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      Saturday, October 30, 2010

11:38 AM - 10/30/2010

The topic: Today’s Mickey update


Well, he’s recovering from his crash earlier this week, that’s obvious.

Early this morning (that magic 3:30 am time, when my eyes open and my mind starts running) I woke up, Mickey wasn’t on the bed, I went in search of him. Found him on the arm of the sofa, gave him a little scritch on his back, he stood up, I heard him clawing at the towel that covers the arm.  What a great sound that was.  Then he eventually came to bed, came up to my arm, gave it a couple of licks (YAY! Mickey’s back!) and laid down.  I’ve missed those morning Mickey kisses.  It was one of the things that set off my internal sick kitty alarm.

When I put down the morning Kirkland kibble, he was right there in the garage, getting the first handful. 

He got his first fluids with potassium this morning and he wasn’t pleased.  The ones I gave him on Tuesday and Wednesday went smoothly, today’s did not. He kept trying to walk away from me.  *lol* But he eventually got them all, I rubbed him down with a towel and he liked that.

Now he’s out sleeping in the bay window in the family room.  It’s nice.

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11:24 AM - 10/30/2010

The topic: As I’ve gotten older


One of the things I’ve been pleased with (besided the disappearance of the much loathed visits from Aunt Flo) is that I don’t have to pluck my eyebrows much.

But, I’ve found a downside.  The hair that’s growing in is white.  And long.  And I also realized that if I pluck those long hairs, there will be hardly any left.  I now understand why so many older women draw on their eyebrows.  I’ve found my own way of dealing with this. I trim my eyebrows, then use a product that is for eyebrows, it’s like mascara, just has different shades. I found mine on the Lancome website.

The other day, while in the bathroom, I was tweezing the weird hairs on my chin. Something I never had to do before menopause.  And it dawned on me.

My eyebrows have moved down to my chin.

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