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      Thursday, December 26, 2002

09:57 AM - 12/26/2002

The topic: Well, it was a good day.


We had a good couple of days.  Dinner at my mom’s was great and we did the gift exchange.  Well, actually, I gave mom her presents and she gave Brian and me envelopes with cards and cash inside.  Brian also got a package to unwrap.  Brian really likes hot dogs and sometimes he’ll put hot dog buns on top of the toaster to heat them up.  Well, back in August, at the website for The Lighter Side (one of my affiliations) I saw a machine that would cook two hot dogs and toast two buns at the same time.  It’s called a “Hot Diggety Dogger”.  So, I bought it and gave it to him at my mom’s.  I have to say that it was kind of sad this year when I didn’t have one thing to unwrap for myself.  It just doesn’t seem like Christmas, ya know?  Anyway, after we left my mom’s we went up a couple of streets and checked out the lights.  Surprisingly, there weren’t as many as we thought there would be (hey, we haven’t put up lights since we go the new roof; I don’t know why we expect other people to have them up when we don’t).  Now, there is one thing that people put up at Christmas that annoys me to no end.  I’m thinking “don’t they get what Christmas is all about?”  We saw one on our way home last night and I took a picture of it.



Yep.  A cross.  A cross on Christmas just drives me nuts!  Now, I’m not a highly religious person, I don’t do church, I don’t do any type of organized worship. But I was baptised and confirmed Catholic.  And I know a little about some of the religious holidays.  And I know that Christmas celebrates Christ’s birth, not Christ’s resurrection from the dead after being crucified on a CROSS.  That’s Easter.  Put your lit crosses up on Easter, people, and put up stars on Christmas.  Christ didn’t rise from the dead on Christmas.  That’s Easter!  It just really annoys me.  Now, if it’s just because people are to lazy to build a decent star, then don’t put up anything. 

Anyway, it was a really good day yesterday, crosses aside.  We fed Junior, then went by Brian’s mom’s house and dropped off her gift and hung around while she opened it.  She was really pleased, even started to cry a little.  Sometimes I feel really bad for her, because of some of the family problems that are ongoing, things which she has absolutely no control over.  She should be having an easy time right now, but she’s not.  I jokingly asked her if she’d like to come with us and for a minute, I thought she was going to say “yes”. 

We came back home and gave Junior his shot.  Then I gathered up some CDs for the trip and Brian uncovered the car.  On the way up, I found out the CD player isn’t working again.  The second time this year.  It’s not like we’re wearing it out, I don’t think the car has been driven in six months.  I was pretty ticked off about that.  On the way up, we had a discussion of why I don’t like going in the car anywhere.  My view is it’s a convertible.  Convertibles have tops that can be put down and unless it’s raining, that’s where they belong.  Brian doesn’t like to put the top down because his head gets too hot.  So, what’s the point in driving around in a convertible?  Huh?  There is none. 

We got to Disneyland around eleven/eleven thirty.  First park we went to was DCA.  It was pretty nice, not too busy.  We went on the SunWheel, then I said I’d like to go over to Disneyland.  We’d parked in the lot by the parks and I kind of figured if we could park there, then the parks weren’t all that busy.  Boy, was I wrong.  Disneyland was a zoo!  We went into a couple of the stores, because with our passport renewal we’d each received a coupon for 20% off.  I saw a couple of things I liked, but nothing I really wanted to buy.  Now, we had discussed driving home with the top down and I wanted a hat to wear.  We went over to Fantasyland and the lines were really long.  We ended up back on Main Street, at the Emporium where I picked out a Tigger Santa hat, gloves for the ride home and a Tigger teeshirt.  I was looking at the sweatshirts but Brian pointed out I had plenty of those, I should get a teeshirt.  So, I did.  It’s embroidered.  I like it.  I told hubby maybe I’ll start collection Tigger clothing.  From there, we went back over to DCA and went over to Burrbank for the second time that day.  Brian got a sundae, I got a two scoop dipped waffle cone.  Then we sat at tables and watched people.  It was much more relaxed at DCA.  One of the things they had was a sand sculptor working.  This is so Southern California in December.



I took a couple of pictures and I’ll have them up on my latest Disney trip report.  I should have that done by the weekend.

Anyway, from there we went on Soarin’ Over California, which we’d gotten fastpasses for earlier.  Then we headed out to the car.  We put the top down, got the little lap blankets from the trunk I’d crocheted when we first got the car, put the new little antenna knob on the antenna (the Mickey ears antenna with a little red ball for a nose and antlers by the ears) and started on home. 



If you look very, very closely, you can kind of see the antenna knob.  In the background on the left, you can see the MaliBoomer and the SunWheel at DCA’s Paradise Pier.  Brian still had his hat on, but he put it behind my seat for the ride home and put on a baseball hat.  Once we got on the freeway, I was very glad I had the gloves, the hat and the lap blanket.  And before too long, Brian had the other blanket over his lap.  He drove using his left hand, his right hand was under the blanket, because it was downright cold.  The cold air came between the two seats, hitting my left arm and his right.  We’ll know to have jackets in the car for the next time.  We drove with the top down for about a hundred miles, then pulled over at the Escondido High School and put it up.  I took all of my stuff from the trunk so that I wouldn’t be futzing around when we got home, disturbing the ferals.  The fresh air felt good on the face, but our arms just got too darned cold. 

When we got home, Brian fed the out fronts while I fed Junior, then I fed the insides.  They were pretty happy to see us home and getting them in wasn’t real tough, since we didn’t lock them in when we left.  They had all day to play.  It was nice to be home, but overall, it was a wonderful Christmas day.

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