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      Sunday, October 03, 2010

04:10 PM - 10/03/2010

The topic: I’m hot and I’m sweaty


And the windows and doors are almost all done.  It’s nice when we work together, him on the outside, me on the inside. Got the office window, the extra room window (which I need to move stuff to get to from the inside) and the bedroom window, which is going to suck.

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04:09 PM - 10/03/2010

The topic: KittyMeeze is here


He showed up late this morning.  He was under the neighbor’s motorhome in their backyard.  A safe place when they close their gate.  Which they don’t always do.

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10:29 AM - 10/03/2010

The topic: No sign of KittyMeeze this morning


And we’re preparing ourselves for the inevitable.

Food was gone this morning, soft food from yesterday and the dry food was untouched.  This would point to a kitty cat, not a possum. The possums like the dry food.  And I would think if it was another neighborhood cat (I’ve seen one or two around, but not feral, just cats owned by idiots who let them out) I’d think all of the food would be gone.

So, hopefully, it was KittyMeeze and he’s someplace sleeping right now.

There was a dead bunny up the street this morning, not run over that I could tell.  There’s a huge open field not that far from here that has an abundance of cottontail rabbits, so that’s probably where that came from, but why would the coyote drop it?  I dunno.

Anyway, if we don’t see Meeze today, Brian will go up on the bank and look under the juniper, the area where Meeze does hide when he’s not feeling well.

If he’s gone, we’d like closure and not just wonder, you know?  We were hoping he would just fall asleep under one of the vehicles and we’d find him there.  We’d like to have him cremated and his cremains returned to us,  since he has been a part of our family for so long, even if one we couldn’t hold or pet. 


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