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      Monday, March 01, 2010

01:55 PM - 03/01/2010

The topic: So, one of the first things I do when I get out of the car…

was to call Jolene.  Because we’re the ones who were going to have the little get together at Disneyland. I told her “don’t go, don’t leave, I’m not coming….”  She’ll probably post more in the comments section, my mind is fuzzy on all that happened in that first hour, it was just so darned action packed.

I told her to call Disney and cancel the reservations.

This is what they did to her.  She calls to cancel.  “Well, it’s too late to do anything about it now, we’ll have to charge you for the first night.  You have to give us five days notice.”

“But she rolled her car on the way up!” 

“I’m sorry. Will you be staying here tonight?”

“No, she rolled her car.”

“Will you be here tomorrow?”

“She rolled her car!”

Jolene ended up being transferred to a supervisor (who she said sounded suspiciously like the person she’d already been speaking with) who told her to change the date of the reservations to sometime in the future, then they would accept the cancellation.

I cancelled it this morning.

Honestly, you just have to sit and shake your head at some of this stuff. I’m sure it happens that people call to cancel lying about the reason all the time. But gee whiz….adding insult to injury….

06:36 PM - 03/01/2010

The topic: Went to the chiropractor

I have paperwork to fill out and take back with me Wednesday. Looks like I have to keep going back for a while, but insurance will be paying for it.

He took x-rays and did some testing.  I have some whiplash and there’s something out of whack in my lower back.  Maybe from when the car was rolling over.  Lots of soft tissue damage on my left side, probably from banging against the driver’s door as the car turned.

I had printed out the pictures, he was just amazed I walked away. 

He asked if I’d gone to any other doctor before coming to see him and I said “no”.  And that the only reason I wanted to see him is because of what he’d told me after I fell down the hill. I didn’t go in until our regular monthly visit and I was feeling pretty bad.  He said if I’d come in when I’d fallen, the problem wouldn’t have had a chance to get as bad as it did.  I kind of figured that would be the best thing to do.  I’m glad I did.  He was pleased I hadn’t gone to anyone else yet, he said “they’d do a lot of unneccesary stuff”.  And you know they’d charge for it, too.

He told me to up my calcium intake (and he said that taking the calcium before I left on the trip most likely helped me do as well as I did (calcium is a natural relaxant)) and ice down the parts that hurt the most.

Anyway, so that’s where it stands right now.  I have to do litterboxes, this should be fun since I can’t lift the bucket if it’s full. I’ll have to do lots of little half full buckets. 


      Tuesday, March 02, 2010

04:57 PM - 03/02/2010

The topic: Video of my car

I uploaded my first video ever to YouTube today.

I think it gives more perspective to the incline and you get a better idea of exactly why the car rolled.

      Wednesday, March 03, 2010

08:11 AM - 03/03/2010

The topic: I think the adrenaline has left the building

Because all I want to do right now is lay in bed under the covers and sleep. 

I’m achy all over, I’ve got chills, my head hurts and warm and sleepy sounds so inviting.  It hurts my back to sit up straight.

Oh, yeah, and I keep crying.  Not a lot.  But I just start to tear up and then they fall for a minute, then it’s over.  Until it happens again.  Maybe the enormity of the bullet I dodged is sinking in.  I dunno. 

But perky is certainly not a word that would be used to describe me today. When we get back from the chiro (lucky for me the work Brian was scheduled to do today isn’t happening since the people he was supposed to do the work for didn’t make it back to town) I might lay down and sleep.

You know, if you were really my friends and really loved me, you’d come to my house and read “Under the Dome” to me so I wouldn’t have to hold the heavy book myself.  And you’d “Fish NOW!” for me, so I didn’t have to move my arms.

You know.  If you really loved me.


      Thursday, March 04, 2010

08:12 AM - 03/04/2010

The topic: Ow.

I hurt. I’m hurting a lot this morning. 

My head hurts from just behind my left ear down into my shoulder. My ribs hurt.  My left leg is having some sort of sharp pain mid thigh.  My left knee has hurt from day one, but it’s hurting worse.  And something’s going on with the lower part of that leg. I can’t flex my left foot without shooting pain in my lower leg.


I just took some blue CostCo pain killers.  If they don’t help, I might just take one of my mom’s vicodin.  I saved those.  Never taken any in my life, but I hurt.

