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      Saturday, February 13, 2010

03:46 PM - 02/13/2010

The topic: Feeders were empty


So, I had to go get food.  I mentioned this to Brian this morning and he reminded me that I needed to get Bart, too.


I went to Santee for food (the light gods were in a bad mood today, they let me stop at just about every light there was to stop at), tried to buy seven bags of Felidae, but they only had three.  Boo!  Went over to Michael’s craft store, I had a 50% off coupon, but the item I purchased was on sale already, so the coupon didn’t work.  Boo!

From there I headed over to CostCo, got frozen fish, potatoes and avocados.  Then I went into El Cajon to pick up Bart’s remains.  Luckily the place wasn’t busy.  When she handed me the bag, she said to be careful, there’s a loose part and it might break.  I thanked her and walked out thinking “WTF, they gave me something that’s almost broken?”  I wasn’t happy.

Then I headed over to Del Taco, then came home.  I was drinking diet soda and munching on some fries when I decided to open the bag and see what was so delicate that I’d break it if I wasn’t careful.  I know it’s a wooden box with his remains and his name carved on the top and I’ve never had the admonishment to be careful before.  

At this point I’m wanting the red lights and the light gods were still against me (which was working to my advantage).  I opened the bubble wrap and saw what was so delicate. It was a cast of Bart’s paw.  Okay, I’ve been pretty good about not breaking down since we had him euthanized.  No  sobs or teary eyed conversations.  But I started to cry when I saw this.  They should have warned me what was in the box.

When I got home, I opened the card that came with it. There was some of his fur in a little baggy. 

Gee whiz…..


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