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      Saturday, September 01, 2018

mrs. crankypants
08:16 AM - 09/01/2018

The topic: It’s a good day to throw a tantrum

Waiting for the Xanax to kick in.

Last month, Brian was notified by his cylinder supplier, the base of what he makes, that for all new orders, there would be a 25% tariff.

We can't absorb that cost, so for the first time in almost two years, we're raising prices for new orders. My job is to fix the website. Brian printed out webpages and made changes on those and that's what I'm working from. Paper. Spread out on my desk. My work area is about 24" wide and 22" deep. I have my keyboard which is six and a half inches deep. This leaves me with just about enough room for the papers. Not much else.

I'm cramped over here. I have the FAX machine on my half of the desk (the desk is a large sheet of thick tempered glass, runs from one wall to the other. I have most of Brian's computer on my side. I've mentioned moving the FAX machine "Oh, don't do that!" After this morning's tantrum, I feel there will be some office machinery in different places before too long. Maybe the cats will lose some of their resting places, but these tight working conditions are making me nuttier than I already feel.

I made the changes to the pricing on the website without too many problems. On one page the dropdown menu goes behind some text, this isn't right, but I honestly don't feel any big push to look it up and figure out what I'm doing wrong. In the grand scheme of things, this is in the "screw it" column. (I have crafting projects calling my name....glitter! glue! paper! beads! ribbon! .....I can hear them, pulling me to shut down this computer and go play in the other room.)

So, one of the things I need to get changed is the actual pricing list page. The way I do this is render it in Microsoft Word, then screen capture it in sections and then put it together in a graphics program.

I couldn't get the old files to open up. "Word no longer supports...blah..blah...blah; if you save your work, you'll lose it all".


I finally realized I could just open up one of the previous html files I had in Word and change the numbers accordingly. Save as an html file, upload to the internet, do a couple of screen captures from there and then I have what I need.

But before that realization, came cats crawling all over my desk. Sure, Brian's right next to me, not a cat near him. But over here? Four. Sagwa decides he wants to sleep where I have my paperwork.

Bobby keeps rubbing against everything. He knocks my little speaker over. Rachel wants to be smurgled and loved. Lorelei is reaching over to the back of my chair and pulling on it, climbing over.

Brian helped out, got some of them out of my way, but then Sagwa started back up  from the floor and I ripped off my reading glasses, threw them at the computer, pushed my chair back and started tearing at my hair, I was so frustrated. I was seriously tearing at my hair. I stomped out of the room. But not before shoving the new printer. Luckily, I didn't shove it hard enough for it to fall off of the stand. At this point my frustration level was pretty darned high.

Hung out in the entry way, took a bunch of deep breaths, cursed the cats and am now back at work.

And with any luck (and no interruptions) I'll be done in less than an hour.

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      Tuesday, September 11, 2018

11:00 AM - 09/11/2018

The topic: Cats be getting old

Last month, during one of those really hot days, it was a Saturday, if I remember rightly, Opie laid in the sun.

It was a really hot day. It was a hot day in the shade. It was a hotter day in the sun.

Opie just laid there, stretched out. Panting. Open mouth panting. Heatstroke on the way.

I grabbed him up and brought him in the cooler house. I took him into my bathroom, shut the door and set him up with a litter box, water, a soft, clean folded up towel to lay on. I wet a washcloth, wrung it out and wiped him down with it.

I heated up some lactated ringers (fluids) and gave him 60cc. I set one of the webcams up and left him in there to cool down. I watched him on the camera, instead of bugging him with my human presence. He did rest a bit and I checked on him and wiped him down after the dampness was gone. He came out of it okay, but I was extremely cautious with him the rest of the weekend. We'd planned on hitting the theater to see Equalizer 2 on Sunday, but did not. I wanted to watch the cat.

He recovered nicely, but the fact that he didn't even move out of the sun was worrisome to me. Which means, I keep a closer eye on him than normal.

And when you figure in the COPD he was diagnosed with last year, I'm doubly cautious. Watching him breathe is something I do. I measure his respiration next to the other cat sleeping next to him. Okay, not fast breathing, no labored intake of oxygen, he's okay.

Now, the mind is an information trap of sorts. And things you've been told or read in the past, will wiggle their way up into the present brain. Like "when the kidneys are shot, the body has a hard time regulating body temperature". Hmmm...interesting. Ope is seventeen. Kidney failure is possible. He has been dehydrated on a regular basis this past week.