10:54 AM - 03/04/2010
I'm listening to "You Had A Bad Day" Daniel Powter

The topic: In a bad bad mood

I’m cleaning, I’ve swept the office, I pulled the rocking chair, table and lamp away from the wall and got on my hands and knees to clean up cat pee, pulled the full cedar chest out from the wall to clean cat pee from next to it and under it, I’ve done all of the litterboxes in the house, I need to vacuum the little pieces of litter that keep sticking to my bare feet because they’re annoying the hell out of me.

I don’t think this is what the doctor meant when he said to “take it easy and rest”, but damn it, someone has to clean around here and the maid quit (wait, we’ve never had a maid, just me).  Didn’t help this morning when he says before he walks out the door “gee, they’re sure peeing a lot in that corner, a lot more than they used to….” 

The same corner I’ve complained about cleaning for months now, that corner that I had to clean three times in four hours just a couple of weeks ago.  WTF? No, they’re not “peeing more” I’m cleaning less.  You know why?

I was in a fricking car accident last Sunday that could have ended a lot worse than it did. He tells me “not to dwell on it”.  Huh? Well, at least I’m not in denial that it ever happened, you know?  I just get the feeling it’s “well, you didn’t die, you’re not in the hospital, so now get back to work” type of thinking.  I’m just not feeling the love.

Bad mood. Bad, bad mood.  Angry woman here.

      Sunday, March 07, 2010

05:14 PM - 03/07/2010

The topic: I’m beat

We went car shopping today. Not really shopping, more like looking at what was available.  I’m beat.  We went to two dealerships, a Lincoln/Mercury dealership and a Ford dealership. 

The Mariners are nice, but the white stitching on the black leather seats had me looking for a black Sharpie.  Seriously.  I was impressed with the audio system.  The back seat passenger seat was much smooshier (and more comfy, in my opinion) than the front seats.  And the back of the driver’s seat, when I put my body back, my head was pushed forward. Does that make any sense?  I don’t think it was designed for short people.  I really did like the audio system, six CD capability as well as a jack for an MP3 player.

Brian had already looked at the new Escapes and wasn’t happy with the leather that it came with. But since the leather in the Mariner wasn’t all that much to write home about, he figured maybe we could go look at Escapes and I could give my opinion on those.

We stopped at a Ford dealership on the way home and I liked the Escapes.  The salesman tried to steer us over to the Edge.  We have no idea why, we weren’t shopping for just any car, we were looking at Escapes.  But no harm in looking.  Gotta say I didn’t really care for it. My first thought was “geez, it’s short” when I was in the driver’s seat and looked at the headroom.  Brian’s hat was hitting the roof on the passenger’s side.  And I flashed on rolling over.  Nope.  I want more headroom. Besides, I think the car was ugly.  Not very stylish. Brian said later ‘it’s trendy’.  I’ve never considered myself trendy.  I want a car that has classic styling, not trendy.

So, we came home and we’ll most likely be going with a new Escape. 

Now, just how to pay for it.  There’s supposed to be discussion with the insurance next week. Brian will take care of that. 

But for the couple of hours we were out walking around, I can’t believe how bad I feel.  By the time we got to the car after looking at the Escapes (I had to sit down inside the showroom while the salesman went to look for brochures) I could barely hold my head up my neck was hurting so much. 

I fell asleep on the sofa last night for a couple of hours, watched the last hour and a half of Mean Girls, then went to bed and slept until after seven this morning. This is unheard of.  I rarely sleep past seven.

I’m hating this.  I hate being achy.  I miss my little car, too.  I was sad looking at the new ones.  Very sad.

      Monday, March 08, 2010

07:36 AM - 03/08/2010

The topic: Seatbelts save lives…
Person killed in crash on Wildcat Canyon Road near Lakeside

Sunday, March 7, 2010 at 5:42 p.m.

EAST COUNTY — A passenger in a minivan was killed Sunday afternoon in a crash north of Lakeside on Wildcat Canyon Road.

The wreck, which involved a 2004 Ford F-150 and a 1994 Plymouth Voyager, was reported about 12:30 p.m. just south of Muth Valley Road not far from the Barona Casino, officials with the California Highway Patrol said.

Witnesses said the Ford’s driver was speeding on the wet road about 12:20 p.m. when he lost control, veered into oncoming traffic and collided head on with the Plymouth, the CHP said.

The Ford’s driver and his son, who were wearing their seat belts, were not hurt. The driver of the minivan was taken to the hospital to be treated for moderate injuries. Her passenger, 62, died, the CHP said. Officers believe the passenger, whose identity was not made public, was not wearing a seat belt.

