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      Thursday, August 24, 2006

12:00 PM - 08/24/2006

The topic: Beautiful kitty cat


That’s my Kirby, on the back of the sofa yesterday.  I love his claws.  Some of the cats, you don’t usually see them. But you can sure see his.


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08:34 AM - 08/24/2006

The topic: Disney DVDs are done!


I got the last one done just before ten last night. 

What a load off that is.  This week I printed the labels on the disks (two in a set) and made the jewel case covers.  I was delighted yesterday morning to find that my new HP color laser printer automatically prints on both sides of a sheet of paper.  I was not delighted when I had to find out why I kept getting a paper jam message.  Took me close to an hour to figure that one out (there was some paper caught at the bottom of the feed tray, which I didn’t think to check).  Then the toner started to smear on the paper, both sides, which was totally unacceptable.  I threw out a lot of paper yesterday.  But the printer prints much more quickly than the inkjet does, so that was good.

And since I was doing it on specially coated paper, I couldn’t use my pre-perforated forms, I used the plain paper setting.  And I had to cut each sheet out individually.  I made some templates to use for cutting, but it took me a while to get them just right.  The front cover was nothing, I just used the guides I’d made previously on my cutter, but the back panel was a different situation.

But they’re done and I’m going to start sending them out to the folks who were there last year (and some to folks who weren’t, but wanted to be).

It was miserable hot in the office yesterday, too.  Three computers going, the sun hits this side of the house full on in the afternoon, no breeze to speak of, it was humid and I so wanted to go into the pool, but I knew if I stopped, I wouldn’t start again and I really wanted these things done.  I did take a break when Brian got home, got into the pool to cool off.  And Brian took care of dinner last night, made chili cheese omelets.  He cooked up some tomato and onion to put inside the omelet and boy, was that good.

I made sure all the black kitties were in before the light was gone from the sky (they’re the worst at coming in after dark, they turn feral or something) and ended up tossing Marco outside because he wouldn’t leave us alone.  That wouldn’t have been such an issue if he’d stayed with Brian, but he kept coming over to me and I didn’t want him on top of the things I’d printed out, leaving some sort of cat scuzz on them.  So, I finally picked him up (which he hates, he fights and squirms to be let down, and let it be known that he’s not the tiniest kitty cat in the world and it’s hard to hold on to him) , opened the screen door, and placed him on the mat outside of the office.  Then I shut the screen door.   Getting rid of him made it a lot easier to do what I had to do.

So, now I can get back on a regular schedule.

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