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      Monday, December 30, 2002

09:39 AM - 12/30/2002

The topic: Did ya miss me?


Well, let’s see how far I get with this today.  Yesterday I painted, then I worked on a scarf I’m crocheting for hubby to wear up at the property.  He requested two, one for him and one for his brother.  He said it’s cold around the neck.  I got one done Saturday night and am more than halfway through the one for Brian.  Nothing fancy, five rows of double crochet, then two rows of single crochet in a contrasting color, then five more rows of double crochet.  I’ll have the second one done by tonight.  I am watching a lot of movies.

The walls, ceiling and closet have all been painted in the bedroom.  Brian started on the tile floor Saturday and got quite a bit of it done.  All of the square tiles are in, all that is left are the edges.  He has to cut those.  He put the tile down at an angle, it’s diagonal across the room.  It’s more work for him, but it looks so much nicer.  I was hoping that the room would be finished by the end of next weekend, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen.  He really wants to get his truck finished, all that is left is for the motor to be put back in the truck.  And he’d also like to go up to Ranchita and do more trenching, seeing as how the recent rains have loosened the soil and he wants to take advantage of that.  I can’t blame him, but I’d really like to see the bedroom done.  The furniture is supposed to be here this week.

This leg of the remodel seems to be stressing the cats out more than the previous one.  Annie, especially.  Last week, someone posted about a new Feliway Plug In.  I went over to Valley Vet, did a search and came up with this.  I ordered three of them (I was only going to get two, but Brian said we should get two for the big part of the house, one for the bedroom) and three refills.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to scale back once they’ve been working for a couple of months.  I’d really like to see a drop in fighting and marking.  And I know it will help ease the stress of the remodel.  I do wish that Valley Vet had an affiliate program.  I’d save a lot of money on my purchases there.  *lol*

My domain host for lvdesigns.com put up a program for me on my email that I can have mail I don’t want bounce and get deleted before it ever reaches my mailbox.  I sure wish that my main provider, cox.net, offered something this good.  I’m seriously considering doing a series of filters and forwardings so that only mail sent from my website forms or from people on my okay list gets through.  Boy, wouldn’t that be nice?  Then I wouldn’t have to obsess with how I could enlarge my penis any longer.  And I wouldn’t wonder if CPS knows about those teenage sluts who are always inviting me to view them live on camera.  And I’d probably never know how many home refinancing or mortgage lenders I’d missed out on.  And let’s not forget the many opportunities gone to not become a millionaire at the online casinos.  Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I’m considering it.  Of course, I should probably have some sort of auto-responder, advising people that I probably didn’t see their email and to re-send message through the form.  Hmmm…this is sounding better each time I think about it.  I’ll have to check my options on my various websites to see what I can come up with. 

Thinking of Annie….she’s doing well on her Elavil, but I think there’s another problem in the making.  You know how I’ve complained of the cat pee under hubby’s side of the desk, shampooing the carpet over and over and still not getting any long lasting results.  Well, I came up with another idea.  To put down newspaper and just remove it as it’s peed on.  It seems Annie doesn’t like the newspaper and she’s not happy about using the litterbox to poop.  Because this morning,  I saw her leaving the litter box and she was dropping little dry poops.  *sigh*  I think she’s been holding it because she doesn’t like the newspaper.  But it smells so much better in here now that I can just replace the used paper (and it is getting used).  What to do, what to do.  I wish what worked for one, worked for all.  Hopefully, the Feliway plug in will help with some of this.

And DeeJay has been really, really hungry.  Crying for food, even reaching up and trying to grab stuff out of my hands.  It appears that yesterday, he ate something that didn’t set well with him, because he was very uncomfortable last night and this morning, I found loose stool in the laundry room and kitchen, right where he does it.  He also tossed up a small hairball.  I watched him outside when he pooped and there were about two drops of diarrhea.  I got the Immodium ready and gave it to him ten minutes after he came back inside.  Fortunately, he’s not dehydrated.  And right now, he’s resting comfortably.  I hope I caught the problem in time.