Wednesday, I watched him walking around the yard, looking for a place to pee. I watched him squat, but it never seemed as if there was a satisfactory result. And my mind flashed back to Oliver. His kidneys did him in. And he wasn't peeing, but he was trying. My mind compared this to Opie and came to the possible conclusion that Opie isn't peeing because there's nothing in his bladder. And I started giving him the fluids every other day.

He cried a lot this past week. He was hungry, but wouldn't eat. He's drooling more than he normally does. When he breathes, the air is coming from his mouth, not his nose. You can see the little puffs of his mouth when the air comes out. His right nostril has started to drip. There could be so much going on with him, that I picked up the phone yesterday morning and made an appointment for him. This morning, 9:30.

So, yesterday morning, after the phone call, I decided to try a chicken breast in the Instant Pot. And he loved it. I put him on the counter, put the shredded chicken on a paper towel (easier for him to eat that way) and he ate. And since then, he's been eating that chicken every three or four hours. Not a lot at once, but he is eating and I sit with him as he eats to keep the buzzards away.

So, we get to the vet's, wait for a little bit, then see the doctor. Opie has lost weight since May, when he had that weird butt thing. The vet comes in, I tell her what's been going on for the past few months, she asks some questions and he is taken into the back for blood work. We wait some more then she comes back in.

His kidneys are in GREAT shape. No problem there. She thinks one of the things I told her about (weird squatting spasm when standing to eat the chicken on the counter) is arthritis. She's pretty sure he's got some at the base of his tail and his mid to lower back. A few of his liver values were a little above normal, he'll be getting meds for that, they should be in this afternoon.

And he's getting doxycycline for the respiratory problem. And she added that any time any of the cats had problems like this, they'd just fill the prescription, we wouldn't have to bring them in. I should keep giving him the fluids for a week, since she thinks he could be losing fluids through the mouth breathing. She said the hardening in his lungs forces him to breathe a little harder and that makes it easier for things like this to take hold.

And we're home.

All in all, good news.

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      Friday, September 14, 2018

05:03 PM - 09/14/2018

The topic: Sparkle Butt news

Last weekend, we pretty much decided we were done medicating Rocky. Why? Because he hates being medicated. It's not a "geez, that's really icky, I don't want it" type of won't take them, but an "I'm never coming near you guys as long as I live, if you enter the same room, I will leave, if I see you at the door to the patio, I will run and get as far away from you as cattily possible and on the rare occasion you are able to catch me and one of you holds me down and the other one tries to hold my head steady while putting the syringe in my tightly closed lips and pushes the plunger, if any of those meds get into my mouth, I will promptly drool them out or puke" type of not wanting to take his meds.

I'm tired of chasing him. I can't chase him because of my hip. Brian won't chase him. We've talked to him. I had a friend who has dabbled in animal communication speak with him and he wasn't falling for it. We just figured at this point, we'll let nature take its nasty course. And brace ourselves for what's to come.

I mentioned this on Facebook. And my cat loving friends offered help. Try this, do that, maybe this would work. We did and it didn't. One thing we've really wanted to try, I may have mentioned this previously, is that I think he'd be easier to medicate if I could just pill him. And on this Facebook conversation, this came up and I explained that one of the meds would be too strong in pill form, the vet didn't want to go that route.

And one of my very magical Facebook friends did some research, crunched some numbers after I'd told her what he's getting now and gave a link to one of the meds and found the other and both would be doable in pill form. She held my hand when she explained how the numbers worked and I kind of understand it. This was Wednesday.

Yesterday, I sent an email to my vet's office (so much easier than being on the phone, they can pull records and research without having someone just sitting there, waiting for a response). I addressed it to both of the vets (Rocky's vet - the clinic owner - has retired). Opie's vet and Pancho's vet. I addressed our concerns about Rocky's well being and included the entire conversation about these meds in pill form. Well, last night one of the techs called and said that Opie's vet said "yes, pilling is possible" and that he'd call the pharmacy with her instructions today. This morning, Pancho's vet called and we talked a little and I let him know that the other vet had said okay yesterday.  He wasn't aware of this, but said they'd put their heads together and see what they could come up with. He also said that Rocky's original vet was a really good vet, but he was bad at making notes. That made me smile. But they'd figure something out and let me know today about what the meds would cost and the dosing.

