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      Wednesday, October 27, 2010

11:30 AM - 10/27/2010

The topic: I gave Mickey more fluids


about an hour ago.  I also started him on amoxicillan this morning. Just in case he’s got some sort of infection going on, that’s causing this.  While he was better than yesterday morning, he didn’t seem as good as he was last night. Yeah, sure, he’s got more interest in food and he’s more alert, but his eyes were getting that fuzzy look again.

So, I gave him 120cc of fluids this time.  He did put up a little resistence on the last syringe, which is a good thing. Like “enough, no more!”  I gave him some human tuna (he liked, but didn’t chow down like you’d expect a cat to chow down on his very own can of human tuna) and then a little later, I gave him some Greenies treats.  He liked those Greenies. 

Today is supposed to be an autumn day like we usually have, not the gloomy overcast crap we have been having, but sunny with a warm breeze.  All the doors and windows are open and Mickey is in his favorite spot in the family room, up in the bay window. 

I’m praying that he’s not bouncing back so quickly because of his age, not that his kidneys are shot.  And the additional fluids will give him a boost to help him get through whatever is going on with him. 

He’s still not sleeping like a cat should sleep.  I know he dozed off this morning before we got out of bed, but I haven’t seen him snoozing since.


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