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      Saturday, October 09, 2010

03:05 PM - 10/09/2010

The topic: I’m almost done cleaning!


Woohoo!  Cat trees in the living room are done, half the living room floor is done.  All I need to do now is vacuum the half not done and wash the floor over there.  I’ll need to pull out the litterboxes (won’t be fun, they’re heavy), move the sewing machine, the end tables and futon (won’t be fun, it’s heavy), vacuum in those areas, then wash, push everything back and that will do it!

Of course, before I get that far I need to wax the kitchen and laundry room floors, they need to be done while the sun is still out and the air is still dry. 

Brian came home, I asked him to get me something to eat (haven’t eaten since breakfast, too busy) and he brought me home two Arby’s beef and cheddars and a large shake.  I ate both of the beef and cheddars bigsurprise  and am now going to place the straw in the shake and finish that.  After the first coat of wax. 

Off to find my mop….

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09:07 AM - 10/09/2010

The topic: Behind schedule.


But I hope to be finished today.  This morning, I’ll wash the kitchen and laundry room floors, then start on washing the cat furniture.  Then when it warms up some, wax the kitchen and laundry room floors. 

Then wash the living room floor.  And that’s the bulk of the heavy stuff!  There are a few other things I need to do, like straighten out the entry closet so the games and Wii accessories are accessible. Wipe down the slate in front of the fireplace with mineral oil. Maybe clean out the crystal cabinet, where all of my crystal and glass cats are.  But nothing really major.

And a week from today?  I’ll be 57.  And I’ll be wearing these:


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