Well, Brian (the tech who works with the prescriptions) called and said I should be hearing from the pharmacy about dosing and payment. I got individual mail for each prescription, but paid for it all together (we also got extra doxycycline for URIs that run through the house). I asked for a breakdown and they redid the information. And I was checking out the dosaging.

It's pretty different. The fluconazale is the same dose, just in a chewable tab. But every day.  Before it was three times a week. The terbinafine is still every day, but the dosage had more than tripled! Holy cow, that can't be right. I look at the clock, it's early enough, the vet is still open. I talked to Brian told him my concerns with each of the meds. And he said that's what it's supposed to be. That he heard Pancho's doctor talking to Rocky's (retired) doctor on the phone and they want to hit this hard.

I let Brian know I understood. Instead of hitting it with a rock hammer, they're using a mallet. Yeah, that's it.

I also ordered some Greenies Pill Pockets. I know the meds ordered today are chewables, but Rocky seems to like the pill pockets (I found an old bag of them in a ziplock bag, kind of stale, but still somewhat moist).

Let's cross some fingers that this will help him out.

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      Saturday, September 15, 2018

11:07 AM - 09/15/2018

The topic: It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Brian is out making product, the handymen are here, moving the two hundred plus bags of mulch/bark got from Lowe's when they had five bags for ten bucks.  They are stacked high on two pallets, he had to use the dump truck to get them home, then use his tractor to get them off of the truck - he doesn't have the physical strength or time to move them himself. He had moved one of the pallets/stacks into the backyard with his tractor, but the tractor started to go to three tires because things weren't balanced right, so he just got it so that no cat could jump from the top of the pallets to the roof. And that's where it's been since he got them home.

Recall last month he got notification from a supplier to come get his stuff by the end of this month, they need the money. Well, there's a lot of stuff and it's heavy and he'll need his tractor. Which he can't use because of bags of mulch. So, the handymen are here right now, moving the bags, one by one.

And they're finished, they only unstacked enough so that he can move the tractor without accidents. They're gone.

And I'm doing paperwork. Catching up. Two and a half months' worth. There were excuses. My hip hurt. I couldn't sit. It was hot. The cats wanted attention. I had ribbon that needed beads glued on. I had paper that needed to be glued together (phase one of the big project is done). There was always something that was a higher priority.

I started the paperwork over a week ago, then my laptop started having problems. My $125 laptop I got on eBay a few years ago. The monitor kept flashing off. A real PITA to work with. I told Brian I'd like a new laptop. He thought about it, said "okay, we'll just put off a new dishwasher". The laptop got here Monday and it took me most of the week to get it set up. But now, it's set up and it works like a charm.

One stinky thing was the WiFi download speed was under 5Mbps which is just wrong. Upload was close to six times that much. Rebooting the cable modem and the router took care of that, now it's running over 120Mbps, which is a lot nicer.

So, I've got all of the payments matched up with the quotes and need to set up new accounts, then do the invoicing for the past two and a half months.

After that, I have reconciliations again. June, July and August.

It would be nice to be finished by Monday.

12:22 PM - 09/15/2018

The topic: One of my favorite summer sounds

One that always brings a smile to my face, is the sound of the grandkids in the house behind us, when they're in the pool.

It's a  great sound. Some may not like it, but to hear the screams and laughter just makes the summer heat a little more bearable.

So, it's supposed to be in the nineties today. The kids are at the pool. I can see from my favorite window when they're on the deck by the pool, not much else. There is noise and it appears that two of the boys have reached the rough housing stage. That age when they move from crying for mom to fighting back. When play sometimes gets a little too intense.

Anyway, I guess the parental units added more children to the mix and the laughing and screaming has commenced. It got a little screamy, close to that "ah, geez, someone's gonna start crying soon" and I look out the window.

I see what's going on. Someone's daddy has joined in and he's done something that's bringing on the yelling. And now, it's payback time.

Nothing like beating up on dad with wet pool noodles.

Wet fun in the summertime.

Back to work. Bleh.

01:05 PM - 09/15/2018

The topic: Cats

So, Opie is on three meds a day. Two doxy and one ursodiol (for his liver). Since he's in the special category now (like Rocky and Pancho) he gets special treatment. Because meds. Ish, am I right?

Anyway, since the beginning of this week, Opie has been getting chicken breast as his treat. Yeah, the other cats get some, too, but the chicken breast is to keep him eating and not avoiding me because I'm also the medicine giver.

