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      Sunday, October 10, 2010

06:13 PM - 10/10/2010

The topic: I’m sure I’ve mentioned once or twice


That I love our cats.

Here’s a couple of reasons why.

Cleaning the bedroom was a royal pain.  There’s not really a lot of wiggle room as far as the bed is concerned.  But there’s a lot of pushing involved to get under all of it.  Push this way, clean under this part, push that way, clean under that part, and keep doing it until the whole floor has gotten the treatment.

When I was finished, the only thing under the bed was Brian’s walking shoes.

Friday evening, I smelled poop.  Fresh, strong poop.  In the bedroom.  Never smelled it like that before.  Brian noticed it, too.  I looked under the bed, just saw the shoes.  Looked behind his dresser, nothing.  Looked in the bathroom, nothing.  Looked in the silk plant on top of the armoire.  Nothing.  Brian came in and looked in the same places with the same result.  Nothing.

Then he went outside and checked under the bedroom window. 


Still, that smell.

We just shrugged our shoulders, figured it must be coming in from one of the litterboxes on the breeze.

Later, a couple of the cats got into a little spat and ran into the bedroom.  I went after them, grabbing the flashlight so I could see who it was.  I got on the floor and looked under the bed in hopes that I’d see which black cat was the object of some red bully.  No cat, but what did I see in front of Brian’s shoes?


I yelled out to Brian that I’d found the source of the smell and I cleaned it up.  I didn’t see it before because it was right next to the shoes.  Luckily, there was none on the shoes and it cleaned up easily.

And after washing the rest of the floors yesterday, this morning I cleaned up at least three puddles of urine.  In places they don’t normally pee.

Ah, I love our cats.

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02:11 PM - 10/10/2010

The topic: No longer being the trusting soul I once was….


A couple of weeks ago, Brian was conversating (l love that word) with a neighbor who he used to talk to all the time, but now rarely does so, when this guy mentioned doing a job for the next door neighbors’ tree trimmer. Well, I don’t think he was actually their tree trimmer, just someone they’d been talking to about trimming trees.

The neighbors who hate our trees.

So, Brian got all alarmed, came inside and started checking out our rights as the rightful owners of our trees and what our options would be if someone was to come out and do a major hack job on them, doing damage and just having them look all lopsided and like crap.

This is an excerpt from one of the articles we found.  The bold and underlining are mine. 

“A property owner who finds a neighbor’s tree encroaching must first warn or give notice to the tree owner prior to commencing work and give the tree owner the chance to correct the problem. If the tree owner does nothing, the tree can still be trimmed. As a general rule, a property owner who trims an encroaching tree belonging to a neighbor can trim only up to the boundary line and must obtain permission to enter the tree owner’s property, unless the limbs threaten to cause imminent and grave harm. Additionally, the property owner cannot cut the entire tree down and cannot destroy the structural integrity or the cosmetic symmetry and appeal of a tree by improper trimming."

Other than the gossiping neighbor, no one's said a word to either of us about having work done. That said, we're always gone for a couple of days the same time each year. And just in case any of the neighbors has the bright idea to have some trimming done while we're gone, I've put the petsitter on notice that if she sees anyone messing with the trees to call the police and then to call us.


I'm sure Brian will make it home in record time.

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