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      Wednesday, October 27, 2010

06:18 PM - 10/27/2010

The topic: Vet tomorrow at 4:30


I could have brought him in and left him there first thing in the morning, but he’s upset enough right now, I don’t want to do that to him.  He would be awfully confused.

He’s not exhibiting symptoms that our other cats who were in kidney failure did. His fur is shiny, not at all dull.  The fluids are keeping him from becoming dehydrated, but they’re not giving him the boost that I’ve come to expect from experience.  He’s not sleeping much. His breath isn’t abnormally funky. 

Doing some research for cats who had a hard time balancing, though…I came up with vestibular disease. And it sure fits.  He’s had ongoing ear problems for years now, so I wouldn’t doubt this as a diagnosis one little bit.  And unlike the kidney cats (Rusty, DeeJay, Bart), what Mickey seems to like most right now is for me to just hold him. To walk around in my arms and be close to me. I think because it might feel more secure.  He’ll follow me down the hallway, looking up at me and staggering.  His eyes are bright, not dull at all. He’s talking to me, he’s not really acting sick. He’s just having a hard time walking straight or putting his head down. And the vestibular problem would cover that. He’s dizzy.

By this time tomorrow night, I should have a better idea of what we’re dealing with.

Still, I won’t really be surprised at kidney problems.  I actually expect some degree of loss of kidney function at this point in his life.  After all, he’ll be seventeen next month.

He’s a good kitty cat.  I told him I’d get off the interwebs early tonight and spend time with him on my lap. He likes that.

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02:15 PM - 10/27/2010

The topic: He’s asleep!


Yay!  And not just a little! 

I was in the family room watching Lie To Me and playing with my Kindle.  I looked over at Mickey on the sofa, his head was down.  For at least a half hour, every time I looked over, it was down.  Then I got up and came back to the office, and I hear Brian come in, yelling for me.  *sigh*

He found me and told me they were going to Coronado.  I said “you woke Mickey up”.  He asked where he was, I said on the sofa.

He left, I followed, he looked at Mickey and put his finger to his lips and saw that Mickey’s eyes were open. 

But after Brian left, Mickey put his head back down and is once again asleep!  Yay!

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11:30 AM - 10/27/2010

The topic: I gave Mickey more fluids


about an hour ago.  I also started him on amoxicillan this morning. Just in case he’s got some sort of infection going on, that’s causing this.  While he was better than yesterday morning, he didn’t seem as good as he was last night. Yeah, sure, he’s got more interest in food and he’s more alert, but his eyes were getting that fuzzy look again.

So, I gave him 120cc of fluids this time.  He did put up a little resistence on the last syringe, which is a good thing. Like “enough, no more!”  I gave him some human tuna (he liked, but didn’t chow down like you’d expect a cat to chow down on his very own can of human tuna) and then a little later, I gave him some Greenies treats.  He liked those Greenies. 

Today is supposed to be an autumn day like we usually have, not the gloomy overcast crap we have been having, but sunny with a warm breeze.  All the doors and windows are open and Mickey is in his favorite spot in the family room, up in the bay window. 

I’m praying that he’s not bouncing back so quickly because of his age, not that his kidneys are shot.  And the additional fluids will give him a boost to help him get through whatever is going on with him. 

He’s still not sleeping like a cat should sleep.  I know he dozed off this morning before we got out of bed, but I haven’t seen him snoozing since.


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07:42 AM - 10/27/2010

The topic: So while I’m in the bathroom with Mickey


I heard noises outside of the bathroom window.  Not loud noises, but curious noises. Of course, I had to go check it out.  I put on my robe and left Mickey to eat in the bathroom, grabbed a flashlight and went outside. 

Walked around the side of the house and pointed the flashlight at the fence.  OMG!

Four young raccoons!  All climbing the same place, the corner of the fence next to the tree hating neighbors. They were walking on the barrier at the top.  I heard some growling, I heard and saw in the glow of the light, a stream of urine (which the cats are really interested in this morning).  I stood there, mouth open thinking “they’re so CUTE!!!!”

I ran back inside the house (have to watch doors, the cats seem to believe I’ll go back in the door I used to go out) and told Brian (poor Brian, these past couple of nights he hasn’t gotten much sleep either) “Brian! There are four raccoons on the fence!”  Then I went back outside. 

Wait, there’s one climbing the tree, that’s the one that’s growling.  But…but…there are still four on the fence!  FIVE!  Five raccoons! I bet they did a number on the food dishes in the entry way. 

So, I go back inside, let Mickey out of the bathroom, hang my robe up, put the flashlight back in it’s spot and went back to bed.

“There are FIVE raccoons!” I tell Brian.  We lay there.  He says “you can hear them”.  He gets up, looks out his bathroom window.  “I wonder if I should hose them.”   NO!  Leave them be.  He comes back to bed.  We lay there.  I wonder where Mickey is.  Brian tells me that the barrel outside that he had filled with pinecones is half empty. Mark told him the raccoons eat them. Brian wondered why they didn’t eat the ones on the ground.  Then he said “listen, you can hear them eating”.  And I could.  Crunching down on pinecones.

I told him that I wasn’t going to let the cats out this morning until I was sure there weren’t any raccoons in the yard.  One wouldn’t have me as worried, but five?  Nope, not taking any chances.

I finally dozed off, but never really got back into the deep sleep that’s so important.  Cause I was watching Mickey, ya know?

And Brian’s going to start pulling the food back up in the entry at night.  He’s been lax since we got back from Disneyland.  When I checked this morning, the paper bowls were decimated, KittyMeezer’s water bowl was filthy brown.  I brought that in and washed it, put clean water in it and now everybody is happy.

I wonder where the raccoons went.

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