Wildcat Canyon Road was closed in both directions as officers investigated the crash and cleared the road.

12:10 PM - 03/08/2010

The topic: You know in the movie

“The Princess Bride” where Wesley has taken the pill to bring him out of mostly dead status and he’s still pretty weak?  Where Inigo Montoya (“my name is Inigo Montoya; you killed my father; prepare to die”) and the giant are carrying him?  Because Wesley’s legs can’t hold him? And how he can’t lift his head?

That’s how my head feels.  My neck can’t hold it up for very long because it hurts. 

Sometimes it feels like it’s getting better (like when I first get up in the morning), then it feels lots worse. 

Somebody really needs to come fish for me and read to me.  *lol* 

Maybe I’ll set up the laptop next to the sofa and just reach out and fish there.  And figure something out with my book.  Damn thing is so heavy.


      Tuesday, March 09, 2010

04:09 PM - 03/09/2010

The topic: I haz a sad…

Gilly hasn’t been around much.  He’s here now.  He looks awful.  I don’t know if it’s a really bad URI or something even worse.

I can’t do anything about it.  That’s what really sucks.  I can talk to him through the door, but if I go outside, he runs off.  He won’t go into a trap. 

I mixed some A/D with water and l-lysine powder and took it outside.  The food from this morning had blood in it.  *sigh*  I pulled that up and put down the A/D.  When I went out, Gilly ran to in front of the house.  KittyMeeze came in and ate some of the fresh food. 

Ten minutes later I looked out and Gilly was back.  This time on the outside of the gate.  He’s in the meatloaf position.  I called Brian and told him to let me know when he’s close to home and I’ll unlock the gate and he can come in via the side of the house and not bother Gilligan.

This is one of the worst parts of taking care of ferals. 

Not being able to do anything.

      Sunday, March 14, 2010

11:28 AM - 03/14/2010

The topic: Thoughts on the outfronts

I haven’t seen Gilligan since Wednesday. 

I was able to get a better look at him that day.  And it looked like something had munched his face. Or had tried to. That’s the only way I can describe it.  This went beyond a simple URI.  And it came on too quickly for me to think “cancer”.   I think back to Pepper and what happened with her.  Just too quick.  

The last time I saw him, it was out front of our house.  I went outside to bring food and Sagwa slipped out the door.  He ran over to where Gilly was crouched, Gilly ran (walked) off and Sagwa realized he wasn’t where he thought he should be, ran back to the front door and cried to get in.  (He’s done this one more time, since, I don’t like this.  We’ll have to be really careful until he gets over it.)

Then there’s KittyMeeze.  He’s sticking around, but he’s not feeling well.  He came for breakfast yesterday morning, ate half a can of Friskies.  I watched him walk. He’s limping.  Didn’t eat anything else the rest of the day.  He didn’t come for dinner.  He spent the day on the bank.  And right at sunset, he went invisible.  Crawled under the juniper or the Bird of Paradise.  And as far as I can tell he didn’t come out all night. 

He finally came out about an hour ago. Came down for water.  I hadn’t put soft food out, as soon as I saw him I got some fixed, added water and heated it up, but by the time I was outside with it, he was back on the bank.  And then, he went invisible again.

I wonder if he’s up there alone or if Gilly is with him under the bushes.  I don’t dare go search because that will for sure scare any cat under there away.  I don’t want to do that.  KittyMeeze has always been very protective of a friend cat who was injured or ill.  All the times Kitty went missing and we’d eventually see him down at the corner house, because that’s where Gilligan stayed. 

I wonder what happened to Gilly.  I thought at first maybe it was a dog.  Assholes around here let their dogs run at night.  I don’t think it was a coyote, a coyote wouldn’t let the cat walk away.  Dogs just maim and kill. Coyotes want food. Then I started thinking maybe it was a raccoon.  I’ve posted before of the raccoons that come to eat and drink at night.  Maybe it was a raccoon. They can be mean sons of bitches.  I think they ate Little Bit’s first litter. 

I’ll never know for sure.

      Monday, March 15, 2010

09:33 AM - 03/15/2010

The topic: So, last night

I keep looking out the little side window and shining the flashlight on the food.  I can’t help myself.  I have to see if any critter has been here to eat. 

The second time I opened the window, I heard something hit the gate.  Hmmm.

I unlocked the door and went outside to see what it might be.  I shined the flashlight under the vehicles. I shined it next to the dumpster. Then I shined it out into the street.

