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      Wednesday, August 16, 2006

08:50 AM - 08/16/2006

The topic: KittyMeeze


For the first time since Carla left, he wasn't here this morning.

This has me worried for his safety. I hope he's okay, just sleeping in someone's yard (the yards on either side of us are fenced with no doggies; safe places).

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08:40 AM - 08/16/2006

The topic: I’ve been busy


The past week I’ve been hard at work on the Disney DVD from our trip/party last October (I don’t procrastinate much).  I finally got a copy of Adobe Photoshop for a reasonable price (which means under a million dollars; actually, I got it for less than a hundred on eBay, it’s an education edition, it was brand new and it works just fine) so I was able to do a custom stylesheet for MyDVD.  Finally, I can make my own buttons. 

The first thing I had to do was to put together the photos.  I got over five CDs of pictures from the others who were there and I had to put them in order for slideshows. Then place the videos I had, then find music for the slideshows.  I placed the chapter buttons manually and for some reason, when I’d edit something and apply it to all the pages, it would change the order of the and buttons/chapters.  I burned what I thought would be the final version yesterday, we watched it last night and I apparantly didn’t catch one of the transitions and the flow of pictures/video didn’t work.  So, this morning, I had to redo this and I’ll be burning the latest version shortly.

So, I’ve got one dual layer DVD along with a single layer DVD with “bonus” material.  *lol*

I don’t like to run other applications while I’m burning because I’m superstitious about having the computer crash.  It most likely won’t, but it’s not a chance I’m willing to take.  Yesterday, when I started burning what I thought was the final version, the computer rebooted and all of the work I had was gone.  I saved my work every time I changed something, but when I got the same message, telling me that what I saved wasn’t good, I had to go back to one of the previous builds and redo it.  I’m glad I had previous versions to work with.

So, now I burn what I hope is the final version, then I have to imprint the label on the disks and make the cover art.  I’m hoping to have them all done and in the mail by the end of the week.

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