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      Saturday, September 01, 2018

mrs. crankypants
08:16 AM - 09/01/2018

The topic: It’s a good day to throw a tantrum


Waiting for the Xanax to kick in.

Last month, Brian was notified by his cylinder supplier, the base of what he makes, that for all new orders, there would be a 25% tariff.

We can't absorb that cost, so for the first time in almost two years, we're raising prices for new orders. My job is to fix the website. Brian printed out webpages and made changes on those and that's what I'm working from. Paper. Spread out on my desk. My work area is about 24" wide and 22" deep. I have my keyboard which is six and a half inches deep. This leaves me with just about enough room for the papers. Not much else.

I'm cramped over here. I have the FAX machine on my half of the desk (the desk is a large sheet of thick tempered glass, runs from one wall to the other. I have most of Brian's computer on my side. I've mentioned moving the FAX machine "Oh, don't do that!" After this morning's tantrum, I feel there will be some office machinery in different places before too long. Maybe the cats will lose some of their resting places, but these tight working conditions are making me nuttier than I already feel.

I made the changes to the pricing on the website without too many problems. On one page the dropdown menu goes behind some text, this isn't right, but I honestly don't feel any big push to look it up and figure out what I'm doing wrong. In the grand scheme of things, this is in the "screw it" column. (I have crafting projects calling my name....glitter! glue! paper! beads! ribbon! .....I can hear them, pulling me to shut down this computer and go play in the other room.)

So, one of the things I need to get changed is the actual pricing list page. The way I do this is render it in Microsoft Word, then screen capture it in sections and then put it together in a graphics program.

I couldn't get the old files to open up. "Word no longer supports...blah..blah...blah; if you save your work, you'll lose it all".


I finally realized I could just open up one of the previous html files I had in Word and change the numbers accordingly. Save as an html file, upload to the internet, do a couple of screen captures from there and then I have what I need.

But before that realization, came cats crawling all over my desk. Sure, Brian's right next to me, not a cat near him. But over here? Four. Sagwa decides he wants to sleep where I have my paperwork.

Bobby keeps rubbing against everything. He knocks my little speaker over. Rachel wants to be smurgled and loved. Lorelei is reaching over to the back of my chair and pulling on it, climbing over.

Brian helped out, got some of them out of my way, but then Sagwa started back up  from the floor and I ripped off my reading glasses, threw them at the computer, pushed my chair back and started tearing at my hair, I was so frustrated. I was seriously tearing at my hair. I stomped out of the room. But not before shoving the new printer. Luckily, I didn't shove it hard enough for it to fall off of the stand. At this point my frustration level was pretty darned high.

Hung out in the entry way, took a bunch of deep breaths, cursed the cats and am now back at work.

And with any luck (and no interruptions) I'll be done in less than an hour.

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