Frakkin’ raccoon.  It ran into the yard in one of the houses across the street.  It wasn’t even late, before daylight savings, it would have only been about six thirty.  No wonder Meeze was going into hiding early.  And now I’m 85% sure that’s what got Gilly. 

On a more pleasant note, Kitty came out for breakfast this morning.  Earliest he’s been out since the middle of last week.  It was nice to see him and nice to see him eating.

I guess we’ll start pulling up the food again at night.  Like we did before when the raccoons started crapping in the fountain.  Nasty, that was so nasty.

      Tuesday, March 16, 2010

07:46 AM - 03/16/2010

The topic: KittyMeezer

He came out of hiding yesterday and hung out on the driveway where I could get a better look at him.

He has a wound on his chest.  A wound?  Or a popped abscess?  I’m not sure, but whatever it is, it hit him hard.  He was fine last week when I put the A/D out (remember, I put it out for Gilly because he wasn’t looking too good?) and the next day, Gilly was hurt and Kitty had gone invisible.   So, whatever happened, happened that night.

I took him out A/D late yesterday afternoon, put it on the driveway and watched him eat. When he was done, I picked it up.  I brought it out to him a couple more times.  Then when it got dark outside, I pulled up all the food, wet and dry alike.  I went out a few times with the flashlight and he was always on the driveway, never went into hiding. 

This morning, he seems to be feeling better.  He’s holding his head up and it didn’t seem to be bobbling as much and his eyes look brighter.  He’s lost weight the past week, that’s obvious. 

I’ll keep a watch on him and hopefully, the improvement will continue. 

And I’ll pray for Gilligan.

      Wednesday, March 17, 2010

08:25 AM - 03/17/2010

The topic: Ponderance

So, we’ve had some reallly nice days this week.  In fact, we never shut the house up last night.  Slept with all the doors and windows open.  The heat came on this morning and Brian got up and turned it off. 

Right now, it’s 54° outside.  It’s about ten degrees warmer in the house.

Now, here’s my ponderance.  If it was 54° outside right now and I knew it wasn’t going to get over the mid-sixties today, I’d be freezing.  The house would be shut up and the heater would be running.

But I know today is going to be warm.  Probably up into the 80s.  So, I’m okay with socks, sweatpants and a long sleeved tee. I’m comfortable. 

So, why is that?  Why does the knowledge that it’s going to warm up a bit today keep me warmer right now than knowing it wouldn’t warm up much? Even though the outside temperature at this point is the same either way?

04:09 PM - 03/17/2010

The topic: One of the insurance adjusters

was here Monday morning. The injury adjuster.  Took my statement and talked about treatment. Gave him the info from the chiro and the cost (which we’ve already paid, we got a 10% savings).

He’ll be calling again in a couple of weeks to check on my progress.  He talked a little about pain and suffering. I asked about the mileage to the doctor’s office.  Normally, it wouldn’t even come up, but I remembered that our insurance went up the year my mom was in SNF.  Visiting her every day put miles on the car that wouldn’t have been there otherwise and it pushed our mileage to just over the limit for the bottom rate.  So, I wondered about this. And with gas being so expensive, the cost is going to add up.

He said they don’t cover that. But it could be added into “pain and suffering”.  Or, he said, “another way to look at it is payment for inconvenience”.  Yeah, buddy, you got that right.

I don’t like leaving the house. And now, I have to leave at least three times a week for five weeks, two times a week for four weeks and once a week for four weeks.  A lot more than the once a month I had to leave before.


I just want to lay on the sofa and sleep.  My lower back hurts today.  My left shoulder has ice on it right now. The doc said it’s residual pain.

I want to go walking again in the morning.  I hate not being able to do something active.  I asked today at the doc’s if it would be okay to ride the stationery bike. I was told it shouldn’t be a problem, but if it starts to hurt, to stop.

My head just gets so heavy.

And I miss my little car.  I miss her a lot.

I haz a sad.

      Friday, March 19, 2010

09:22 AM - 03/19/2010

The topic: I saw this on television earlier this week

And figured I’d post it here.  I’ve been going to Ustream to watch it, but I got tired of the chatter at the side.  Too many children posting trollish stuff, very annoying.

Molly is a barn owl here in San Diego county, she’s got eggs she’s sitting on.  Her husband, McGee, brings her food.  You know, rats, mice, rabbits….


Live video by Ustream

      Saturday, March 20, 2010

07:50 AM - 03/20/2010

The topic: KittyMeezer went invisible again

He disappeared yesterday afternoon.  He’d been hanging out on the driveway or the bank on the pine needles, snoozing in the sun.  He’d also been eating much better.

