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      Wednesday, January 16, 2008

07:31 PM - 01/16/2008

The topic: Meet our new kitty cats!


click for a larger pic

Meet Bobby.  Bobby found a nice spot in the rafters.  He finally started coming down three nights ago.  Early this morning, he actually came into the bedroom and got a little petting from the two of us.  He’s nocturnal, which would lead me to believe that contrary to what she told me, mom did not get him in at night.  A neighbor told me that’s the reason she left one of her car windows down.

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And here’s Miss E (as in Elizabeth).  She’s very quiet and reserved.  She’s also Lisa’s half sister; just six months older (same mom).  I think she likes it here, although she’s not overly fond of the other cats.  She’s started sleeping in the bedroom. I find it telling that she stays in the open now. When she was at moms, she was always hiding.  I think because mom could be loud at times. 

It’s a lot quieter here.

I think they’ll do okay. Miss has already been outside a couple of times, the last time she hightailed it into the house when she was a little nervous about being outside.  Bobby hasn’t been out yet, we aren’t going to let him out until he’s more secure being inside first.

There are more pictures of these two over in the album (link at bottom of page).

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tales from the parkside
06:01 PM - 01/16/2008

The topic: Mom probably won’t be going home


not to the place she’s called home for all these years.

She was doing so great yesterday. Today, she told me about the family of the woman in the bed next to her, having a seance last night. With candles, wearing sheets to look like ghosts, the whole thing.

She also started to threaten to tell on me.  She’s done this more than once and I have absolutely no idea what she’s talking about. I asked her today again and she points her fingers at me and said “you look back into that brain of yours, look real deep until you find something”. 


Her doctor was there and he said it’s possible she also has some dementia on top of the underlying cause (alcoholism). That her brain is damaged because of it. One of the doctors said maybe she might be okay in six months, but maybe she won’t. 

Brian was with me, he took her for the walk (I was very aggravated with her, I know she can’t help it, but that knowledge really doesn’t sink in when she’s getting on me, because she’s done it my entire life and I fail to differentiate between the nasty woman in that bed, the sick one, and the nasty woman who raised me) and at some point she told him “I can get a beer anytime I want one; I don’t want one, but I could get one if I wanted”. 

She can’t live alone. She is not a functioning alcoholic. And there’s the possibility a “friend” would feel sorry for her and buy her a beer. Even though it interferes with her medicine, I think we all know someone who would like to help out in a situation like that.

We went over to her house to find out what exactly her financial situation is and the park manager came up.  She gave us a card for a woman who helps place people in assisted living. She called the woman and gave her Brian’s cell. And Brian got a call from her, and it looks like she can help.

We think she’s got enough income to pay for a room with a roommate, which we also think is a good idea. Mom is a people person (just not a daughter person) and she would be better off around other folks.

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