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      Wednesday, March 03, 2010

08:11 AM - 03/03/2010

The topic: I think the adrenaline has left the building


Because all I want to do right now is lay in bed under the covers and sleep. 

I’m achy all over, I’ve got chills, my head hurts and warm and sleepy sounds so inviting.  It hurts my back to sit up straight.

Oh, yeah, and I keep crying.  Not a lot.  But I just start to tear up and then they fall for a minute, then it’s over.  Until it happens again.  Maybe the enormity of the bullet I dodged is sinking in.  I dunno. 

But perky is certainly not a word that would be used to describe me today. When we get back from the chiro (lucky for me the work Brian was scheduled to do today isn’t happening since the people he was supposed to do the work for didn’t make it back to town) I might lay down and sleep.

You know, if you were really my friends and really loved me, you’d come to my house and read “Under the Dome” to me so I wouldn’t have to hold the heavy book myself.  And you’d “Fish NOW!” for me, so I didn’t have to move my arms.

You know.  If you really loved me.


I wish I could.  I hope you can take it easy and that you start to feel better soon.  I was pretty sad when they cut off my facebook at work, but the fish will wait for you.  Really, they will.  You poor baby, the “aftershock” is setting in.  I hope it won’t haunt you too badly.

By the way, I got here through the catfight forums, but it “redirected” me and told me to change my bookmark, so you might want to change it when you get a chance.

Posted by Critter @ Wednesday, March 03, 2010 - 12:51:12 PM

Dianne, you have handled all this so brilliantly. I would have been under the covers from day 1. I can just imagine all the cats rallying around, with all paws on deck, as that other lady called for. I am glad to know you are human, and that you are allowing your emotions to roll through this. Gentle hugs to you.

Posted by Carol @ Wednesday, March 03, 2010 - 4:50:31 PM

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