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      Sunday, February 07, 2010

11:02 AM - 02/07/2010

The topic: Laughing…


I took my coffee cup back into the kitchen and saw a trail of liquid on the floor.  Brian was walking around holding Miss Elizabeth, who got her fluids this morning. 

I wondered outloud about the trail.  I asked Brian if he’d brought something that dripped through the house.  Nope.

I said “it’s on your shoes” and he looked down and sure enough, there were drips of whatever on his shoes.

Then he says, with some alarm, “it must be from Miss!”  He puts her on the coffee table “I’m sorry, Miss E., I’m sorry!”  This has never happened before.  I’m not sure it’s happened now. Because cat skin closes quickly (that’s why so many cats get absesses after a bite) and how would it drip this much?

I clean up the trail. I walked into the laundry room and saw the blanket that we put on top of the food cover.  I touched it. It was wet!  I said “you brought the blanket in” and Brian said “yes, it was soaking wet.” 

I just look at him.  You can see it as it sinks in. 

It was the blanket that was dripping, not Miss Elizabeth.  *lol*

He just shook his head.  “I already forgot I’d brought it in.”  I said “you owe Miss an apology” and he picked her up and smooched her.


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