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      Saturday, October 02, 2010

12:28 PM - 10/02/2010

The topic: Remember a couple of months ago


When our petstore had that “party”?  And we got freebies for buying so much food?  Well, in the freebie bags, there were a couple of cans of Felidae.  And when our California Naturals stock got low here at home, I used the Felidae. The cats liked it.  The next morning, the bowls were empty. 

So, when the last time we needed more soft food, we got a case each of two Felidae flavors and two cases of California Naturals. And guess which of the two gets eaten more?

Yep, the Felidae.  Well, I used the last can of soft food on Wednesday and Thursday, we had to go shopping for more. And this time, all we got was Felidae.  They only had one full case and five loose cans each of two flavors.  We bought the loose cans and the case, I put an order in for three more cases (so we’d have two full cases of each).  They’ll be in Monday. 

Now, I’m sure I’ve mentioned Jackie’s splatty poops.  Many times.  And how I go check after he’s finished.  Well, this morning his poop looked almost normal.  Not all splatted out in a stream on the grass, but much better formed and in one spot.  I’m wondering if all this time it was the food he was getting.  I’m hopeful he will soon be back to normal.  I’m sure it will be better for him and maybe he’ll start putting on some of the weight he’s lost.

I’m glad that we’ve found a new soft food.  After all, California Naturals is made by Natura who, earlier this year, was bought by Proctor and Gamble.  Pet food owned by huge corporations who have their fingers in many pies, doesn’t bode well for the ongoing quality of said food.

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10:52 AM - 10/02/2010

The topic: Stuff about me


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I think I’m addicted to ZipFizz.  It has over 41500% of your daily need for vitamin B12.


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10:45 AM - 10/02/2010

The topic: Holy crap!


So, I’m sitting here, checking out the financials, want to have my desk as clean as possible before the trip.

I sent a big chuck of tunas to AMEX last month (we only use it for CostCo), then I’m looking at the online balance, how on earth can it be that high?  I check the recent activity.  Huh?  What’s this?  Almost $70.00 for the two books they sent.  An address book and a date book.  The address book, which is very, very thin, was twenty three bucks and change. The balance was for the date book.  Have we been paying this every time we get these?  I have no idea how long we’ve been getting them, I know the first year was just shipping and handling.  I thought it was the same every year.  I guess not.

I called them up and was all “Holey moley! That’s three bags of cat food!”. The CSR was really nice, she said the letter that came with the books explained the charges.  I told her “hey, I never read the letter, I just thought you sent them every year because you loved us!”  She laughed.  Asked if I had the original boxes.  Uh, no, I sure don’t.  So, she very sweetly said “I’ll go ahead and credit your account for this amount and you shouldn’t automatically get them any longer”. 

I thought that was very nice of her because I really didn’t expect a credit, after all, it was my bad.  I just didn’t want to get more books that we don’t use next year.

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07:53 AM - 10/02/2010

The topic: Cat updates


I figured I’d just make one entry about the cats.  They all seem to be doing well, Kirby is a concern because he’s so darned skinny, I feed him seperately, sometimes he eats it all, most times he doesn’t.  Then when I feed the next cat, he’s there wanting some of that food.  I keep trying to figure out the magic steps to get him to eat, but am not having much luck.  He’s happy, his coat is absolutely beautiful, his eyes are bright and he doesn’t act ill at all.  He just doesn’t eat much at a sitting.

KittyMeeze is not doing well. Brian had mentioned how much slower he’s getting, he seems to like having all the vehicles here, you can usually find him under one or another of them, the bigger trucks being his favorites. Earlier this week he was eating about two cans of Friskies a day, along with some kibble, but the past couple of days he’s cut that in half. His bad eye has something going on with it and it scares me, but that’s the life of a feral.  We know that as soon as we can touch him, it will most likely be time to say goodbye.

Miss Elizabeth still gets her bi-weekly fluids and she’s getting fat.  I’m sure the vet will be pleased, he told me he’d never complain about a cat in kidney failure putting on weight.  She spends the majority of the day in the garage, then comes out in the evening to lay on Brian.  I went to bed at 9:30 last night, he slept on the sofa until 12:15 at which time she finally got off of him and climbed up onto the back to snooze there.

Mickey and Benny are showing their ages, when we get back from our trip this month, I’m going to start bringing some of the older cats in for geriatric visits.  I wouldn’t doubt we’ve got some more kidney problems happening. Benny and Mickey get soft food during the day now. Benny also gets Nutrical because he likes it.

The other morning around three, I woke up and had to pee.  Oliver wasn’t on my counter, where he’s been hanging out the past couple of weeks (probably nice and cool).  He was on Brian’s pillow.  I started to pet him and got no response.  I petting him harder, giving him a little shake with no reaction.  I woke Brian up “Ollie’s dead!”, then Ollie woke up.  I haven’t had a cat who did that since Rusty. It’s okay if I can see them breathing, but it was dark.  Brian gave me grief about it the next day, but I really thought he was gone. He’s in the bathroom eating his morning meal right now.  Funny how he does that.  Halfway through he’ll start yowling for about thirty seconds, then start eating again.

All the other cats are doing fine.  Angel has started to spend more time with us in the house, Gracie sleeps in a basket on the counter in the garage, not so much under the loveseat any longer.  Sebastian has acclimated completely, he stays in the garage during the day, but no longer hiding, but on one of the cat blanket covered tables or on a cat condo.  In the evening when we’re watching television, he’ll come lay by us.  If he gets behind the head, he likes to start biting the hair. Brian was very surprised the first time Sebby started biting his head, since his hair is so fine, the teeth were grazing his scalp.  He didn’t find it as amusing as I did. 

Georgie was most scared of the thunder the other day, he went into hiding (many cats did, Daniece was the last to show her face).  Pete couldn’t move, he just stood there crying out. I ended up with him in my arms sitting on the floor in the hallway, calming him down.  Holding Pete is something that just isn’t done, so I know he was pretty upset.  We sat together for over a half hour, me talking to him gently and his pupils just huge.  When he finally wanted down, he went and sat by the door, looking out.  But he quit crying so I think he was more calm about the entire thing.

And that’s about it. Right now the doors are all open and there are few clouds in the sky, lots of blue.  And the cats are outside and happy to be outside.  No rain, no booming skies, it’s nice.

KittyMeeze already came back for a second helping of breakfast, so maybe he’ll pull through this like he’s pulled through so many other times.


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