I haven’t seen him since.  But this morning around 4:30, Spot woke me up growling.  I got up, put on my robe, opened the sliding door for the cats to go into the backyard (as I’ve mentioned before, this gives them a chance to do some of the normal “nocturnal” stuff cats do), then grabbed a flashlight and went out front.  No Kitty, but definite raccoon pawprints.  It had been in the entry way (where there was no food, I’ve been pulling it up before nine every night), got a drink of water, then went onto the lawn, which was dewy and left pawprints on the sidewalk in front of the house.

Seriously, they looked like a child’s footprints.  They were that well formed.  But I saw no raccoon.

Nor did I see KittyMeezer.  I still haven’t seen him.

I’m wondering if he sensed the raccoon was around yesterday and went into hiding on the bank or was he feeling well enough that he went looking for Gilly. He’s that kind of cat, very supportive and caring.  I wish we would have brought him in when we got him fixed so long ago, but we didn’t.  He would have been a great pet cat, I think.

Anyway, I hope he shows up today.  I hate it when he’s not here in the morning.

      Tuesday, March 23, 2010

11:39 AM - 03/23/2010

The topic: Insurance update

As they say “it’s all over but the shouting”.  Heh.

No money. Not yet. Have not come to terms.

They finally called about the car last Thursday.  Called here at the house first, I said “you’ll need to speak with my husband on this” and gave him Brian’s cell number.  Brian was working and wasn’t in a position to carry on any long conversations at that point, so he waited until he came home.

I listened to his side of the discussion.  I think he might have made the insurance rep cry.  I’ve never heard him talk to anyone like that, except me.  bigsurprise

The guy wouldn’t let Brian talk. He wouldn’t listen to what Brian had to say.  But when the guy told Brian “well, we can probably waive the $2000.00 deduction…” I could actually hear the shit hit the fan.  “What do you mean ‘waive the deduction’?  It shouldn’t be going against our policy” he told the guy.  Agent was clueless.  “I’ll have to check into that.”

Then Brian mentioned a rental car.  You know, how much it costs for a rental.  He wants that.  We’re talking over fifty bucks a day.  Since the beginning of the month.  “I’ll have to check into that….”

Brian told the agent what he felt would make this right.  I heard what he told him.  The cost of a new car. 

Because we couldn’t buy a comparable used car to the one we lost. I know. I’ve looked. There isn’t one.  There’s no 2005 Ford Escape LTD, black on black, fully loaded, pristine condition, with less than 22,000 miles on it for sale in these United States.

California law states that when it’s the other guy’s fault, the insurer needs to get a car for the insured that is in as good or better condition.  There’s no used car out there like that. Brian wants a new car.

He was wondering yesterday if he should call them.  Since he hadn’t heard from them since Thursday.  I told him not to.  Don’t appear anxious. Like you’re willing to wait until they make an acceptable offer. That our backs are not against the wall. 

They called this morning.  Called the house.  I told him to call Brian.  So, Brian called me an hour later.  Okay, it’s going against the other guy’s insurance.  And they want invoices of all the work that had been done on the car.  Brian told me to pull it all and FAX it over to the insurance company.  Got it.

Then I start to think about where the files are.  I called Brian back.  “Aren’t some of the files in the shop up in the rafters?”  Because this girl can’t get them if they are.  And that’s exactly where they are.  I’ve got 2009 and 2008, but before that, he’ll have to get them.  But it’s nice to have a little time to get them together, because now we’ll be able to come up with things that we wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.  Like my way cool license plate frames that were custom made.  Top said “Don’t Litter” bottom said “spay or neuter your pets”.  Had one for the front and one for the back.  I found the invoice for that.  Forty bucks.

Can’t find my Tigger vinyl invoice, but that’s okay because I can make my own now. Same with the “Look, Honey!  A little Escape!” decal.

Brian called and asked if the car we wanted had a window sticker.  It does, online.  He said “print that out, we’ll send that, too”.

That will all go out tonight.

Then there’s my injury.  I’m getting really frustrated right now.  Because I can’t do anything. Just sitting here and typing this out, my mid back is starting to scream.

We had beautiful weather last week.  Eighty degrees, sunny, warm, dry…perfect for washing screens and windows.  Perfect for washing floors and waxing those that can be waxed. Because they’d dry quickly. And I couldn’t do it.  I laid on the bed yesterday afternoon and looked up at our nasty popcorn ceiling. It really needs to be vacuumed.  And I can’t vacuum the ceiling. Because of my back.  I can’t pull out my big mixers and make something cool.  Same with my breadmaker.

