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      Sunday, March 14, 2010

11:28 AM - 03/14/2010

The topic: Thoughts on the outfronts


I haven’t seen Gilligan since Wednesday. 

I was able to get a better look at him that day.  And it looked like something had munched his face. Or had tried to. That’s the only way I can describe it.  This went beyond a simple URI.  And it came on too quickly for me to think “cancer”.   I think back to Pepper and what happened with her.  Just too quick.  

The last time I saw him, it was out front of our house.  I went outside to bring food and Sagwa slipped out the door.  He ran over to where Gilly was crouched, Gilly ran (walked) off and Sagwa realized he wasn’t where he thought he should be, ran back to the front door and cried to get in.  (He’s done this one more time, since, I don’t like this.  We’ll have to be really careful until he gets over it.)

Then there’s KittyMeeze.  He’s sticking around, but he’s not feeling well.  He came for breakfast yesterday morning, ate half a can of Friskies.  I watched him walk. He’s limping.  Didn’t eat anything else the rest of the day.  He didn’t come for dinner.  He spent the day on the bank.  And right at sunset, he went invisible.  Crawled under the juniper or the Bird of Paradise.  And as far as I can tell he didn’t come out all night. 

He finally came out about an hour ago. Came down for water.  I hadn’t put soft food out, as soon as I saw him I got some fixed, added water and heated it up, but by the time I was outside with it, he was back on the bank.  And then, he went invisible again.

I wonder if he’s up there alone or if Gilly is with him under the bushes.  I don’t dare go search because that will for sure scare any cat under there away.  I don’t want to do that.  KittyMeeze has always been very protective of a friend cat who was injured or ill.  All the times Kitty went missing and we’d eventually see him down at the corner house, because that’s where Gilligan stayed. 

I wonder what happened to Gilly.  I thought at first maybe it was a dog.  Assholes around here let their dogs run at night.  I don’t think it was a coyote, a coyote wouldn’t let the cat walk away.  Dogs just maim and kill. Coyotes want food. Then I started thinking maybe it was a raccoon.  I’ve posted before of the raccoons that come to eat and drink at night.  Maybe it was a raccoon. They can be mean sons of bitches.  I think they ate Little Bit’s first litter. 

I’ll never know for sure.

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