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      Sunday, December 15, 2002

07:40 AM - 12/15/2002

The topic: It might rain today


There is a 20% chance of rain today.  Starting tomorrow evening/night, there is a 70% chance for three days of measurable rain.  The last rain my rain gauge didn’t work, so Brian tested the gauge outside and it dumped like it was supposed to.  He wiggled the wires at the box inside and still nothing.  Then I played with the weather station itself and the water he’d put into the gauge showed up.  I hope it keeps working, but now I know it’s probably the weather station itself.  :(  That’s not good.

All of that carpet cleaning last week seems to have been for naught.  The cats are using the carpet even more than before, if that’s possible.  But yesterday Brian was taking the litterbox from the bedroom out to the garage and I said “why don’t you put that under your desk?”  Figuring they’re going there anyway.  Maybe if the box is there, they’ll use it instead.  I did see Mickey in it yesterday, but I don’t know if he’s one of the cats who was using the carpet.

DeeJay has been really good about taking his fluids this past week.  And I don’t know why I’m having such a problem with the shot in his left shoulder, but last night the needle went all the way through again.  It didn’t seem to bother him, he just kept eating.  He sure seems to be getting thinner again, although he is eating regularly.

Lisa, who is on the office cam right now, just started growling.  I believe she was having a nightmare.  She was breathing rapidly and her ears were twitching.  I petted her and got her to purr.  She’s sleeping again. 

Brian sprayed the ceiling in the bedroom yesterday.  He masked everything off, took down the ceiling fan and sprayed.  He was working in there pretty late yesterday evening.  Today I think he’s going to do the primer, which has to dry for sixteen hours for bad stains.  Well, there’s a real bad stain on the wall where the fish tank had been, so he’s going to let it dry for as long as it says. 

I think he wants to go up to the property today.  I don’t.  I want to work on my sofa covers.  I made a candle Friday and it’s horrible.  The sage scent I bought smells like lime, not sage.  I’ll have to find a different supplier.  I really like the sage scent from Susie’s Scents.

I watched “The Others” last night, kind of.  Quite different than “The Sixth Sense”.  “I see live people.”

OC is spending more of his days over here.  I hope that before too long, he spends all of his days here.  He’s gotten so that we can walk outside without him running and hiding.  Brian said that when OC is in the driveway, now OC will run to the yard when he sees someone coming, not back across the street.  He and KittyMeeze spend many afternoons curled up together on the bank.  I think they’d look fine curled up together on the bed.

The past few mornings I haven’t been able to find Lonee in the garage when I feed the cats the chicken.  I have no idea where she’s been hiding her little butt.  I’m thinking maybe under the sofa or loveseat in the television room because when I go back to look for her again, she’s there.  I’ve looked in the rafters, under the tarp that covers the boxes of tile, behind stuff, over stuff and no Lonee.  Last night after I locked up and had all of the kitties in, I double checked to make sure she was inside and she was.  This morning, she wasn’t hiding.  I get so worried when I can’t find her.

Looks like we’re both going up to the property.  Brian wants to buy a little water tank for the smaller animals.  They’ve not had a place to drink since he and Mark moved the big tank last month.  Gotta go get ready.  wavey

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