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      Saturday, October 02, 2010

10:45 AM - 10/02/2010

The topic: Holy crap!


So, I’m sitting here, checking out the financials, want to have my desk as clean as possible before the trip.

I sent a big chuck of tunas to AMEX last month (we only use it for CostCo), then I’m looking at the online balance, how on earth can it be that high?  I check the recent activity.  Huh?  What’s this?  Almost $70.00 for the two books they sent.  An address book and a date book.  The address book, which is very, very thin, was twenty three bucks and change. The balance was for the date book.  Have we been paying this every time we get these?  I have no idea how long we’ve been getting them, I know the first year was just shipping and handling.  I thought it was the same every year.  I guess not.

I called them up and was all “Holey moley! That’s three bags of cat food!”. The CSR was really nice, she said the letter that came with the books explained the charges.  I told her “hey, I never read the letter, I just thought you sent them every year because you loved us!”  She laughed.  Asked if I had the original boxes.  Uh, no, I sure don’t.  So, she very sweetly said “I’ll go ahead and credit your account for this amount and you shouldn’t automatically get them any longer”. 

I thought that was very nice of her because I really didn’t expect a credit, after all, it was my bad.  I just didn’t want to get more books that we don’t use next year.

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