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      Sunday, December 01, 2002

02:54 PM - 12/01/2002

The topic: It’s COLD!


Boy, it is really cold.  Well, for southern California, it’s really cold.  It’s only 56? right now and it’s after ten ayem.  Oh, look, an hour later and now it’s 63?.  Wow, this keeps up, I’ll be so hot I’ll have to go swimming later.

I did something this morning that I’ve never done before in my life.  I went into a sit down restaurant and ordered food.  I was alone.  I’m close to fifty years old and this was a first.  I’ve sat down in fast food places, but this was IHOP.  I brought the morning paper and it was really kind of nice, sitting there next to the window, sun shining in, sipping coffee reading the Parade and eating my breakfast.  It wasn’t as horrifying as I always thought it would be.

Some bad news yesterday.  Remember the Ranch Wagon? The one we got back in October 2000?  The man who sold it to us had been sick for a while, liver problems.  He passed away yesterday.  Mom had talked to him just two days previous and when the phone rang, she saw his name on the caller ID and she answered all cheery.  And it wasn’t him, it was his ex-wife, who has taken care of him through his sickness.  She gave mom the sad news.  Say a little farewell to Joe.  He was a really sweet man.

I was up pretty late last night working on the Sunsets page.  The first thing I did was the new background.  I like it when I can get them to look seamless.  Then I uncluttered the page, removing the music.  For some reason, I’ve been removing music from my pages.  I’ll never remove it on the opening page, though.  I’ll probably never redo the opening page.  I like it too much.

DeeJay is surprising the heck out of me.  He’s actually started putting on weight, the scales this morning almost hit eight pounds, but settled at 7/13.  That’s up over six ounces from last week.  And it would appear as if his appetite has returned.  I hope this keeps up, it’s nice to see him hungry.  I know he likes the turkey and it doesn’t have any additives that would upset his tummy. Maybe starting to eat more jump started his appetite as a whole.  I surely hope so.

Boney does not want the kidney diet today.  He’ll eat a little, then start yowwing at me.  I gave DeeJay some of the food I feed the out fronts and he really liked it.  Well, Boney got some, too and now that’s all he wants.  *sigh*

I’ve been trying to get a fire going for the past hour.  I’m no good at it.  I don’t have any kindling, I think is the problem.  I’m going to run out of newspaper before too long.  A fire would be so nice right now.

I think Brian is really missing the old homestead right now.  He told me last night about a neighbor cat that he picked up and loved.  He said “I knew he wasn’t feral because he talked to me”.  Usually feral cats don’t talk.  You’ll only hear them when they’re fighting or having sex, or when a queen is calling to her kittens.  Feral cats interact the way nature intended, by body language. 

Some moron sent me a message via the declaw story form, yapping about how she doesn’t care about the furniture, but she does about her children.  So, against my better judgement, I sent her a link to My Two Cents which addresses children, cats and claws, no commentary, just the link,  but the coward sent a bogus email address.  So, I searched, found her ISP number and if she comes back, her little butt will be redirected to the Bonsai Kitten site (which had many people outraged, but “Bonsai Kitten” isn’t real, it’s a hoax and a satire on people altering animals to fit their lifestyles).  Gawd, people can be such jerks. And I added the link to the form page, just in case somebody else gets the same urge she had.

I finally got my letters to Disneyland done yesterday, but they didn’t get out in the mail.  It took me long enough.  I hope that some good comes of the one complaining about the men saving places (If you missed it, check out my 10-17-02 trip report).  That just ain’t right.  The only attraction that isn’t cleared after each cycle is the train.  Can you imagine refusing to get off of the Matterhorn or Space Mountain?  I’m sure security would be called toot sweet. :mickey

Well, going in to the half, Chargers are ahead of Denver by seven.  I hope they can keep it up in the last half, I hope they don’t bend over like they did last week.  But Denver has a great on the road record.  This is going to be interesting.

Well, I guess that’s it for today. It’s pretty quiet around here today.  Cats are all napping, some outside, some inside.  Dog is stretched out on the patio.  The sun is shining and my solar rainbow maker is slowly turning on the office window, sending rainbows around the room.  Have a great day!

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