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      Monday, April 19, 2010

07:14 AM - 04/19/2010

The topic: Tired of doing nothing


Last Friday I started on finishing a website I started last year for Brian’s brother.  Did I ever mention he sells windmills?  Anyway, last year he said if I made him a website, he’d pay me a commission on every mill sold via that site.  Okay, sounded pretty good.  I got the domain ordered and paid for, I set it up and made two pages last September.  Then I needed more information from him, which took a while to get. 

He’s busy.  I’m not.  *lol*

Anyway, I’ve had the needed information for a while now and, as I said, I started on finishing up what I had last Friday.  And I found this out.

I hate coding tables.  I kind of cheat, I use Netscape Composer (remember Netscape?) for the basic table configuration, the copy that code over into Globalscape’s CuteHTML (editing software) program.  Then I plopped it into CoffeeCup Software’s Visual Site Designer.It wasn’t exactly what I wanted it to look like, but it was better than doing it in Paint Shop Pro and making a graphic.  Then, Saturday, I found an awesome websitewith information on coding tables.  There were things like COLSPAN (which I knew about) and ROWSPAN (which I did not).  And now I know what cellPADDING is and what cellSPACING does.  Once I got the basic table down, I did some more searching and found out how to use style to make the font and color and size just the way I wanted it.  I found all this information late Saturday, so yesterday,  I did this with the second table, liked it so much (because it looked so much cleaner than my original), I redid the original.

I plopped it into VSD and used the preview function.  Nice, really, really nice.  I won’t mind having my name associated with this site.  Then I uploaded it to the internet.  I looked at it in Internet Explorer.  Oh, it’s perfect! Then I looked at it in Google’s Chrome.  Still looking good. Then I went into FireFox.  What? What? What happened to my beeeeyoooteeful tables?  The bottom one overlapped the top one!  The font was all wrong. Things weren’t lining up as they should!  I was devastated!  It was awful! 

I tried changing where the tables were, but when the positioning was right in FireFox, they were miles apart in IE and Chrome.  I did some more research and found that FireFox is very unforgiving in coding. But I coded the tables, my software coded the positioning!  Many forum posts advised using an html validator to find the mistakes and fix them.  So you know what I did?

I did a preview of the webpage in my VSD.  I used a screen capture program to capture the table.  I saved it from there as a bmp image. I used Paint Shop Pro to clean up the edges, then I saved it as a png image.  Then, I deleted the table code from the webpage and inserted the table graphic. And I uploaded it to the internet.  And I looked at it in IE, FF and GC. And it was all good.

If you’d like to see my work (yeah, you see it here all the time) check out Breezy Windmill and Equipment Company. There will be more to come as I get it and the title should be a special font, I have to figure out how to make that work. (Another offering of Coffeecup.com.)

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