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      Sunday, March 07, 2010

05:14 PM - 03/07/2010

The topic: I’m beat


We went car shopping today. Not really shopping, more like looking at what was available.  I’m beat.  We went to two dealerships, a Lincoln/Mercury dealership and a Ford dealership. 

The Mariners are nice, but the white stitching on the black leather seats had me looking for a black Sharpie.  Seriously.  I was impressed with the audio system.  The back seat passenger seat was much smooshier (and more comfy, in my opinion) than the front seats.  And the back of the driver’s seat, when I put my body back, my head was pushed forward. Does that make any sense?  I don’t think it was designed for short people.  I really did like the audio system, six CD capability as well as a jack for an MP3 player.

Brian had already looked at the new Escapes and wasn’t happy with the leather that it came with. But since the leather in the Mariner wasn’t all that much to write home about, he figured maybe we could go look at Escapes and I could give my opinion on those.

We stopped at a Ford dealership on the way home and I liked the Escapes.  The salesman tried to steer us over to the Edge.  We have no idea why, we weren’t shopping for just any car, we were looking at Escapes.  But no harm in looking.  Gotta say I didn’t really care for it. My first thought was “geez, it’s short” when I was in the driver’s seat and looked at the headroom.  Brian’s hat was hitting the roof on the passenger’s side.  And I flashed on rolling over.  Nope.  I want more headroom. Besides, I think the car was ugly.  Not very stylish. Brian said later ‘it’s trendy’.  I’ve never considered myself trendy.  I want a car that has classic styling, not trendy.

So, we came home and we’ll most likely be going with a new Escape. 

Now, just how to pay for it.  There’s supposed to be discussion with the insurance next week. Brian will take care of that. 

But for the couple of hours we were out walking around, I can’t believe how bad I feel.  By the time we got to the car after looking at the Escapes (I had to sit down inside the showroom while the salesman went to look for brochures) I could barely hold my head up my neck was hurting so much. 

I fell asleep on the sofa last night for a couple of hours, watched the last hour and a half of Mean Girls, then went to bed and slept until after seven this morning. This is unheard of.  I rarely sleep past seven.

I’m hating this.  I hate being achy.  I miss my little car, too.  I was sad looking at the new ones.  Very sad.

I have been concerned about you and how you are feeling as after a major stress such as yours there are often many ‘aftershocks’ both physical and emotional.

I don’t have much advise other than, I do understand, and I hope that you are feeling better and not too shaken up for too long…. by that I mean that I hope that the aches and pains and aftershock all settle down and go away so that you are back to your ‘old’ self soon!

Take care,


Posted by Kerry @ Monday, March 08, 2010 - 6:41:11 AM

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