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      Monday, September 24, 2018

01:06 PM - 09/24/2018

The topic: Back from the vet’s


Bobby and Sagwa both are in the beginning stages of renal failure (kidneys). Not to a point where they need fluids, though.

Sagwa also has thyroid problems. He had lost three pounds since his last visit. That thing on his butt? Not anal sac, vet said it was in the wrong place. They took Sagwa into the back and shaved the area and cleaned it off. The vet called me back to look at the wound. It's frikking huge. Easily an inch and a half in diameter. So, Sagwa got a covenia shot (heavy duty antibiotic) and we're supposed to clean it off every day with a warm saline bath.

He's also on methimazole for the thyroid problems. He'll need a recheck next month. Since his kidneys aren't shot, he also got pain meds for the butt problem.

Bobby was a little anemic and has some sort of infection going on, so he's on antibiotics for a week and he'll get a recheck. If his values are better, we'll schedule him for a dental.

We were there for over an hour. All of those tests they ran took time.

The only scary thing is the Sagwa wound. If what we do now doesn't help, the vet advised a biopsy to make sure it's not cancer.

So, Opie is still on his liver med for a few more days, Pancho gets prednisolone every other day (in the weaning stages), Rocky gets his meds (five days now! he's taken them for five days without a fight!), Bobby and Sagwa.

Who said you can't have a full life without children?

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08:11 AM - 09/24/2018

The topic: Fun morning in store


Bobby has been hacking and grabbing at his face, so it would appear this little guy needs a checkup. Most likely a dental as well. I called last Friday and made an appointment for this morning. 10:30.

Since one of the meds we got along with the stuff for Rocky was a big bottle of doxycycline, I started Bobby on that Friday morning. It seems to have helped, if there's an infection going on, I know the drug of choice for mouth problems is clindamycin, but the doxy is a broad spectrum antibiotic and I figured why not get a jump on it. As the weekend wore on, he seemed to do better eating, so that's a good thing.

Then yesterday morning, I came back to the office where Sagwa was on my desk. He got up and there was a blood spot where he had been laying. I checked him out, thought maybe he'd had an abscess under his tail by his butt.

But as the hours went by, it was more than just a popped abscess, I think something happened with one of his anal glads. It was pretty gross all day. Not straight blood, but diluted. Like it had pus in it. So, I started him on doxy and I just called the vet, he's going in this morning as well. Cross your fingers we start getting some sales, okay?

Here's a little video of Sagwa I took on the sixteenth. He was pretty happy there.


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