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      Saturday, September 15, 2018

01:05 PM - 09/15/2018

The topic: Cats


So, Opie is on three meds a day. Two doxy and one ursodiol (for his liver). Since he's in the special category now (like Rocky and Pancho) he gets special treatment. Because meds. Ish, am I right?

Anyway, since the beginning of this week, Opie has been getting chicken breast as his treat. Yeah, the other cats get some, too, but the chicken breast is to keep him eating and not avoiding me because I'm also the medicine giver.

I cooked up another breast this morning and Bobby has been making us crazy. He knows there's something he wants in the refrigerator. Right now, he's on the counter, hanging over the sink, he knows there's something that smells like he wants it (it's the Instant Pot that I cooked the chicken in, I need to wash it). And when I wash that he will hang around in front of the fridge door. Either on the floor in front of it or on the laundry basket at the end so he can see us open the fridge door, without being on the floor in front of it. (It's really kind of funny, there's a doorway into the laundry room, Brian removed it when we moved in, so it's open and Bobby will sit on the laundry basket lid and peek around the door jamb. All I can see of him is his head.)

So, Opie gets some chicken. Bobby and Sagwa get a little on the floor, Opie on the counter, where I can block the vultures. Opie can be really skittish, so keeping the other cats away let's him eat more. Then Opie is done. Bobby and Sagwa are done. Well, the chicken they got is done, they don't believe for one second that there is no more chicken. I have an idea!

One of the pieces of advice I got for getting Rocky to take his medicine was putting it in sardines. So, we got a can of sardines and Rocky sniffed it, looked at me, took a couple of licks, and looked at me again. "Are you nuts? I'm not eating this." So, there's an open can of sardines in the fridge. I get the can out, grab a couple of paper towels, and start pulling the sardines apart and putting them on the paper towels. (Nasty, oily, greasy, stinky things.) I put the paper towels on the floor.

Bobby gives the same reaction that Rocky had. Sagwa dives in. He thinks this stuff is yummy. Bobby watches him eat with interest. Then Bobby actually tries some of the fish. He probably took three or four bites and backed up. Nope. Not happening. Sagwa got enough and I saw Opie in there, licking what was left.

These guys are so funny.


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12:22 PM - 09/15/2018

The topic: One of my favorite summer sounds


One that always brings a smile to my face, is the sound of the grandkids in the house behind us, when they're in the pool.

It's a  great sound. Some may not like it, but to hear the screams and laughter just makes the summer heat a little more bearable.

So, it's supposed to be in the nineties today. The kids are at the pool. I can see from my favorite window when they're on the deck by the pool, not much else. There is noise and it appears that two of the boys have reached the rough housing stage. That age when they move from crying for mom to fighting back. When play sometimes gets a little too intense.

Anyway, I guess the parental units added more children to the mix and the laughing and screaming has commenced. It got a little screamy, close to that "ah, geez, someone's gonna start crying soon" and I look out the window.

I see what's going on. Someone's daddy has joined in and he's done something that's bringing on the yelling. And now, it's payback time.

Nothing like beating up on dad with wet pool noodles.

Wet fun in the summertime.

Back to work. Bleh.

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11:07 AM - 09/15/2018

The topic: It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood


Brian is out making product, the handymen are here, moving the two hundred plus bags of mulch/bark got from Lowe's when they had five bags for ten bucks.  They are stacked high on two pallets, he had to use the dump truck to get them home, then use his tractor to get them off of the truck - he doesn't have the physical strength or time to move them himself. He had moved one of the pallets/stacks into the backyard with his tractor, but the tractor started to go to three tires because things weren't balanced right, so he just got it so that no cat could jump from the top of the pallets to the roof. And that's where it's been since he got them home.

Recall last month he got notification from a supplier to come get his stuff by the end of this month, they need the money. Well, there's a lot of stuff and it's heavy and he'll need his tractor. Which he can't use because of bags of mulch. So, the handymen are here right now, moving the bags, one by one.

And they're finished, they only unstacked enough so that he can move the tractor without accidents. They're gone.

And I'm doing paperwork. Catching up. Two and a half months' worth. There were excuses. My hip hurt. I couldn't sit. It was hot. The cats wanted attention. I had ribbon that needed beads glued on. I had paper that needed to be glued together (phase one of the big project is done). There was always something that was a higher priority.

I started the paperwork over a week ago, then my laptop started having problems. My $125 laptop I got on eBay a few years ago. The monitor kept flashing off. A real PITA to work with. I told Brian I'd like a new laptop. He thought about it, said "okay, we'll just put off a new dishwasher". The laptop got here Monday and it took me most of the week to get it set up. But now, it's set up and it works like a charm.

One stinky thing was the WiFi download speed was under 5Mbps which is just wrong. Upload was close to six times that much. Rebooting the cable modem and the router took care of that, now it's running over 120Mbps, which is a lot nicer.

So, I've got all of the payments matched up with the quotes and need to set up new accounts, then do the invoicing for the past two and a half months.

After that, I have reconciliations again. June, July and August.

It would be nice to be finished by Monday.

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