I cooked up another breast this morning and Bobby has been making us crazy. He knows there's something he wants in the refrigerator. Right now, he's on the counter, hanging over the sink, he knows there's something that smells like he wants it (it's the Instant Pot that I cooked the chicken in, I need to wash it). And when I wash that he will hang around in front of the fridge door. Either on the floor in front of it or on the laundry basket at the end so he can see us open the fridge door, without being on the floor in front of it. (It's really kind of funny, there's a doorway into the laundry room, Brian removed it when we moved in, so it's open and Bobby will sit on the laundry basket lid and peek around the door jamb. All I can see of him is his head.)

So, Opie gets some chicken. Bobby and Sagwa get a little on the floor, Opie on the counter, where I can block the vultures. Opie can be really skittish, so keeping the other cats away let's him eat more. Then Opie is done. Bobby and Sagwa are done. Well, the chicken they got is done, they don't believe for one second that there is no more chicken. I have an idea!

One of the pieces of advice I got for getting Rocky to take his medicine was putting it in sardines. So, we got a can of sardines and Rocky sniffed it, looked at me, took a couple of licks, and looked at me again. "Are you nuts? I'm not eating this." So, there's an open can of sardines in the fridge. I get the can out, grab a couple of paper towels, and start pulling the sardines apart and putting them on the paper towels. (Nasty, oily, greasy, stinky things.) I put the paper towels on the floor.

Bobby gives the same reaction that Rocky had. Sagwa dives in. He thinks this stuff is yummy. Bobby watches him eat with interest. Then Bobby actually tries some of the fish. He probably took three or four bites and backed up. Nope. Not happening. Sagwa got enough and I saw Opie in there, licking what was left.

These guys are so funny.


      Tuesday, September 18, 2018

06:36 AM - 09/18/2018

The topic: This and that

So, Sunday, yay, me! I got caught up on paperwork. I did two and a half months of new customer entry, payment inputs and three months bank reconciliations. And I didn't even use a calculator! I used a pen and a paper pad. It was pretty nice. Now, my time is mine, without being behind with this stuff hanging over my head.

Earlier on Sunday, I had put a small frozen roast in the little crockpot, figuring we'd have that and mashed potatoes and peas for dinner. But come time to make dinner, I really wasn't hungry and it was too hot to hit the kitchen. So, Brian barbecued a couple of hot dogs (leaving the door to the house open so it got pretty smokey inside). Then we found a movie on Google Play (one of the freebies I got from them, they don't seem to do that any longer).  Sometime during the evening, he put the crockpot and roast in the fridge.

And then the yawning started. Non-stop. One of the things that happens before I get a migraine. Then, my eyes went wanky. Zigzagging in my peripheral vision. Yeah, okay, another sign. Not looking forward to this. The first time I had a migraine that I knew was a migraine, was in the month of September. I wonder if this was weather related, or the relaxing after a stressful time, or skipping meals (I haven't been hungry at night, I've been skipping dinner the past week). It's good to know what it is, though. Not scary when you know.

Then the headache hit. As my migraines go, it wasn't a bad one. Right side of my face, above my right eye. It hurt to cough and bending over it would pound.  I took an Excedrin migraine and a Xanax, stayed on the sofa Sunday night. Yesterday morning I took two Excedrins and spent the day not doing much. Brian was really sweet, in the morning I was here in the office, talking about how hungry I was, he left the office, was gone for about ten minutes and came back with a plate of scrambled eggs with cheese and two pieces of toast, with butter and jam.  Really nice of him.

I took it easy yesterday, which sucked because I wanted to get back to the Silhouette. I had stuff I wanted to test out, but the noise would have driven me crazy. It was a beautiful day yesterday, too nice to be laying down.

As the day went on, the pain lessened. Yay! For dinner, I still didn't feel like peeling potatoes and cutting them up and boiling them and mashing them. So, I took the cold roast out of the crockpot and sliced it up. I'd asked Brian earlier if we had any burger buns (we did) and I put some barbeque sauce in the crockpot, placed the meat on that, added more sauce and plugged the crockpot back in.  When I was sure the meat would be heated, I cooked some small ears of corn to go with dinner. It was actually pretty tasty. Brian had barbeque beef sandwiches and I had a couple of slices of meat and we both had corn on the cob.  I didn't have the buns because it's just too much food and I don't like being over full.

