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      Tuesday, December 03, 2002

01:09 PM - 12/03/2002

The topic: Ahh…one more day!


One more day until hubby gets home.  And lets review what I’ve done since he left.  Hmmm….ran the dishwasher twice.  Threw out three items of clothing in my closet (about a hundred to go, then there’s the old pointy toed shoes on the floor that need to be introduced to the dumpster…), cleaned my bathroom a couple of times, which you can’t tell this morning (I found two places where the cats have sprayed the mirror, just last night), did a laundry, which is still in the dryer…paid bills.  That’s about it.  I’ve done very little on the afghan, didn’t do anything about cleaning out my drawers and closet.  And I had such big hopes.  Yeah, right. 

I did finally get the fire going late Sunday afternoon.  I was so happy, it was wonderful.  Startled the cats with the popping of the bark, but the got used to it.  Chargers won in overtime.  They’re a half game in first place. Second place is the Raiders. And the Raiders are playing here next Sunday.  hotseat

My mom called last night.  She also called every day this weekend.  I can’t get a break from the damned telephone.  I know she was just checking to make sure I was alright.  But still.  I hate the phone.  And I know if I hadn’t picked up, she would have become worried.  What can you do? banana She asked me Sunday if I wanted to go shopping Monday.  I think her feelings were hurt when my “No!” came so quickly.  I didn’t even have to think about it.  It wasn’t anything about her, I just hate going shopping, as I’m sure long time readers of this diary would know.  And it’s bad enough shopping alone, but to go with someone?  Ack!  I don’t like looking for clothes for me, I most certainly don’t like looking at clothes for someone else (except Brian and he’s really easy to shop for; flannel shirts and Levi’s).  And this time of the year?  I don’t think so.  Too many people, too much traffic, not for me.  I had asked her before Brian left if she’d like to go see a movie and she said that the theater is too loud for her liking (I took her to see A Beautiful Mind earlier this year).

One of hubby’s cousin’s called yesterday, back in town, starting back up in business, the same business hubby is in.  They were partners years ago (something everybody who knew the two of them advised Brian against, it was a lesson learned) and split up in less than a year.  He asked me about one of Brian’s employees, this guy had put in his references that Brian was his current employer and mentioned a big hotel job they’d recently done.  That Brian had enough work for him through the end of the year.  Huh?  I told the cousin that somebody was lying to him.  Nobody by that name worked for Brian, just Mark, nobody has worked for Brian since he let his two employees go back in ‘93.  Mark is the only one who’s worked for him since.  And Dale knows darned well that Brian doesn’t work on hotels.  Only storefront (and none of that in years) and residential homes.  I bet the guy who was applying for the job had no idea that Brian and Dale are related.  Heh.  If you put down references, you should really make sure you don’t lie, especially about your “current employer”.  I told Brian about it last night and he didn’t recognize the guy’s name at all. 

Mystie went after Angel Sunday night.  Poor little Angel.  She’s so quiet and spends her days in the rafters and nights in the bedroom window. I told Mystie I wasn’t happy with her.  It took me over fifteen minutes to get lil Angel calmed down.  There’s still fur in the bathroom, which I have to clean.

Speaking of cleaning, I really should clean again today.  Dust, vacuum and wash the floors again.  It sure doesn’t take long, even when I think I’m keeping on top of it.  Little pieces of cat food, carpeting from the scratching posts, balls of fur, cat puke, if it’s cat related, you can bet it’s somewhere in this house right now needing to be cleaned.  I’ll probably get started this afternoon.  I have a couple of more pages to add to the declaw section, then I’ll start on the house. After I finish this entry, of course, and we all know how that can take almost the entire day. sick

I had to get more fluids for Deej yesterday and the vet had raised the price from $20.00 to $28.00. That’s a pretty big jump. When I told hubby last night, he asked if there was any place else I could get them.  I don’t know, I’ll have to check around.

I’ve started walking again.  Yesterday morning, when I went outside I saw the moon with either a star or a planet very close to it, very clear, even though the sun was coming up and I had to take a picture of it. 


I’m really proud of myself for walking.  It’s good that I do this because, besides the bounce in my step, there’s a major bounce in my belly.  Who do I think I’m kidding that I don’t need to do something soon?  Nobody but me, I guess.  I sure wish, though, there was a quickfix.  Something to tell that munch center of my brain to shut up, quit bugging me. 

Last night, I caught Opie and Daniece smurgling on the loveseat:



Ain’t that sweet?

Well, I’ve got a load in the laundry and I’d best run the vacuum and Floormate before all the cats have to stay in.  I sure wish Autumn would catch on to the cat door, I feel so badly that she can’t go out.  But she’s got to learn.  If she’d let me hold her, I could show her how to do it, but she just runs from me.  The feral in her, I guess.

I made a few changes with the diary.  Now, it only saves four entries before going to archive and I added the back, next and index buttons, which show up on the archived pages. They’re at the top of the page now, instead of the bottom.  I missed my buttons. 

That’s all for now, folks

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