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      Tuesday, October 26, 2010

07:01 PM - 10/26/2010

The topic: Latest Mickey update


He’s feeling lots better!

We were eating dinner and I noticed he had jumped down to the floor and as drinking water from the small water bowl I had closeby for him.  Then, when I got the kitties in, he went over to the little rug in front of the fireplace.  I gave him some kibble, but he didn’t eat it.

He did go into the living room and jump into one of the litterboxes, where he peed a bunch, covered it up, then did a teeny tiny little poop that kind of just hung from his bottom.  I know you’re not supposed to do this, but I pulled on it when I noticed it was hanging from something white.  It split right off, no injury to him.

He’s walking much better, is no longer wobbly and doesn’t walk like a drunken sailor.

I think we’re past the bad part.  It sure was nice seeing him walk down the hall without stumbling, that’s for darned sure.

Yay, Mickey!  We knew you could do it!

Thanks for all the prayers!

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