We watched old House episodes on Amazon prime, then he went to bed, I stayed on the sofa. Too many cats on the bed on my side and I didn't want to fight them. I got my light fleece blanket and Pancho curled up next to me. He was still there four hours later (long stretch of sleep for me, it was awesome!) when I got up to use the bathroom.

Feeling a lot better this morning, going to go set up the Silhouette. It will be its maiden voyage with the new laptop.


      Friday, September 21, 2018

12:09 PM - 09/21/2018

The topic: Rolling right along

Okay, I have projects. One, phase one is done, now for phase two. I have the cut patterns ready to go, I just need to decide on the paper. Do I want to print both sides, since they'll both be visible?

And if I print them, what do I want to print on them? Something simple? Something seasonal? Do I want to match colors? 

So many things to decide.

And while the possibilities are percolating in my brain, I've been working on something I found on the internet. Everything is cut and now I have to do the necessary stamping. I have stamps, I thought they'd work out, but I changed my mind. Yesterday I made my own stamp with the Imagepac Stampmaker and I was surprised at how much easier it was to do than I remember. I used the new inkjet printer (well, new earlier this year) and I didn't think the black on the negative would be dark enough, but it was. A pleasant surprise.

Since I made the stamp, I've been playing with embossing. I'm using a teal colored paper and I want the sentiment to be white. Oh, my gosh, what a headache to get it just right. I have so much stuff to work with and until about an hour ago, I wasn't happy with how any of them were working. I want glittery white. Should be easy, right? I have white pigment ink and it doesn't lay down consistently. The outside edges of the lettering put down more ink than the insides. And when you put embossing powder on that, it doesn't melt equally. It just looks sloppy.  I gave up on trying to emboss with glitter white powder. Coverage wasn't thick enough. Very frustrating. So, this morning I tried again.

First off I needed my cornstarch sock. Couldn't find it anywhere (I rub the cornstarch sock over my paper I want to emboss; this helps when I knock off most of the excess embossing powder; it helps prevent odd bits of embossing powder from melting onto the paper when I use the heat tool). I had to make another one. Then I tried to emboss with the white ink again, being very careful putting ink on the stamp and stamping the paper. And then covering the inked area with embossing powder. Finished, it still looked sloppy.

Then I cleaned the stamp and got out the Versa embossing pad, which lays down a clear fluid. I put the white embossing powder on that, hit it with the heat tool and it looked a lot cleaner.

Then I squeezed a small amount of Stickles Crystal onto a piece of paper and used a small paint brush and painted over the embossed area.

It looks so good! I'm very happy with it.

What I'm not happy with is the big stamp. No matter what I do, there are blank spaces in it. I think I've finally narrowed it down to the ink pad. I ordered more from Amazon. The pad I've been using is old and it seems like there's a fair amount of ink on it, but I tried a different ink and it seemed to work better than this one. I'll figure this out next week.

Sorry to be so vague, but when I plan on sending this stuff out, I don't want to ruin the surprise.


12:50 PM - 09/21/2018

The topic: Rocky’s meds

Last Friday, I posted about the possibility of no longer giving Rocky meds for his crypto since it was so stressful for all involved. And that I contacted the vet and was told that a different method of delivery was available.

Money exchanged hands and orders were placed and the medications finally got here yesterday.

And two days in a row, Rocky has gobbled his medications right down. Two days without a fight. Two, stressless days. I do put the fluconazole in a pill pocket, he really likes those. And even though it's only been two days, it looks like he'll take them better spaced apart, not at the same time. He even came out from under the tractor this morning when he thought there were more treats available.

Nice. Really nice. Hopefully he'll keep liking them.

(Would someone please come over here and smash this stupid mosquito into oblivion? I'm not having any luck.)

      Monday, September 24, 2018

08:11 AM - 09/24/2018

The topic: Fun morning in store

Bobby has been hacking and grabbing at his face, so it would appear this little guy needs a checkup. Most likely a dental as well. I called last Friday and made an appointment for this morning. 10:30.

Since one of the meds we got along with the stuff for Rocky was a big bottle of doxycycline, I started Bobby on that Friday morning. It seems to have helped, if there's an infection going on, I know the drug of choice for mouth problems is clindamycin, but the doxy is a broad spectrum antibiotic and I figured why not get a jump on it. As the weekend wore on, he seemed to do better eating, so that's a good thing.

