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      Tuesday, March 23, 2010

11:39 AM - 03/23/2010

The topic: Insurance update


As they say “it’s all over but the shouting”.  Heh.

No money. Not yet. Have not come to terms.

They finally called about the car last Thursday.  Called here at the house first, I said “you’ll need to speak with my husband on this” and gave him Brian’s cell number.  Brian was working and wasn’t in a position to carry on any long conversations at that point, so he waited until he came home.

I listened to his side of the discussion.  I think he might have made the insurance rep cry.  I’ve never heard him talk to anyone like that, except me.  bigsurprise

The guy wouldn’t let Brian talk. He wouldn’t listen to what Brian had to say.  But when the guy told Brian “well, we can probably waive the $2000.00 deduction…” I could actually hear the shit hit the fan.  “What do you mean ‘waive the deduction’?  It shouldn’t be going against our policy” he told the guy.  Agent was clueless.  “I’ll have to check into that.”

Then Brian mentioned a rental car.  You know, how much it costs for a rental.  He wants that.  We’re talking over fifty bucks a day.  Since the beginning of the month.  “I’ll have to check into that….”

Brian told the agent what he felt would make this right.  I heard what he told him.  The cost of a new car. 

Because we couldn’t buy a comparable used car to the one we lost. I know. I’ve looked. There isn’t one.  There’s no 2005 Ford Escape LTD, black on black, fully loaded, pristine condition, with less than 22,000 miles on it for sale in these United States.

California law states that when it’s the other guy’s fault, the insurer needs to get a car for the insured that is in as good or better condition.  There’s no used car out there like that. Brian wants a new car.

He was wondering yesterday if he should call them.  Since he hadn’t heard from them since Thursday.  I told him not to.  Don’t appear anxious. Like you’re willing to wait until they make an acceptable offer. That our backs are not against the wall. 

They called this morning.  Called the house.  I told him to call Brian.  So, Brian called me an hour later.  Okay, it’s going against the other guy’s insurance.  And they want invoices of all the work that had been done on the car.  Brian told me to pull it all and FAX it over to the insurance company.  Got it.

Then I start to think about where the files are.  I called Brian back.  “Aren’t some of the files in the shop up in the rafters?”  Because this girl can’t get them if they are.  And that’s exactly where they are.  I’ve got 2009 and 2008, but before that, he’ll have to get them.  But it’s nice to have a little time to get them together, because now we’ll be able to come up with things that we wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.  Like my way cool license plate frames that were custom made.  Top said “Don’t Litter” bottom said “spay or neuter your pets”.  Had one for the front and one for the back.  I found the invoice for that.  Forty bucks.

Can’t find my Tigger vinyl invoice, but that’s okay because I can make my own now. Same with the “Look, Honey!  A little Escape!” decal.

Brian called and asked if the car we wanted had a window sticker.  It does, online.  He said “print that out, we’ll send that, too”.

That will all go out tonight.

Then there’s my injury.  I’m getting really frustrated right now.  Because I can’t do anything. Just sitting here and typing this out, my mid back is starting to scream.

We had beautiful weather last week.  Eighty degrees, sunny, warm, dry…perfect for washing screens and windows.  Perfect for washing floors and waxing those that can be waxed. Because they’d dry quickly. And I couldn’t do it.  I laid on the bed yesterday afternoon and looked up at our nasty popcorn ceiling. It really needs to be vacuumed.  And I can’t vacuum the ceiling. Because of my back.  I can’t pull out my big mixers and make something cool.  Same with my breadmaker.

And I can’t make shirts.  The past six months I’ve found some really fun media to use on shirts and have come up with at least one really fun idea, one I haven’t seen available. And I can’t make them because I can’t use my heatpress.  Because it’s a clamshell model and I can close it, but I can’t open it when the transfer is finished.  I really wanted to get this stuff out there.  And I can’t.

Laundry….I’ve been putting the clean laundry in the extra room.  Last Sunday, I took it from there and dumped it on the bed and started folding and hanging stuff up. It took less than forty-five minutes.  I can’t believe how badly I was hurting when I was done.  I’m just hating this.

And going to the doctor?  I had been going once a month for maintenance. I’m going three times a week now.  I have to go three times a week for five weeks.  I hate being gone from home for something that’s not the most fun thing in the world (like a trip to Disneyland). If I needed to go shopping, I’d consolidate my trips.  Pet store, Walmart, CostCo. I can’t go shopping now. Unless it’s for something light weight. 

We haven’t been for a walk since the last week of February.  I miss my walks.  I do, I really do.  I want to get up and get dressed in the morning, put on my walking shoes and go out and walk our walk.  I like to do it, it clears out the cobwebs.  And I don’t dare because I know I’ll get tired and then what?

It sucks. 

At the doctor’s yesterday, I told him how frustrating it was.  He told me it takes the body at least ninety days to heal.  I felt like screaming. He then put his hand on my shoulder and looked me in the eyes. He said “you were in a very bad accident.  You could have died.  People in accidents like you had do die.  You’re very lucky.  Don’t forget that, take time to heal.”

Okay, okay, but there’s so much I want to be doing!  I’m not good at “taking it easy”.

I want it to be February 28th again and knowing what I know now, I want to leave a half hour later.  And I’ll have my health and my little Escape back in one piece.  That’s what I want.

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