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      Sunday, January 13, 2008

tales from the parkside
07:23 AM - 01/13/2008

The topic: Well meaning “friends”


If one more person tells me that they knew there was a problem with mom, but they didn’t want to interfere, by the way, how is she doing?  I’m gonna find the closest stick and poke them in the eye with it.

I’m getting really annoyed with this.  If you considered yourself such a “good friend”, then why the hell didn’t you contact me when you suspected things were getting bad?  Why didn’t you tell me when you first noticed she was shitfaced at five in the afternoon?  Why didn’t you contact me when you saw her stained clothing and her difficulty in standing up?  And now you say “if there’s anything you need, just let me know…”

Oh, you were afraid she’d get pissed off at you?  Well, guess what? She’s not pissed off, I am.  And I most likely won’t be so polite the next time someone lays that kind of crap on me.  Does it ease your conscience? That you thought about taking action? Fat lot of good that did. Tell ya what.  You feel badly enough about it, about your fear of Vi, how about kicking in for her hospital stay?  Insurance runs out in a couple of days, it’s $205.00 day.  I’ll be waiting for your donation.  Oh, you can’t donate?  Then do me a favor.  Bugger off.  Lose my phone number.  You see me at her house, just stay the hell away from me.

I just found yesterday that our phone service has a feature “Call Screen”, where I can block up to ten numbers from getting through to my home.  I set the first one up last night.

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