Saturday night, we had a bunch of ferals out front.  We had Angus and KittyMeeze and OC and SpotTee and RePete.  And we had the little black kitten with the white spot on the chest.  And I think we also had his mama.  A tortie, looking pregnant.  I put out extra food for them, once what we had out there had been eaten.  Last night, Brian doubled up on food and very little of it was eaten this morning.  And I haven’t seen OC today.  I did see KittyMeeze and SpotTee, but no OC.  My mom said she heard the coyotes last night behind her place (one of the places we go for our walks in the morning, so it’s not that far away).  I hope the cats are alright.  Brian’s big flatbed truck is back in the driveway and the Bronco is parked behind the Mustang.  I hope no stinking coyote is using this to ambush cats.  Gah, I hate coyotes, I really, really do.

Oh, here’s another plug, but not for something cat related, but website/image related.  I use Alchemy Mindworks GIF Construction Set for my animations.  I also have their calendar maker, the one I used for the calendar I made last week that turned out so nicely.  I have a couple more of their programs, one being The Graphic Workshop.  Well, they sent out an email alerting owners of that product about a new compression plugin.  I tried it out and was very happy with it. But it didn’t work on the internet because the technology is so new, that browsers don’t see the new extension.  Well, I’d already paid my $29.00 for it and I tried to get a refund.  No refund, but they sent me a different software and I love it! This is one of the images I redid using their software:


It’s only 28K!  Faster downloading!  And not so much of my alloted space will be used up.  I ended up upgrading to the software that allows batching, so I can redo all of the images on my website.  I did three directories and saved over 5megs of space.  The more I free up, the more images I can post.  If you’re interested in trying it out, go to pegasus imaging.  One thing, if you do decide to buy it, unless you’re only going to do one image at a time, get the full program.  If you upgrade at a later time, it costs $10 more than the full program, which has the batching option, to begin with.

Lucky has been more vocal than normal the past few weeks.  And she seems to be eating more.  I wonder if the cooler weather is affecting some of the kitties.  I know they eat more in winter than summer, but these guys really seem to be wanting lots more.  But she isn’t acting sick or anything, her eyes look good, she’s very lovable.

The other night Brian sat down on the loveseat next to Ciara.  He started petting her and she ended up biting him.  Not bad enough to break the skin, but bad enough that he yelled.  She got up and came over and laid next to me.  I kind of went over her body, pushing gently to see if I could get a similar reaction and there was none, she just rolled over and offered me her belly.  I asked him if he was petting her any place that she might be sore and he said he didn’t think he’d hit any sore spot.  Maybe she was just irritated with him for taking some of her space.

Here’s another rant from our trip to Disneyland.  And it’s about clothing on women.  Now, look, when I was young and in shape, I could wear a certain type of clothing.  Little shorts.  Little tops that barely reached the tops of my shorts, that you could glimpse my tummy when I turned this way or that.  But nothing blatant or in your face.  And the thing was, I had the shape for it.  Well, I swear, I can’t even believe how some heavyweight young women dress.  I just can’t believe they look in a mirror before they walk out the door, thinking “yeah, I look GOOD!”.  Make no mistake, I know I’m heavy.  I’m at least eighty pounds overweight.  I’m short.  And I would NEVER walk out the door looking like some of these women.  I honestly don’t see what’s attractive about rolls of fat hanging over tight pants.  You can see the fat because the shirt only comes to right below the boobs.  It just doesn’t look good!  It looks stupid and silly.  Or the see through shirt.  It’s bad enough if it’s loose, but when it’s tight, look out!  Now, like I said, I’m fat myself.  And it’s been years since I tucked in a shirt with a belt because of that fat roll thing. It doesn’t look attractive covered, why on earth would someone flaunt it?  “Hey, come on, Honey, don’t you just want to pinch this between your fingers?”  :puke Get a clue ladies, it’s not a “good thing”.  There are plenty of nice clothes now for us larger size ladies.  And they’ve got stylish plus sized clothing for the younger women.  Dress for your body style.  Please.  And about the hip huggers.  That’s another one of those items of clothing that only looks good on a certain type of body.  We saw some really attractive young ladies, but that little belly hanging over the belt didn’t look good.  You’ve got to have the body type to wear the clothes.  And I’m just so surprised that so many don’t. *sigh*  Speaking of nice clothes for larger sizes, I was just accepted as an affiliate for Blair.com.  Now, I have three affiliations for clothing for large people. 

Gotta go, we’re off to the chiropractor.

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