later. Monday, I was unpleasantly surprised to discover at least ten bites on my legs, more on my arms. And I itch so much.

Last night at nine, I took a Benedryl. Then again at 2:30, after walking the yard with a flashlight, in search of Sklp (he was in one of the tractor seats), I took another one when I came back inside. I'm going nuts with the itch.

I've tried Aveeno anti-itch cream. I've tried Gold Bond anti-itch. I tried ice packs (that do a fairly good job, but it's not practical where some of the bites are and I've just got so many). I've tried rubbing alcohol. I've tried hydrogen peroxide. I tried washing the area with pretty hot water. One of the suggestions was something like Vicks Vaporub.

Looking for some miracle, in Brian's bathroom, I found some Vicks. I put it on two of the bites. A half hour later, no itch. So, I put some on three bites on my legs. Amazingly, they don't seem to be bothering me anymore. Then I remembered that I took two (TWO!!), Benedryls not that long ago. Maybe that's why no itch. And I'm getting really sleepy....

Damned bugs. We were doing so well this year with so few in the house. Then I go outside and invite them for dinner. Bastards.


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03:43 PM - 09/13/2017

The topic: It’s so dark in the morning


I'd rather have my light in the morning than at night. I'm an early riser. I don't do much in the evening and it most always cools off at night after the sun goes down. Yeah, I'm okay with cooler.

Last week, I was outside after six in the morning, but before six thirty. And the moon looked pretty cool going down behind the hill. I ran in, grabbed the camera and went back out to snap some pictures. I set it on top of the swing so I didn't move it and the moon would be sharp. Imagine my irritation when the flash went off. So, I took another one. Yay, me!  I didn't disable the flash!

Third time is a charm, no flash on the last photo.

Imagine my surprise at how cool the photo WITH flash turned out. The first is with the flash, the second is without, just natural light. These were taken less than ten seconds apart. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot to mention, clicking on a picture will take you to a bigger photo in my family album; clicking on that picture will open a larger photo.

A happy, accidental happenstance. The moon actually was that reddish color. The photo with flash was more true than the one without.



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11:11 AM - 09/13/2017

The topic: Man, am I tired


What a stressful few weeks this has been.

So, let's see, where did I leave off? Oh, yeah, my most recent adventure. I'm okay. There's some bruising, my big toe really hurts, the skin on my head is sore, but other than that, I'm pretty sure that the garage door incident will not be the death of me.

I set up a couple of wi-fi cameras, with infrared capablitiy, in the bathroom so I could keep an eye on Skip during the night. One on the counter, one on the floor. Saturday night, Sunday morning, he finished all of the food on the plate. Sleep for me sucked, because my head and I kept wanting to watch the cameras to see how he was doing. His favorite place to sleep was between the toilet and the counter and the camera was right in his face. I watched him blowing snot bubbles. I watched him sleeping with his mouth open because his nose was packed with snot.

During the day Sunday and into Monday morning, he ate three more. Then he quit. All he would eat was Greenies. The treat for teeth. Unlike DaNiece and her love of scrambled eggs, Greenies a nutritious diet do not make. He needed more than Greenies.

I would let him out during the day and it was hot outside. The bathroom with the humidifier wasn't really any more pleasant, just more humid. Cool mist humidifier? I think not. When he was outside, he'd be under one of the tractors, which I didn't mind, I could watch him. And I could easily get him to wipe the snot off of his nose, snot that had picked up grass, dirt and whatever else was out there. I even saw some of those little bees flying around his face. When he took up residence under the pool pump, it wasn't as easy. I'd have to coax him out. With Greenies. gulp

I checked with Doctor Google and found there were a few different possible causes of his repiratory problem. Viral or bacterial, bad teeth, cancer....there were more. I started treating the viral first. That's why the l-Lysine paste, it helps the immune system. I found four amoxi tabs from a million years ago and gave him those over the course of a few days, for the bacterial. Four wasn't going to be nearly enough, I knew that, but I wanted to do something. I wasn't worried about his teeth because he had no problem eating those Greenies.

He was getting the l-Lysine at least twice a day and I gave him 60cc of fluids every day since he wasn't eating or drinking much. Is he getting better?  Sometimes it seems like he is, but I'm never sure enough.. At this point I've convinced myself he needs more help than I can provide. Yesterday morning, I called the vet. Did I want to drop him off (never again, not after the Potter thing) or make an appointment?  We took him in this morning at 9:30.

And the prognosis is great! He has lost a fair amount of weight since his last checkup, but she said that it didn't worry her because it's a seasonal weight loss. And also his FIV status. His blood values were pretty good, some were low, some were high, easily explained by stress or FIV. She'd like to see him put on at least another pound. But she was very pleased that his bloodwork looked so good.

I asked her if it was viral or bacterial. She said how it usually goes is it starts off as viral and turns bacterial.

They gave him fluids so I don't have to today. He's on doxycycline, twice a day for two weeks, I'm to keep up the fluids until he's back to normal and he should be good to go.

I've pulled all of the stuff out of my bathroom and it's no longer a hospital room. The premium food I ordered from Chewy got here a little bit ago.

I need to re-apply Advantage II to the cats (hey, something else I learned this past week; you can apply Advantage once a week, it's that safe - I mentioned that to the vet and she said it's very mild, it won't hurt the kitties).

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