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      Tuesday, February 09, 2010

08:18 AM - 02/09/2010

The topic: Vet called with results


Of Miss Elizabeth’s renal panel.  Her creatinine value dropped from 3.3 to 3! This is most excellent news!  He said I was doing a “good job”.  What?  Giving her fluids?  Because that’s all I’m doing, people do it all the time. 

Well, I guess some people can’t do it, when we were there Saturday, they told us about Miss lookalike, 18 years old, mean, that has to be brought to the vet on a daily basis for fluids and it takes three of them to do it.  Two people hold the cat still, one person administers the fluids. 

So, Miss has an appointment on Thursday to get that tooth removed.  No food after midnight, I’m to give her fluids before I bring her in.  And it will be the gas mask on, tooth out, gas mask off. No major cleaning, just the one tooth removal.

Even though it sounds safe enough, I’m scared.

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08:12 AM - 02/09/2010

The topic: I’ve gotta say it…


Carl’s Jr has some of the stupidest (?...most stupid?) commercials I’ve ever seen. 

The one a few years back where the idiot guy put an unripe avocado in a blender, skin and all, to make his own guacamole.  Every time I saw it, I yelled at the television.  Then, there was the hot chick on the beach in a bikini eating a drippy burger.   Yeah, just where you want to eat a messy cheeseburger is on the beach, with sand.  Let’s have a nice big gust of wind come along, see how yummy that cheeseburger is then.  And let’s not forget the drippy sauce on the hot bod.  Now it’s covered in sand, too.  Shudder….

Now, it’s the guy ordering a grilled cheese sandwich and Carl’s fix for ordering off the child’s menu is ordering a grilled cheese “for adults”.  It’s got a huge burger patty on it!  If I’m in the mood for a grilled cheese sandwich, please….hold the beef!

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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