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      Sunday, September 17, 2017

mrs. crankypants
01:59 PM - 09/17/2017

The topic: I need to get a Sharpie


And start marking these damned mosquito bites. Right now, there are only a couple that itch, but I'm not sure they're old ones.

If I start marking the bites on my arms, legs and feet with a Sharpie, I'll know for sure if those little bastards are still feasting on my blood.

Since the weather cooled, I've been wearing socks and sweatpants, not just shorts and a shirt. The bites on my legs don't itch, but the ones on my arms sure do and there's one on the top of one of my feet that has a big crater from me scratching it, most likely with a toenail while I'm sleeping.

That pet spray I mentioned works, but it wears off. Or it's just another bite.

Wonder what color Sharpie I should use?


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01:39 PM - 09/17/2017
I'm watching Ant-man
The current weather is absolutely gorgeous

The topic: The house smells


The house smells like roast!

Friday evening, Brian made bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches, with tomatoes picked from our garden. While he was making them, I lamented the absence of a decent deli. I don't consider "Subway" the same as a deli from the old days. Used to get some really good roast beef sandwiches. On thick sourdough or wheat bread, not a roll, but actual bread.

There is a deli section at the grocery store, but somehow the meat you get there just isn't the same. So, he said I should cook a roast and we'd have roast beef sandwiches. And I said "we need roast". 

As we were eating our BLTs, I mentioned how tasty the tomato was. An Indigo tomato. And as I sat there and chewed on it, I said "maybe I should make macaroni and cheese and use a tomato as the topper" and he said that would be great.

After an early dinner, he went to Costco to get some stuff we really needed, like toilet paper. And he got some nice roasts.

Yesterday afternoon, I cooked macaroni, grated cheese, mixed those up with some other ingredients and popped it into the oven. When it was all nice and hot, I pulled it out and put thinly sliced tomatoes on top, covered those in more cheese and back into the oven until the cheese was all nice and bubbly.

Brian came in from working and asked "what's for dinner?" 

It's cooking.

I watch him look around the kitchen. He looks at the pressure cooker. He looked at the microwave. He looks at the stove. No food.

I can see the confusion in his eyes. "In the oven. It's in the oven. We're having mac and cheese." His reaction was one of disappointment, which kind of surprised me.

"I thought we were having roast beef. Isn't that why I got it?" Yeah, I don't recall mentioning when we were having roast and it kind of bothered me. I remember the mac and cheese discussion. Anyway, dinner was great last night. The tomatoes really made it great.

And right now, I have a three pound roast in the pressure cooker. I've not done one this big, I just did a little one that was frozen. I browned the outside first, then put chicken stock in the pressure cooker and set the meat on a wire rack that fits nicely in the cooker. I'm doing it early because I want to give it time to cool down (hopefully it will be fully cooked) before slicing it for sandwiches.

The house sure smells good.

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