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      Monday, March 15, 2010

09:33 AM - 03/15/2010

The topic: So, last night


I keep looking out the little side window and shining the flashlight on the food.  I can’t help myself.  I have to see if any critter has been here to eat. 

The second time I opened the window, I heard something hit the gate.  Hmmm.

I unlocked the door and went outside to see what it might be.  I shined the flashlight under the vehicles. I shined it next to the dumpster. Then I shined it out into the street.

Frakkin’ raccoon.  It ran into the yard in one of the houses across the street.  It wasn’t even late, before daylight savings, it would have only been about six thirty.  No wonder Meeze was going into hiding early.  And now I’m 85% sure that’s what got Gilly. 

On a more pleasant note, Kitty came out for breakfast this morning.  Earliest he’s been out since the middle of last week.  It was nice to see him and nice to see him eating.

I guess we’ll start pulling up the food again at night.  Like we did before when the raccoons started crapping in the fountain.  Nasty, that was so nasty.

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