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      Sunday, October 24, 2010

04:05 PM - 10/24/2010

The topic: It’s still a nice day, but


the clouds are starting to roll in.

I got the card installed, it took all of fifteen minutes.  Then I downloaded and installed a trial version of a FAX program. During the search, I found that Windows 7 has FAX software pre-installed.  I checked it out, uninstalled the trial software.  Yay, saved thirty bucks.

But the ink is low on the FAX machine and I spent a hundred dollars on new cartridges for it.  What galls me is I know the last time I bought a cartridge for it, I bought two.  But can I find the other one? 


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12:46 PM - 10/24/2010

The topic: Nice autumn day…


68° outside right now, 75° here in the office, where the temperature gauge is anyway.  It’s a little higher than our desks, hanging on the wall, gets residual heat from the computers.

I’m incredibly tired, don’t know if I’m fighting off some bug or if the past two and a half months have caught up with me. Or maybe it’s the gloomy weather we’ve been having.  Right now there’s blue sky and it’s very refreshing.  As soon as I hear Kirby and Ollie squawking about being done eating, I’m going to take a shower.  I took a zipfizz about twenty minutes ago, it’s kicking in.  Over 41000% of your daily recommended vitamin B, ya know.  Doesn’t upset my tummy like the Red Bull or Monster drinks do.  I don’t get a buzz with Zipfizz, but I do get a boost in energy.


(geek alert)

I got the new cards for my computers, whatever was going on with my surfing computer has resolved. So, I have an extra four port USB card in case I need it.  I do intend on installing the FAX card to the Win7 machine today. It shouldn’t take all that much time.  I bookmarked the instructions for opening and installing on the machine yesterday.

I also ordered new cables for internet hookup.  That new printer I got will connect to the internet (I loved the old one, had it over ten years, but it kept jamming and I’d get very frustrated when printing out checks; I’d have to keep reloading it), but it’s not connecting via the USB server I got, apparently they’re not compatible.  And I’ve got no more room on my internet slots, my router has four, I bought a switch earlier this year that gave me four more access points (for all of you non-geeks, the access points allow me to hook up to the internet directly; one of the main reasons so was that I could access the printers from any computer in the house, not needing to have my main computer running). 

Earlier this week, Brian wanted to send a copy of some schematics he’d drawn up for a sidelink and that’s when my problems started.  That’s when I realized we could send email via our FAX machine, which would have been so very convenient to do at that point. Instead I had to re-install the software for my scanner (which had been deleted when I had the severe computer problems back in August).  But I have no more access points to the internet, so I cannot set it up.  I ordered another internet switch, this time with seven ports (access points).  Actually there only six as one of the ports connects to the modem.  But I’ll have two more and that should be sufficient.  I sat here and listed all of my connections and it’s not adding up.  From my calculations, I should have at least one available port, but I’m not seeing an open one.  When I set this stuff back up (I ordered some new shorter CAT6 cables so the space behind the computers isn’t so bulked up with wires and stuff), I’ll start labeling which cable goes to what machine instead of wondering “Is this the extra that goes nowhere?”.  Brian said he’ll hang my router on the wall, that will help with the wire mess.  And I read during the search for cables that the shorter the cable and not having it bunched up will give you faster access.  I’m all about faster access.  *lol*

(/geek alert)

I snagged a BOC on Woot last week.  I’m happy, I hope it’s not real crappy crap, though.  I checked out the spreadsheet for what people got in the last BOC and it was pretty crappy, not much that was very cool.  A bunch of the day of the week calendar pads that they had back in January.  I got them then, they sent three each of two of them.  They had six different varieties.  To make up for the shipping mess up, they sent another two of each of all six.  Just two weeks ago, I think I threw ten in the trash.  In the last BOC, they sent those very same calendars (hey, you’re buying a bag of crap, what would you expect?).  But I hope I do better than that.  The last one I won had some funky stuff in it, but had a pretty nice pink and black bag, it’s meant for golfers, has lots of compartments and I used it for my camera equipment on the Disney trip last week. It held all of my batteries, cameras, memory cards, cables, chargers with room to spare. 

Ooo…Brian’s home, made lunch.  More later.


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