Then yesterday morning, I came back to the office where Sagwa was on my desk. He got up and there was a blood spot where he had been laying. I checked him out, thought maybe he'd had an abscess under his tail by his butt.

But as the hours went by, it was more than just a popped abscess, I think something happened with one of his anal glads. It was pretty gross all day. Not straight blood, but diluted. Like it had pus in it. So, I started him on doxy and I just called the vet, he's going in this morning as well. Cross your fingers we start getting some sales, okay?

Here's a little video of Sagwa I took on the sixteenth. He was pretty happy there.


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01:06 PM - 09/24/2018

The topic: Back from the vet’s

Bobby and Sagwa both are in the beginning stages of renal failure (kidneys). Not to a point where they need fluids, though.

Sagwa also has thyroid problems. He had lost three pounds since his last visit. That thing on his butt? Not anal sac, vet said it was in the wrong place. They took Sagwa into the back and shaved the area and cleaned it off. The vet called me back to look at the wound. It's frikking huge. Easily an inch and a half in diameter. So, Sagwa got a covenia shot (heavy duty antibiotic) and we're supposed to clean it off every day with a warm saline bath.

He's also on methimazole for the thyroid problems. He'll need a recheck next month. Since his kidneys aren't shot, he also got pain meds for the butt problem.

Bobby was a little anemic and has some sort of infection going on, so he's on antibiotics for a week and he'll get a recheck. If his values are better, we'll schedule him for a dental.

We were there for over an hour. All of those tests they ran took time.

The only scary thing is the Sagwa wound. If what we do now doesn't help, the vet advised a biopsy to make sure it's not cancer.

So, Opie is still on his liver med for a few more days, Pancho gets prednisolone every other day (in the weaning stages), Rocky gets his meds (five days now! he's taken them for five days without a fight!), Bobby and Sagwa.

Who said you can't have a full life without children?

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      Wednesday, September 26, 2018

07:21 AM - 09/26/2018

The topic: Whiskers

I've noticed since hitting menopause, I'm losing my body hair.

I still have fine hair on my arms, I can see it in the sun. But it's not where I can pinch it and pull it up, it's not obvious hair.

My legs have lost a lot of hair as well. The inner side of my calves have about twenty-thirty dark hairs on each one. The hair in my armpits has thinned out a lot. I don't shave anymore. No reason.

I don't get new eyebrow hair. I learned a while back to stop plucking them because it's not growing back. I understand why old women (I'm there now) draw theirs on (not me). They've plucked them into oblivion. No, I don't pluck my eyebrows, I trim them. If I didn't, I'd look like Larry Hagman or Andy Rooney.

My private area has also gotten pretty thin. Just weird stuff that you don't really pay much attention to until one day, you do. And it's "Hey! Where's my hair?"

But. The chin. The upper lip. For some reason, they've gotten hairier. Or maybe not hairier, but the hair has changed consistency. On my upper lip, at the corners of my mouth, are many, many little fine black hairs. And sometimes they get long and I can play with them with my tongue. Which is a "whoa" moment when you realize what you're doing. Fast trip to the bathroom, where the tweezers are in easy reach, I'm sorry, but using my tongue to play with this hair is just nasty.  Pluck!

And my chin actually has whiskers of guy consistency. Not the soft, sweet fur of a lady, but of a rough, tough he man. I have about five or six of those. And they grow fast. And, I'll find myself watching television, pulling on my whiskers. And once again, we hit that "WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?" point. And another run into the bathroom to remove said whiskers. I have a magnifying mirror with lights. But I usually end up getting the lamp down, turning it on and placing it under my chin and my reading glasses and pull those things out one by one.

There has to be a better way. I'm not shaving. I will not shave my mustache or my beard. I won't do it.

I've been looking for one of those little things that you turn on and it rips the hair out by the root. I've been looking for a couple of years now. And the ones I found were out of my price range. Tweezing is free.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I got this notice in my email from Morningsave.com. I ordered one.  I was so excited when it got here. I charged it up for about an hour, put on the epilator head and let that puppy roll. No lotion or anything, just let her rip.

The pain!  The pain! It wasn't so bad on my chin, but my upper lip, holy spit, it hurt. But the results....oh, like a baby's bottom. Days later, I'm still running my hand softly over my chin...no stubble...

Yes, I needed this. I really needed this.

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