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      Sunday, April 11, 2010

03:08 PM - 04/11/2010

The topic: I hope I don’t regret this tomorrow


But I just couldn’t stand it any longer.

I haven’t used the big vacuum on the house since February.  The cats are shedding like crazy.  The little Electrolux only runs for fifteen minutes at a time. It does an awesome job, but it was time to get out the big guns.

I vacuumed everywhere and it was good.  Well, not the ceilings, which really need to be done, but I did lots of places that the wireless vacuum can’t get, like the cat trees.

Much nicer.  My back isn’t happy right now, will probably be even less pleased tomorrow. 

Oh, well, it had to be done.

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12:44 PM - 04/11/2010

The topic: So, all day long


I check and watch for KittyMeeze.   At least twice an hour I was outside looking around, calling him.   Nothing. The food I’d put out in the morning was untouched except for a lizard (which was pretty cute, the lizard on the side of the paper bowl with it’s head in the food). 

After Jolene and I finished our quest on Fish Wrangler around 8:45 last night, Brian and I shut down our computers for the day.  We were watching “Quantum of Solace” on Showtime and I figured we’d just leave the food out until we went to bed.  You know, just in case.

At 9:30 I looked out and there he was, eating.  Yay! 

And he’s been here all day today, almost finished his first can of Friskies.

Lord, it’s nice to see him.  He must have run and hidden somewhere because of the dogs and didn’t feel safe to come back out until evening.  He doesn’t seem to have an obvious trauma, so wherever he was, it wasn’t a bad place to be for him.  He’s up on the bank and stretched out in the sun.  Where he likes to be.

Good kitty, Kitty.

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