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      Wednesday, March 17, 2010

04:09 PM - 03/17/2010

The topic: One of the insurance adjusters


was here Monday morning. The injury adjuster.  Took my statement and talked about treatment. Gave him the info from the chiro and the cost (which we’ve already paid, we got a 10% savings).

He’ll be calling again in a couple of weeks to check on my progress.  He talked a little about pain and suffering. I asked about the mileage to the doctor’s office.  Normally, it wouldn’t even come up, but I remembered that our insurance went up the year my mom was in SNF.  Visiting her every day put miles on the car that wouldn’t have been there otherwise and it pushed our mileage to just over the limit for the bottom rate.  So, I wondered about this. And with gas being so expensive, the cost is going to add up.

He said they don’t cover that. But it could be added into “pain and suffering”.  Or, he said, “another way to look at it is payment for inconvenience”.  Yeah, buddy, you got that right.

I don’t like leaving the house. And now, I have to leave at least three times a week for five weeks, two times a week for four weeks and once a week for four weeks.  A lot more than the once a month I had to leave before.


I just want to lay on the sofa and sleep.  My lower back hurts today.  My left shoulder has ice on it right now. The doc said it’s residual pain.

I want to go walking again in the morning.  I hate not being able to do something active.  I asked today at the doc’s if it would be okay to ride the stationery bike. I was told it shouldn’t be a problem, but if it starts to hurt, to stop.

My head just gets so heavy.

And I miss my little car.  I miss her a lot.

I haz a sad.

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08:25 AM - 03/17/2010

The topic: Ponderance


So, we’ve had some reallly nice days this week.  In fact, we never shut the house up last night.  Slept with all the doors and windows open.  The heat came on this morning and Brian got up and turned it off. 

Right now, it’s 54° outside.  It’s about ten degrees warmer in the house.

Now, here’s my ponderance.  If it was 54° outside right now and I knew it wasn’t going to get over the mid-sixties today, I’d be freezing.  The house would be shut up and the heater would be running.

But I know today is going to be warm.  Probably up into the 80s.  So, I’m okay with socks, sweatpants and a long sleeved tee. I’m comfortable. 

So, why is that?  Why does the knowledge that it’s going to warm up a bit today keep me warmer right now than knowing it wouldn’t warm up much? Even though the outside temperature at this point is the same either way?

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