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      Tuesday, April 06, 2010

09:57 AM - 04/06/2010

The topic: Then there’s the insurance….


Brian’s dealing with the car agent, I’m dealing with the injury agent.

The last we saw of Brian, the first agent made an offer, it wasn’t accepted. That agent said “fax over your maintenence invoices and we’ll see what we can do”.  What they did was raise the offer a thousand dollars because the car was well taken care of.  Still not enough.  Brian left messages for the supervisor, it took almost a week before they spoke.  The offer then was “we can have an appraiser actually LOOK at your vehicle and make adjustments if they’re warranted”.  Brian doesn’t know how looking at a totalled car will be of any help, but he was told it’s doable.  And from the forms that we’d gotten after he rejected the first two offers, there were comments of “minor body wear” “minor interior wear”...figure we probably took people in the back seat no more than ten times in the whole time we had the car and when people weren’t there, we had towels in the backseat to protect it. Like for when I took the cats to the vet.  The interior was like new.

So, that should be done some time this week.

Then the injury agent calls last Friday and we talk. He wants to make an offer. He stresses how inexpensive the treatment is. (That’s not because the chiro is a quack, it’s because he’s reasonable, Brian’s been seeing him since high school.)  Hmmm….  Only a month and a half in, the chiro told me it takes the body ninety days to heal….  I have a feeling the offer is going to be reeeeaaaal low.  When I went in for my appointment yesterday, I discussed this with the doc.  He said usually the insurance company takes what the doctor is charging and doubles that.  That would be less than four thousand dollars, total.  For my back.

That’s not acceptable.  At all. 

Sure, I don’t have much of a life, but that makes the few things I do even more important to me.  I can’t clean properly (the ceiling needs to be vacuumed, the floors need to be washed, the screens need to be taken out and scrubbed, the windows need to be washed, the floors that can be waxed, need to be waxed).  I’m not driving anywhere.  Don’t have a car I feel safe in.  I’m a nervous wreck in traffic.  My back still hurts. 

Then there’s that kink in my spine.  It wasn’t there before the accident.  It’s there now.  Is that going to go away?  Will it cause problems down the road?  I’m no spring chicken and older people do not recover as quickly as younger people.  The doc said if they want a deposition, he’ll say that there’s a chance it will never be normal, that there’s a possibility I’ll have more problems with it as time goes by.

I can’t imagine I’ll accept the offer I get this week.  It’s a good thing our backs aren’t to the wall.

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09:42 AM - 04/06/2010

The topic: It’s starting off as one of those “I’m gonna scream!” days…


First there was Brian and the piss smell (1. the litterboxes NEED to have the litter topped off to refresh the litter on a regular basis and 2. the areas where the cats spray/pee NEED to be cleaned on a regular basis, neither of which is getting done).  Then the stupid Fish Wrangler is burping badly and I keep getting white pages and I’m not thrilled about that.

And after my cleaning this morning (see item #2 in the first paragraph) my back is hurting. Then the frikkin’ allergies kick in, I start sneezing and I’m having one of those bladder days when I keep feeling like I have to pee, but can’t.  Until I start sneezing.


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