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      Monday, March 01, 2010

06:36 PM - 03/01/2010

The topic: Went to the chiropractor


I have paperwork to fill out and take back with me Wednesday. Looks like I have to keep going back for a while, but insurance will be paying for it.

He took x-rays and did some testing.  I have some whiplash and there’s something out of whack in my lower back.  Maybe from when the car was rolling over.  Lots of soft tissue damage on my left side, probably from banging against the driver’s door as the car turned.

I had printed out the pictures, he was just amazed I walked away. 

He asked if I’d gone to any other doctor before coming to see him and I said “no”.  And that the only reason I wanted to see him is because of what he’d told me after I fell down the hill. I didn’t go in until our regular monthly visit and I was feeling pretty bad.  He said if I’d come in when I’d fallen, the problem wouldn’t have had a chance to get as bad as it did.  I kind of figured that would be the best thing to do.  I’m glad I did.  He was pleased I hadn’t gone to anyone else yet, he said “they’d do a lot of unneccesary stuff”.  And you know they’d charge for it, too.

He told me to up my calcium intake (and he said that taking the calcium before I left on the trip most likely helped me do as well as I did (calcium is a natural relaxant)) and ice down the parts that hurt the most.

Anyway, so that’s where it stands right now.  I have to do litterboxes, this should be fun since I can’t lift the bucket if it’s full. I’ll have to do lots of little half full buckets. 


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01:55 PM - 03/01/2010

The topic: So, one of the first things I do when I get out of the car…


was to call Jolene.  Because we’re the ones who were going to have the little get together at Disneyland. I told her “don’t go, don’t leave, I’m not coming….”  She’ll probably post more in the comments section, my mind is fuzzy on all that happened in that first hour, it was just so darned action packed.

I told her to call Disney and cancel the reservations.

This is what they did to her.  She calls to cancel.  “Well, it’s too late to do anything about it now, we’ll have to charge you for the first night.  You have to give us five days notice.”

“But she rolled her car on the way up!” 

“I’m sorry. Will you be staying here tonight?”

“No, she rolled her car.”

“Will you be here tomorrow?”

“She rolled her car!”

Jolene ended up being transferred to a supervisor (who she said sounded suspiciously like the person she’d already been speaking with) who told her to change the date of the reservations to sometime in the future, then they would accept the cancellation.

I cancelled it this morning.

Honestly, you just have to sit and shake your head at some of this stuff. I’m sure it happens that people call to cancel lying about the reason all the time. But gee whiz….adding insult to injury….

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