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      Tuesday, October 26, 2010

07:01 PM - 10/26/2010

The topic: Latest Mickey update


He’s feeling lots better!

We were eating dinner and I noticed he had jumped down to the floor and as drinking water from the small water bowl I had closeby for him.  Then, when I got the kitties in, he went over to the little rug in front of the fireplace.  I gave him some kibble, but he didn’t eat it.

He did go into the living room and jump into one of the litterboxes, where he peed a bunch, covered it up, then did a teeny tiny little poop that kind of just hung from his bottom.  I know you’re not supposed to do this, but I pulled on it when I noticed it was hanging from something white.  It split right off, no injury to him.

He’s walking much better, is no longer wobbly and doesn’t walk like a drunken sailor.

I think we’re past the bad part.  It sure was nice seeing him walk down the hall without stumbling, that’s for darned sure.

Yay, Mickey!  We knew you could do it!

Thanks for all the prayers!

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02:40 PM - 10/26/2010

The topic: Little update


He wanted to sleep, I saw him with his head down a couple of times. Then there was noise outside and he got off the bed.  He just sat on the little runner next to the bed.  Then I watched him walk outside, still pretty wobbly, I went out with the camera and took a couple of pictures of him. He came over to me, I put the camera down and held him.  It got really warm, he wanted down. He just sat there, dazed.  I picked him up and took in inside and put him on the sofa. 

I felt his ears, they were much warmer than earlier and I was able to get his temperature, he has a fever, 102.8°. 

Poor baby.

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10:16 AM - 10/26/2010

The topic: Mickey’s sick


If you’re a cat owner, if you’re lucky, you’ll have a cat or cats who never get sick.  Then there are cats who seem to always be coming down with one thing or another (Ciara was one of those).

Well, Mickey is one of the kitties that never gets sick.  He had a pretty bad start in life, but since then, he hasn’t really had anything wrong.

He was fine yesterday.  Well, since we got back, he’s been a little lethargic, but I blamed that on the weather.  Rainy, gloomy, cool weather sure doesn’t make me want to stand up and shout.  But he’s been eating normally and yesterday I even watched him chase Oliver out of the bathroom. 

But this morning, around two, I noticed he didn’t seem to be right. He was off.  He had been at the foot of the bed and sort of staggered up to my pillow.  I snuggled with him, but he never purred for me, he didn’t lick my hand or arm, nor did he put his paws on my arm when he settled in.  I watched him for the next hour and at three, got up and took him into the bathroom.  I gave him some A/D, he ate at least a quarter of a can.  Then I gave him 60cc of lactated ringers. 

When we got up, I brought in some of KittyMeezer’s breakfast, heated up, he lapped a little, then didn’t want anymore. He did go outside and peed a bunch, then went over to the fountain and looked at the water, but didn’t drink any.

He’s very resistent to sleeping right now, won’t lay his head down.  I gave him another 60cc of fluids about a half hour ago.  I’m hoping this will help him feel better,  as he’s failing the tent test miserably.

His fur is nice and shiny, but I can’t get a decent temperature reading with the ear thermometer. I keep getting a message that the temperature is too low.  But his paws are warm, so I’m not really concerned with that right now.  He’s on the bed, I have a towel under him and a fleece blanket rolled up next to him, that he can lay against.

I went through something similar earlier this year with Captain.  I did the same things with him as I’m doing with Mickey.  Captain got sick on the weekend, though and I didn’t want to take him to an emergency clinic right away, unless they’re in obvious discomfort, like they’ve thrown a blood clot or are having problems breathing, I’ve found that they usually can get through this.  I will make an appointment for Mickey for later this week, he’s close to seventeen and is overdue for a geriatric blood panel.  I wouldn’t doubt if he’s starting to have kidney problems.  So many of our older cats have had problems with kidneys, it no longer surprises me.

Anyway, cross a finger, say a prayer, send healing thoughts his way.  If any of my cats could be considered a heart cat (I have a few right now), Mickey would be at the top of the list.

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