And I can’t make shirts.  The past six months I’ve found some really fun media to use on shirts and have come up with at least one really fun idea, one I haven’t seen available. And I can’t make them because I can’t use my heatpress.  Because it’s a clamshell model and I can close it, but I can’t open it when the transfer is finished.  I really wanted to get this stuff out there.  And I can’t.

Laundry….I’ve been putting the clean laundry in the extra room.  Last Sunday, I took it from there and dumped it on the bed and started folding and hanging stuff up. It took less than forty-five minutes.  I can’t believe how badly I was hurting when I was done.  I’m just hating this.

And going to the doctor?  I had been going once a month for maintenance. I’m going three times a week now.  I have to go three times a week for five weeks.  I hate being gone from home for something that’s not the most fun thing in the world (like a trip to Disneyland). If I needed to go shopping, I’d consolidate my trips.  Pet store, Walmart, CostCo. I can’t go shopping now. Unless it’s for something light weight. 

We haven’t been for a walk since the last week of February.  I miss my walks.  I do, I really do.  I want to get up and get dressed in the morning, put on my walking shoes and go out and walk our walk.  I like to do it, it clears out the cobwebs.  And I don’t dare because I know I’ll get tired and then what?

It sucks. 

At the doctor’s yesterday, I told him how frustrating it was.  He told me it takes the body at least ninety days to heal.  I felt like screaming. He then put his hand on my shoulder and looked me in the eyes. He said “you were in a very bad accident.  You could have died.  People in accidents like you had do die.  You’re very lucky.  Don’t forget that, take time to heal.”

Okay, okay, but there’s so much I want to be doing!  I’m not good at “taking it easy”.

I want it to be February 28th again and knowing what I know now, I want to leave a half hour later.  And I’ll have my health and my little Escape back in one piece.  That’s what I want.

      Tuesday, March 30, 2010

09:26 AM - 03/30/2010

The topic: I effed up my knee

So now, I’m not only bending over from the pain in my lower back, I can’t walk. I’m icing everything down.  I’m a hater right now.

Brian’s being really great.  He’s doing the litterboxes without complaint, this morning he made the bed, lots of little things that you don’t really think about until you can’t do them.  He’s picking it up.

His mom didn’t have her license renewed so she’s no longer driving.  I was supposed to be picking up the slack when my sister-in-law couldn’t do it (and she’s great about taking care of Marion), but the Mustang isn’t really appropriate or comfortable because it’s low, the Ranger is too high.  The Escape was perfect (one of the reasons we went with the Escape was because it was four door and would do well on the rare occasion we needed to take our mothers anywhere).  Well, his mom needed a ride to the beauty parlor today and she needs to do some grocery shopping. 

My SIL isn’t available so Brian’s taking his mom.  He took a book to read while waiting at the beauty shop.  He left early because he’s expecting a glass delivery at the shop and he needed to put notice out for the delivery driver.  He just walked in the door and I was thinking “hmm, why is he home so soon?”

He brought me donuts.  I haven’t had donuts in months. I was going to have donuts on my trip to Disneyland, but they ended up as food for the birdies and ants.  And one of them was my favorite, a chocolate cake donut with chocolate icing and peanut sprinkles on it.  He also got me a couple of filled donuts.  I’ll save those for later.

How incredibly sweet was that?  I’m smiling!

      Wednesday, March 31, 2010

07:12 PM - 03/31/2010

The topic: So the insurance company calls this afternoon

We’re hoping it’s about money. No, it’s about policy renewal.  Last month Brian had to go through all of our vehicles and write down the mileage.  The cost is based on mileage.  On the paperwork for the Escape, I put in the form “totalled” and a little sad face.

The agent says to Brian “I see here that the car was totalled?”  Brian responded that yes, it was totalled.  Did we have a new car that we’d like to put on the policy?  Uh, no, we’re still trying to come to a settlement with your company.

“Well, would you like to keep this policy in force?”


Seriously!  That’s what Brian was asked. 

(Come to think of it, they owe us money for coverage we’ve paid for but won’t get….)

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lisaviolet is sixty something, married with no kids, takes care of lots of cats, likes taking photographs, loves Southern California weather and spends altogether too much time avoiding her responsibilities.

In her spare time, she makes pretty things to sell in her store.

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