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      Thursday, December 12, 2002

01:22 PM - 12/12/2002

The topic: Stupid, stupid, stupid people…


By now I’m sure everyone knows how horrible I think declawing is.  I’ve been posting about it on various boards for years now.  Well, every once in a while somebody who sees nothing wrong with it says something really, really stupid, makes some really idiotic analogy.  Here’s the latest posted at the AcmePet Cat’s Window by some twit by the name of Shannon:

“Leah, I think these people maybe could be a little nicer…..to people who might have different opinions….than their own. You do what you feel is best….there is nothing wrong with declawing and there isn’t any thing wrong with NOT de-clawing….it is totally up to you. My advice would be .....ask your vet…if he/she thinks it will KILL or Harm then I think the vets in american WOULDNT DO IT. And also ...i know of a few vets that won’t but it’s not because of the danger….it is they just don’t do it. And for all of you that say IT IS DANGEROUS…HAVEING A BABY COULD KILL YOU TO ...SHOULD WE STOP HAVING THEM. Any time you are put under….there is a chance something could go wrong.”

Comparing having a child with mutilating a cat?  I hope her head doesn’t explode from all of that knowledge she’s carrying around in there.  Man, what a deep thinker.  Gawd, I certainly hope she doesn’t have children, I don’t think she has much to add to the family gene pool.

So, what’s new around here.  Hmm..  Well, I added cat pictures to the catcam page.  So that people will know which kitty is in the chair.  And I also added a new page, reprinted with permission.  Sharon Talbert’s Finding a Lost Cat.  It’s a very good article if your cat ever goes missing.

When I get done with this entry, I’m going to vacuum and shampoo the carpet in here.  It’s absolutely unbearable.

DeeJay had a couple of bad days earlier this week.  Tuesday night he puked big time in bed.  He rested yesterday and is doing a little better today.  It scares me so much when this happens.  His tummy has been gurgling like crazy, but I don’t think he has the runs.  At least, he’s leaving them in the dirt or the litter box and none has been on him.

All the cats with the exception of Lonee, Red and Jackie, have been treated with Advantage.  I’m going to give those three Program in food.  And this past weekend, I brought the big feeder in to the house.  I want Lonee to be comfortable back inside.  Since we put the food out in the garage, she never comes in. (We moved it there when we tore down the old entertainment center.)  She’s getting really big, too.  She hasn’t ventured in that I know of, though.  She is getting food since I do their dinner out there.  And I share the chicken, too.  She’s very talky in the morning when I bring it out. 

The smell’s too bad in here, I have to shampoo right now.  Maybe I’ll add more later.

later…  I’m back!  I’m back! I’mbacki’mbacki’mback!  Did ya miss me?  Huh?  The carpet is done, smells more better.  Way more better.  The carpeting was absolutely soaked under Brian’s desk.  No wonder it smelled so bad and strong in here. 


A few years back, I think it was 1999, I had to send a really cool Mickey Mouse watch back to the manufacturer because it didn’t work right.  Well, they no longer made the watch, so it couldn’t be replaced and they don’t fix them.  I was pretty disappointed, but they said since it was under warranty, that I could find one I liked and let them know the number.  Well, I never found anything that really grabbed me and just pushed it to the back of my mind.  Then mid November, I found the paper with the information on it and figured I’d give them a call and see if the offer was still there.  It was!  And since they don’t have watches for $75.00 any longer, I could go ahead and find two that I liked, give them the number and if they had them in stock, they’d ship them out.  I made a list and the one I liked the best, a two toned number wasn’t available, but I got a gold toned watch and a silver toned watch.  They got here today and they’re beautiful! 



If you want to see them larger, go to Disney Watches.  How cool.

And more great Disney news.  I got a response to my letter about the fools at Fantasmic.

“As you know, it is our goal that all of our Guests leave the Resort with lasting memories. We strive to exceed the expectations of our Guests each and every time. We never take for granted that our Guests may visit the Resort many times throughout their lives, or perhaps, only once. We take a great deal of pride in the entertainment offerings and our Guest Show Operations Cast takes strides to ensure our Guests are accommodated. Your comments have already been routed to the necessary members of our Attractions and Entertainment Divisions so they will be aware of them.”

They went on to let us know that we also had six seats for the semi private reserved seating for a show of our choice.  That would be Fantasmic, I’m sure.  I think these usually go for forty dollars each.  Wow!

I also changed the blankets and stuff for the cats here in the office.  They like clean things.  (Then why do the piss on them? huh?  can ya answer me that?)

I noticed yesterday morning that the raccoons are back.  A big mess in the entry way next to the fountain.  I don’t mind these guys bathing out there, but I wish they’d clean up after themselves.

Welp, that’s if for today, folks.  Hubby is home and it’s primetime Thursday, NBC all new!  Must see tv.

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