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      Thursday, October 28, 2010

07:04 PM - 10/28/2010

The topic: The vet visit went fairly well


I relayed all the information I could about what has been going on with Mickey. From the not sleeping for over thirty-six hours and not dropping his head to the large poop he pushed out last night and the fact that he puked the minute he got out of the litter box.

The fact that the fluids didn’t seem to help as much as usual after the first twenty-four hours and it took a second round for him to feel better.

Mickey has lost about two and a half pounds since his last visit two years ago.

He has a bad molar (which I pointed out when the vet was looking in Mickey’s mouth, I was at a different angle and could see right behind the tooth) which will be taken care of “when we get Mickey feeling better”.  The vet said the fact that the first day of fluids didn’t fully help may be due to some sort of potassium problem.  He felt Mickey’s abdomen and said he felt no masses or signs of megacolon, the feces that was inside felt normal.

So, blood was drawn, they couldn’t find a vein, the vet ended up taking it from his neck after shaving a spot. While the techs were attempting to get blood, I showed the vet the print out for the renal stuff I ordered yesterday, asked him what he thought about it.  He was pleased, he really likes this company and had only good things to say about them.  He said his only concern was the size of the pill and he brought in a brand new container of them and showed me the size.  That ain’t nothing. The thing about these capsules is they cannot be cut or crushed because they won’t be effective, the coating on the capsule doesn’t dissolve in the stomach acid and works in the lower intestine to better help the kidneys not work so hard.  Or something like that. But I’ve given the cats bigger pills that this, so I’m not really concerned. The vet did advise using a pill gun so the pill is at the right angle (a straight shot down).

Because of the difficulty drawing blood (Mickey got weak after they tried finding a vein; but I can understand that when I think of how little he’s eaten or slept the past seventy-two hours) the vet did a more thorough exam of him when he was back in the examining room.  Listened to his heart a little more, did a little deeper palpatation of his tummy, making sure he hadn’t missed anything.

Since it was so late in the day, I won’t know the test results until tomorrow. 

But Mickey was sure glad to be home.  I’ve taken some pictures over the past couple of days, I’ll put them up tomorrow.

I’m pretty tired, hoping we all get to sleep well tonight. 

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07:36 AM - 10/28/2010

The topic: Yay! Mickey!


So, last night he came and slept with me.  At one point, I woke up and didn’t see him, so I’m up and looking around for him. He was in the bedroom, getting a drink of water. Never even thought to look there first.  This morning, when I got out of bed, he sat up and watched me.  I fed KittyMeeze (Brian has started pulling the food up again), then got the morning kibble for the cats.  Their morning snack.

Mickey wasn’t on the bed and I just can’t help it, but I get all panicky when I can’t see him.  So, I looked around and he was out in the garage, waiting for kibble!  He came inside and sat on the throw rug in front of the fireplace, where he usually gets his morning dry (it’s funny, each cat has his or her own spot where he or she gets their treats).  I gave him a little pile, gave Potter his little pile and so on through the house. 

Brian didn’t feel like making breakfast so we had cereal.  Mickey came into the office and up on the desk, waiting to lick the bowl! Yay!  He’s feeling better!

So, now to figure out why this happened. 

As I said yesterday, I’m pretty sure he’s got kidney problems. On the recommendation of a good friend, I went over to Amazon last night and ordered some Azodyl which I understand is helpful for cats in renal failure.  Since we’ve got a couple of cats in that condition, it won’t go to waste.

Anyway, that’s this morning’s update.

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