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      Wednesday, December 04, 2002

08:59 AM - 12/04/2002

The topic: Brian’s home!


Brian’s home!  He called last night at 7:30 and said he’d be home in about four hours.  So, I left the patio light on and he was home right at 11:30.  I was in bed and he came in and we were asleep within fifteen minutes.

Of course, I’m glad now, because the cats will have someone else to bother.  After the first few nights Brian was gone and they realized he wasn’t coming to bed, I’d have Boney on my pillow and Richie snuggled up against my neck and head.  Daniece would come over and snuggle, too.  Mickey would be behind my knees and I often woke up with Mystie laying on top of me.  Georgie would be at the foot of the bed and occasionally, there were other cats on the rest of the bed.  It was very difficult for me to get up if I had to pee.  There was a lot of complaining when I did.

After the shock of the price increase in the lactated ringers, the fluids for DeeJay, out of curiosity I went over to Valley Vet, the same place I buy my Feliway, the cheapest place I’ve found it.  I found the ringers and they were much more affordable.  $3.49 for one,  $2.99 each if you buy a dozen.  Of course, you need a prescription.  I was a little nervous about calling the vet’s office this morning and asking for one.  Fortunately Becky answered the phone and said that she didn’t see why there would be a problem, so she’s going to have him write one up for fluids and the needles.  She was a little surprised that the prices had gone up again.  I’m afraid if he keeps raising his prices, he’ll start losing customers.  He’s a great vet and fortunately, we can afford him, but many won’t be able to.  If he hadn’t raised these prices so much, I’d never have shopped around.  I told Brian how much they sell for online and told him I bet the vet got them for less than that.  Brian did the math and said “that’s a thousand percent markup”.

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Caller ID.  If you aren’t, this is what happens.  You have a little box hooked up to your phone.  The phone rings and the name and number of the caller (if they don’t have it blocked) shows up, so you know who’s calling.  Now, my dentist’s office calls a couple of days in advance of an appointment, to remind the patient of the upcoming visit.  So, I’m sitting here, wasting time on the internet again and the phone rings.  I see who the caller is, it’s the dentist, to remind me that I’ve got an appointment Thursday at 8:00.  I pick up the phone, say “yeah, yeah, I know, Thursday at 8, I’ll be there.”  Dead silence.  I start laughing.  The woman on the other end was a little thrown off, to say the least.  She’s got a list of numbers, her little script and things always go just so.  Hee hee…..  She obviously wasn’t familiar with Caller ID.  I explained how I knew it was her.  I bet I just made her whole day. 

Georgie spent the night outside.  I’ve mentioned before how he gets all wound up at night, so I let him out, thinking that Brian would see him when he got home.  He didn’t and I forgot all about him.  So, this morning, when I let the cats out, Georgie came in.  He ate.  He’s happy.  He’s sleeping on a dining room chair.

Yesterday I did get the floors vacuumed.  I found that the tool for the floor that came with the Shop Vac fits nicely on the Hoover and it was so much easier to use.  I need to get one for the Hoover.  Brian just told me he had one that he doesn’t use and I can have that one.  And when I mentioned our “WindTunnel” he started arguing with me, said “we don’t have a ‘WindTunnel’”.  Now, I use this machine.  I’m the one that empties the bag.  I’m the one who changes the attachments.  I’m the one who orders the accessories.  I would surely hope I would know if we have a ‘WindTunnel’ or not. He backed off when I had him look at the front of the machine.  And so it begins.  It was sure pleasant not arguing when he was gone.  He’s been out of bed for less than a half hour.  *sigh* I wish he would stop being so nitpicky.  And, you know, the fact that it’s a ‘WindTunnel’ isn’t even important to the point that the tool from the ShopVac fit.

And after I vacuumed, I cleaned out all of the litter boxes.  I’m glad I didn’t put it off.  The only thing I did after he let me know he was on his way was to empty out the dishwasher.

Have a great day, everyone!

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